Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope From September 25 To October 1

Your emotion ocean is at full tide on Friday, September 29, as the year’s only Aries full moon shines its high beams in your intense, intimate eighth house. Waves of erotic energy could wash over you, and these seductive vibes will continue to, ahem, climax over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time for this lunation). What’s lacking in your love life, Virgo—and what are you personally prepared to do about that? No matter what your relationship status is, this enlightening lunar lift can bring clarity and drive, empowering you to go after one of your amorous aspirations. The more specific your dream is and the more focused you are on it, the likelier you are to achieve it. Write your intentions down on paper or collage a vision board.
If you’re feeling too tentative and vague, identify blocks that are preventing you from lasering in on your desires. Or give yourself permission to go with (gasp!) “good enough.” Trial and error can help you discover your sensual, passionate true north. This full moon also encourages you to try a novel approach to dating and sex. Change things up, Virgo! Sometimes NOT having a plan turns out to be the best strategy.
TMI alert! Have you been bottling up your truth? Whether you feel ready to tell all or not, your secrets could come flying out on Friday like they were shot out of a cannon. Be very mindful of the company you keep that day, since they might get an earful. Venus has been softening your boundaries since June 5, when she sashayed into Leo and your subliminal twelfth house until October 8. When she elbows provocateur Uranus in your infamously outspoken ninth house on Friday, buried emotions bubble to the surface, giving you a chance to examine them. Disruptive as this can be, it’s also a relief. When it comes to feelings, you’ve got to name them to claim them.
Don’t try to deconstruct this experience. The Venus-Uranus square can be complicated and confusing. It’s possible to be heartsick and smitten or scared and excited at the same time. Before you stick a label on anything, allow yourself to just feel your feelings. This Uranus position can spur you to act on impulse, while Venus favors diplomacy. You can see the problem. Pour out your heart in your journal or type up a draft email (that you probably WON’T send) if you’re itching to confront someone. You can read it later with a cooler head. Are you afraid to say something because words have the power to wound…and even destroy? Putting them on paper can ease your fears.
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