Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

April 2023 Virgo Love Horoscope

With lusty Mars hovering in Cancer and your sector of community and technology all month (from March 25 to May 20), sexy sparks could fly with a friend or an idealistic kindred spirit you meet online or while hanging out socially. Take the time to talk and get to know the real person instead of making assumptions. Dating app connections could sizzle but then fizzle just as quickly. Keep it moving, Virgo!

 Couples can turn up the excitement by getting out for adventures and having fun. Think: festivals, concerts and other group gatherings where you socialize as a duo. As long as you feel the union is stable, you may crave a little independence. But that’s just to reconnect to yourself—and to let the heart grow fonder. Who says relationships mean being joined at the hip?

This energy is especially strong the first week of April as Venus wraps up a tour of Taurus and your adventurous, worldly ninth house. If you’re not firmly committed, you may need to explore (and sow) some wild oats—locally OR globally. Attached? A romantic getaway a deux could recharge your batteries, no matter how drained you think they are.

When Venus jets into Gemini and your future-oriented tenth house on April 11, you suddenly feel more serious about a certain person or about taking a significant next step in your partnership. Even as Mars is rallying for freedom and fun, Venus here wants to know where things are going and to lock down a plan to accomplish your shared goals. You may need to negotiate a few speed bumps, but stay the course, Virgo: You WILL get there! 

This Venus position could shine a light on an overlooked special person at work or someone you bump into at an industry event. Even if they don’t seem like a perfect fit at first, give worthy candidates a chance! That quieter person you wrote off as "boring" might turn out to be the deepest and most interesting soul in the room once you break the ice.

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