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April 2021 Virgo Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Hibernation is over for the rest of the world, but you’re hanging out in that cocoon just a tad longer, Virgo. Until April 19, the Sun is in Aries and your private, intimate eighth house. Your hermit side will prefer the company of a few ultra-close companions—if anyone at all. You could be immersed in a focused project with lots of details that consume your attention. But it’s not ALL work and no play: With the Sun in this sensual zone, a spring fling could turn into a sizzling connection.
And yet your job will keep you plenty busy while go-getter Mars blazes through Gemini and your ambitious tenth house until April 23. Look for synergistic partners with complementary skills and strong connections that can bring your ideas to key decision makers. The saying “it’s about who you know” will ring especially true now. Don’t be shy about asking people in your network to return all the solids you’ve granted them—a trend that will continue when Mars blasts into Cancer and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology from April 23 to June 11.
You’ll emerge from your bubble on April 19, ready to seek out new horizons. That day, the Sun moves into Taurus and your adventurous ninth house. Get ready to spread your wings and venture (safely) out into the world again, letting your curiosity lead the way.

Week 1: April 1-11
An urge to merge

Obsessed much? You’re deep in whatever project or relationship has consumed your attention this week as the Sun makes its way through Aries and your intimate, focused eighth house.
If you’ve gotten a little lost down that rabbit hole, don’t worry, Virgo: On Sunday, April 11, the year’s only Aries new moon sharpens the focus on your big picture. Set your sights on a precise new goal that will unfold between now and the October 20 Aries full moon.
Thinking about joining forces on a permanent level with someone for business or love? This new moon could open the door for you to merge your talents with a fellow power player. Real estate, investments or a legal matter could crop up. You might put an offer down on some property or consider a joint business venture. If your long-term financial plans could stand some attention, look through your budget and find ways to power up your portfolio, perhaps with the help of a licensed pro.
On Friday, April 9, you may feel torn between the demands of your ambitious goals and a certain person who’s tugging on your heartstrings. Blame this conflict on a tough square between energizer Mars in your career zone and guilt-tripping Neptune in your relationship house.
Virgo, it’s always great to have balance and tend to your loved ones. But if a certain needy person is trying to make you feel “bad” for pursuing your goals, set some firm boundaries and let them know in no uncertain terms that you won’t compromise your happiness for someone else’s insecurities. That said, if a sweet weekend escape from the grind, if only for a couple hours, would refill your tanks, then don’t YOU feel an ounce of guilt about taking a decadent timeout!

Week 2: April 12-18
Bestow those props

This week you’re feeling powered up from the recent Aries new moon, clear-eyed and focused on next steps. But before you go full steam ahead, Saturday, April 17, brings two planetary aspects that could reconfigure your plans.
The first is the semiannual square between the bold Sun in your private eighth house and calculating Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your dramatic, flamboyant fifth house. A Sun-Pluto square already drives up egos and power trips, and with this particular tug of war, you may feel vulnerable and exposed. Are you attracting the attention that you want, Virgo, or drawing people who aren’t in sync with your soul?
Someone in your circle could pull a demanding-diva act, or you might be acting a touch like one yourself. Make sure everyone’s pulling for the good of the group and its mission—but also be sure that your star players are getting the acknowledgment they’ve earned. Well-deserved praise CAN be a great motivator!
Also on Saturday, speedy Mars and supersizer Jupiter unite in a fast-moving trine, activating the career and get-‘er-done work zones of your chart. You might feel like you have a million tasks to complete, but you’ll also likely be fired up to tackle that project plan and make serious headway toward a goal.
With Mars in your leadership zone and Jupiter in your sixth house of helpful people, it’s a good weekend to ask yourself: Where (and to whom) can I delegate? Start assembling your dream team or attracting some new people onto your celestial squad. Trying to reach a key decision maker? You know what they say, Virgo: You’ve got to get through the gatekeepers first. Treat the assistants as well as you would the VIPs, and the good karma will come back your way.

Week 3: April 19-25
Butterfly bliss

Emerge from your cocoon, Virgo! On Monday, April 19, the Sun leaves your intense and private eighth house and soars into sensual Taurus, heating up your ninth house of growth, global connections and adventure. Even if the world’s still dealing with travel restrictions, your sense of possibilities is limitless—and your sights are firmly set on the big picture.
You may find adventure through learning, teaching, exploring metaphysical topics or experimenting with a startup business idea. Once things begin to open up more, any of these options could incorporate travel to distant lands.
Can’t pick up and go, given the current state of things? Book a trip for as far down the road as you feel comfortable with. Make sure there’s a generous cancellation policy and waived change fees, of course. But putting this dream into your future will infuse your current emotional state with excitement. That will have a ripple effect through every area of your life, infusing you with inspiration.
While you’re busy thinking big, group projects get fired up by go-getter Mars starting Friday, April 23, when the red planet blazes into Cancer and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. That’s your cue to give some thought to the dream team who will help you get where you want to go. Who on the Virgo squad might be a coveted collaborator? Between now and June 11, you’ll go farther when you join forces with a group of out-of-the-box thinkers who want to change the world in the same ways that you do. And with empathic Cancer in the mix, you can trust your instincts about who you really want on your team.

Week 4: April 26-30
Express yourself!

April ends on a completely different note than it started. While you began in a quiet and introspective phase, the final week of the month finds you sharing openly and chatting up a storm.
On Monday, April 26, the Scorpio full moon activates your third house of communication and ideas. Whether solicited or not, you’ve got opinions aplenty, and you won’t be holding them back. Writing, teaching or a community project could be in the spotlight now. News or an answer you’ve been waiting for over the past six months could come through now. Finally, you can move forward in a definitive direction now that the wait is over!

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got happening. Expect a strong urge to break free from your confines, and to pursue new ideas and adventures. But are the routines of your life boxing you in from that, even draining your vitality? You’ll see where you can bring more balance to your schedule, and how you can boost your wellbeing.
Is it time to dial down a little bit of the drama in your life? This Tuesday, April 27, calculating Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, commencing its annual five-month backspin that will last until October 6. As the shadowy planet reverses course through your passionate, expressive fifth house, you may decide to step back from a situation that brings more strife than peace.
Is the messy cleanup outpacing the excitement and novelty? Do you find yourself obsessing over someone’s erratic behavior or attention-seeking tactics, unable to fully focus on your own affairs? Those flags are signaling that this Pluto retrograde phase is ideal for taking a break. If you’ve put a talent or passion project on the back burner, consider carving out time for some focused work on it over the summer.
Adventure could come calling when you least expect it this Friday, April 30, as the bold Sun and unpredictable Uranus make their annual meetup in Taurus and your ninth house of growth, risk-taking and long-distance journeys. Thought you’d be staying put? Surprise! An out-of-left-field opportunity to travel, launch a startup business or try something completely unique could arrive when you least expect it.
Need to get something off your chest? This outspoken and rebellious transit could find you dishing out the truth serum unapologetically. Be careful not to burn any bridges in the process. Your target audience might not be able to handle that much honesty at once!

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