Virgo Weekly Horoscope

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope fromOctober 25 to October 31

Even your savvy, practical sign has its moments of “WTH”-style confusion, and this Tuesday, October 26, may prove to be one of them. Blame it on a flummoxing feud between the most quixotic and romantic planets, Venus and Neptune, both in houses that deal with other people. Under this face-off, it’ll be hard to discern fact from fiction or even fervent opinion. Listen, take it all in, but avoid reacting or making an important decision until you can get solid evidence (and even then, double-source it!). Venus is in your family sector and Neptune is on a long trek through your partnership zone. This week, when the two form this tense angle, you might be seeing someone through a rosy lens. Or maybe you HAD been seeing them that way and now intel has come to light that changes your mind in a heartbeat. Again, take it all in, but distract yourself long enough for this transit to pass and your vision to be restored to its usual 20-20 clarity.
Thursday’s balancing quarter moon in Leo illuminates your twelfth house of endings and transitions, which can apply to anything from a relationship that’s felt more restrictive than joyous to your wardrobe. On some level, you're eager to get rid of nonessential possessions (and people!) that are psychically weighing you down. This is a great day to devote at least a little time to a decluttering mission or journaling about some feelings you’ve been stuffing down. Even a few minutes of full attention can shift something energetic inside you and set off a tsunami of motivation. If you've been incubating a plan for a creative or moneymaking project, get more serious about it now. You might have the fresh-eyed clarity to see exactly where you need to scale back—or build it up! Anything you can do to refill your motivation tanks will keep you going for days or even weeks.
Saturday sees the return of lusty, action-oriented Mars to seductive Scorpio and your expressive third house for the first time in two years. From this weekend until December 13, you’ll be feeling confident, clear about your message and, if you’re single, flexing your flirting muscles. When you're not fixated on finding “the perfect” match, you’re more relaxed and authentic, which is a huge turn-on. Just go with whatever flow presents itself and stay in the moment, laughing, teasing and having fun. That’s the way to neutralize any awkwardness or self-consciousness. The best part is, you don’t have glam up or play a role. By leaning into your minimalist style and quick wit, you're sure to attract attention, and new admirers. Just watch out for a critical streak to flare—something you might call a Virgo “occupational hazard.” Remember, everyone struggles with insecurity, and you want to give potential partners a chance. Off the romantic market? It’s a great night for a catch-up chat with bae—you might be amazed at what you both assume you’ve told the other—yet haven’t!

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