Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope from February 6 to February 12

Here’s some news that will make a Virgo cheer: With zero planets retrograde this week, productivity is set to soar. But hang on before you open up that Google sheet or start reaching for your stack of Post It notes. On Tuesday and Wednesday, whimsical, romantic Venus (in Pisces and your partnership house) gets in a friendly flow with idealistic Uranus in your broad-minded ninth house. Translation? You’re not merely allowed to have fun with bringing a vision to life, you’re cosmically commanded to do so! Start by scanning for collaborators. Whose talents would elevate your individual efforts? Would joining forces with someone on this make it more enjoyable? Then, let peripatetic Uranus expand your vision. Give yourself time to research and explore this week, whether you’re watching TED talks, reading books or people-watching at a cafe where the kind of people you admire drop in with their laptops.
And wherever you go, dress like everyone’s watching. The reason? Mercury is winding down its final five days of a two-month journey through Capricorn and your glamorous fifth house. And on Friday, February 10, it makes its third in a trio of exact connections to powerhouse Pluto. So make yourself a magnet for magnates who might stop to admire your polished style—or DM you after watching one of your inspired livestreams. Romantically, the Mercury-Pluto merger amplifies your courage AND your erotic appeal. Seduction is the easy part, but when your energy is THIS “sticky,” make sure anyone you draw in is worth keeping around.
You may find other ways to scratch your itch starting Saturday, when your ruler, analytical Mercury, wings into Aquarius and your sixth house of organization and healthy routines until March 2. Over the past couple months, order may have gone MIA in the Virgo court. But with the mental planet zipping through this systematic chart sector, you can restore sanity and stability—and a healthier lifestyle—to your world. While it was probably fun to eat, drink and make merry with as much abandon, you know you’re far more balanced and productive when you keep those things in check. Just don’t go to the opposite extreme and become a drill sergeant with yourself. Set a few 2023 self-care and wellness goals, map a route to get there, and slowly shift your course.
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