Virgo Weekly Horoscope

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope from July 26 to August 1

This week, the best gift you can give yourself, Virgo, is peaceful time away from the crowds, even if you have to bail on a few commitments. Starting on Tuesday, July 27, your cosmic custodian, energetic (and sometimes frenetic) Mercury, flits into Leo, where it downshifts dramatically in your twelfth house of rest, release and healing until August 11. You won’t have the bandwidth to deal with negative people or anyone pressing you to answer a question that you have zero clarity about. Spare yourself the anxiety and allow yourself to process emotions at YOUR pace. This is a perfect excuse to cut energy vampires a wide berth and surround yourself with supportive people who love and respect you. This is also an ideal time to enhance (or deepen) a meditation practice to calm your mind and practice not reacting to every emotion. Make this your new mantra: It's not personal!
This Wednesday, July 28, expansive Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Pisces and your relationship house since June 20, flips back into Aquarius, retreating through your sixth house of hard work and service until October 18. During this portion of the backspin, the process is just as important as the result. Of course, that’s basically how a Virgo rolls! So during this back-spinning Jupiter cycle, let the rest of the world catch up with you (or slow yourself down enough to fall in pace with the rest of THEM). Life might feel a little repetitive for the next few months, but think of it as a chance to really lock down your ideal daily routines.
The sixth house also rules health and stress-management, making self-care all the more vital now. Start with something easy: your schedule. Eliminate anything non-essential, but note that workouts are NOT on that list! Since this realm also rules career, be prepared for a possible slowdown. It’s only temporary—and the perfect chance to review your efforts to date. If you have your eye on a growth trajectory, this could be a good moment to volunteer for more responsibility, which could lead to a raise or promotion in the near future. You’ll be paying your dues until October 18, but have confidence that the seeds you plant now will bear fruit before Jupiter returns to Pisces on December 28.
When it comes to your personal projects, there’s no sleeping now! This Thursday, motivational Mars blasts into Virgo until September 14, powering up your trailblazing first house. The galactic galvanizer hasn’t visited your sign in two years, so all those postponed passions will now be front and center. While a bit contrary to Virgo’s “at your service” disposition, over these next seven weeks, you are meant to put yourself first. It's not being selfish; it's about giving yourself the support and encouragement you’re always so quick to offer to others. And more so as radiant Venus travels through your sign alongside Mars and stokes your inner fire until August 16. Should you realize you need to up your game, do not hesitate to invest in advanced training or working with a coach or mentor in your field. The one downside of hosting combative Mars is that it can make you quick to rage. Physical Mars in your sign is a reminder that there's no better outlet than a hardcore workout. And the fringe benefit to that is that you could get into fighting shape in a matter of months!

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