Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

July 2022 Virgo Love Horoscope

So, where is this thing going? Your mind may be on the future of your love life for the first half of the month as romantic Venus marches through Gemini and your responsible tenth house until July 17. If you’re dating someone, you might be eager to find out what the next steps could be. And if you’re single, your radar could be looking for someone you can build a long-term future with rather than a summer fling. Coupled up? Use this Venus-in-Gemini period to create a shared goal that inspires you both and revitalizes your connection.

But fear not, Virgo: July has plenty of excitement and surprises in store. Passionate Mars is in Taurus and your outspoken, adventurous ninth house until August 20, making it easier to air your honest feelings. Just be careful about being TOO blunt. With the red planet in this worldly part of your chart, you're open to trying things (and people) far outside your comfort zone. A long-distance connection or sexy vacation romance could heat up. Mars here will put you in a "carpe diem" mindset. Like, why obsess over what your ex is doing when you could be dancing up a storm in Ibiza or sunning on a Greek isle? Focus on filling your life with joy-inspiring activities instead of dwelling or brooding. When the July 13 Capricorn full supermoon beams into your romance sector, a passionate connection could turn white hot.

On July 17, take the pressure off even more! Vixen Venus vamps into Cancer and your outgoing, socially oriented eleventh house until August 11. This can lighten some of the angst about meeting someone new. Venus in Cancer could deepen a budding union or, if you're part of a solid couple, figure out where it's going. You'll be in more of a free-spirited mood, eager to spend time hanging out in a group or going out with other couples. Since the eleventh house is also your tech sector, with amorous Venus here, you could finally luck out in online-dating game or fall for a friend of a friend.

When risk-taker Jupiter turns retrograde in your intimate eighth house on July 28, you’ll want to spend the rest of summer and fall getting on the same page with an important person. Have you experienced a betrayal or a trust shakeup? Between now and November 23, some inner work, and possible relationship repair with the help of an expert, could help you metabolize this situation. Fair warning: You’re likely to discover a few of your own blind spots and ways that you’ll want to evolve. Avoid finger pointing and seek wisdom instead.

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