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06-01-2020 to 06-07-2020

Step up to the plate! This Wednesday, June 3, the confident Sun perfectly aligns with creative Venus in your tenth house of career ambition, positioning you for recognition and acclaim! This could be a magical moment when you’re plucked from the sidelines and tapped to be the next “starting quarterback.” Just two tiny caveats, Virgo: First, Venus is retrograde, which could cause a delay in actually being handed the ball. Second: Your modest sign can get flustered and tongue-tied when you even sniff a spotlight approaching. But if this is something you truly want—a professional goal you’ve been working toward for months or perhaps a budding relationship about to bloom—focus on what you can bring to the project or potential partner, not what’s in it for you. And if you bang into a rival vying for the same brass ring, look past them and don’t let yourself be cowed by someone who’s all talk and no action.

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Earlier, on Tuesday evening, compassionate Venus retrograde bares her warrior-goddess teeth as she collides with aggro Mars in a testy 90-degree square. This could lead to an epic battle of the wills, because the red planet is wrapping up his biennial tour of Pisces and your realm of committed partnerships. It could be that “someone” is feeling ignored—or even jealous of your work successes (as your thought bubble forms the words “Grow up!”). Being there for the people you love is one thing, Virgo, but don't let anyone derail you from your personal goals—however torn you may feel in the moment. If you can’t rally for yourself alone, remember that your happiness is the cornerstone to you being able to support your loved ones. And if you need to have a little heart-to-heart to sort this out, start by reminding your beloved how much you j'adore them.
If your domicile doesn’t reflect your vision of “home sweet home” vibes, don’t just shrug. You have a perfect opportunity to make the changes you’re craving under the abode-improving vibes of Friday’s full moon in Sagittarius—also a lunar eclipse, the first in a two-year eclipse series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. This lands in your fourth house of family and foundations, putting domestic issues front and center over the coming two weeks—possibly the next six months since these lunar high beams will radiate for up to half a year. Even as quarantine restrictions begin to lift, you may prefer to (continue to) hang out and entertain at Chez Virgo. If you've been mulling a move or a shift change with your housemates, this brilliant full moon can illuminate your options, including things you never considered. If you're finally ready to knock down some walls or redo the kitchen, get multiple bids from legit contractors first—and before you ink any deals, have a lawyer review all the paperwork. This is something you’ve been waiting for, so take the time to get the details up to Virgo standards.

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