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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

Don’t fret as you blow out the last birthday candle and neatly fold up the nicest wrapping paper for future repurposing, Virgo! There’s a major silver lining: When the playful Sun leaves your sign for another year on Tuesday, September 22, it cavorts into Libra and your second house of money and security for the next four weeks. You might be feeling deja vu all over again, as this is your annual peak season for getting your financial affairs in order as you gear up for Q4 and the holiday season. Regardless of whether your income took a hit during the pandemic, if you’ve got big monetary goals for the next six months, you need to hunker down and work relentlessly to be successful. Luckily, you have a built-in advantage because this is what your efficient sign does best. With el Sol shining its high beams in your second house of budgets and money management until October 22, you’ll have cosmic support attending to those practical matters that your analytical brain loves to sink its teeth into! Do you need to consolidate credit card debt, shift your 401(k) withholding, change health insurance? If you discover that what would be most helpful is an additional income stream, start with your own social network and former work associates. Chances are anyone with an opening would love for YOU to fill it, but if they don’t know you’re looking, they’ll never think to ask. Reach out, discreetly, and let people know what you’re interested in and how you might help them. This is a perfect opportunity to not only tighten your belt but also to raise your bottom line—hopefully doing work that stimulates your mind!  
When you’re not putting the pedal to the metal, plan to burn off stress and refill your emotional tanks by spending quality time with the important people in your life—even if you have to schedule it into your calendar. Beginning on Sunday and lasting until December 1, your ruling planet, expressive Mercury, wings into intensifying Scorpio and your third house of community and communication for an extended cycle, since it’ll turn retrograde coming October 13 to November 3 (and briefly dip back into Libra from October 27 to November 10). You might not realize it immediately because of your fiscal tunnel vision, but nothing actually is more fulfilling now than intimate friendships, so leave plenty of time for socializing. You’ll enjoy catching up with people you haven’t seen—or interacted virtually with—for some time, and when the buzzy messenger is in reverse, you may be extra motivated to reconnect with old or new amigos. Since the third house also rules transportation, this lengthy cycle—minus the three-week retrograde—is great for up- or perhaps downgrading your ride. Whether you need a more reliable car or want to reduce your carbon footprint and live in a place where you can bike frequently, do your research during Mercury’s backspin and be ready to make your purchase after November 3.

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