Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Your September Virgo Love Horoscope

Mixed messages no more! Confusion and distraction may have interrupted your summer love plans. Not only has Venus been on an extended tour of Leo and your foggy twelfth house since June 5, it’s been in a challenging retrograde that started on July 22. Getting a straight answer about anyone’s feelings or intentions could have been an exercise in futility.
Good news, Virgo. This September 3, Venus returns to direct (forward) motion, helping some clarity return. As the retrograde clouds part, you may start to enjoy some of the more appealing parts of the twelfth house—the realm of fantasy and soulmates. That’s more like it! will remain in Leo until October 8, and after that, you get to host the cosmic coquette in YOUR sign for a month. Things are definitely looking up!
Feeling anxious to gain a little more stability? Mars, the other love planet, is blazing through Libra and your second house of money and security all month long. From August 27 until October 12, predictability is an undeniably sexy quality in a mate or date. 
You’ll be attracted to grounded people who at other points in your life might have seemed “boring.” Get dressed up and celebrate your birthday with a luxurious outing. For single Virgos, sparks could fly with a coworker or someone you meet through a business-related event. Couples should make time to talk finances (and who says you can’t do it in a beautiful setting?). This is an auspicious time to work out any tension around that touchy subject.
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