Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Your June Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Summer may be officially around the corner, but you’re a Virgo on a mission—and you’re just getting started! Until June 21, the Sun is in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house, one of the most goal-oriented times of the year for you. There’s nothing mightier than a Virgo with a master plan, and you should be busy drafting one and putting it into action. An opportunity to shine as a leader could arise, especially near the June 18 Gemini new moon.
If you don’t have a big, exciting agenda percolating, you probably will soon. Expansive Jupiter is spending its first full month in Taurus, activating your visionary ninth house. This enthusiastic cycle, which lasts until May 2024, could bring new opportunities for travel, publishing and entrepreneurship (even some combination of all of them). Have you been feeling unusually optimistic or curious about new ideas you could try? Jupiter is inviting you to stretch way out of your comfort zone and share your novel ideas with the world.
Retrograde high season begins in the second half of June as Saturn (June 17) and Neptune (June 30) join Pluto in reverse position for the next few months. On June 11, Pluto backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn until early next year. Since March 23, you’ve had a preview of Pluto’s transformational powers from its short trip through your health and organization sector, a 20-year cycle that begins in earnest November 2024. Get ready to adopt new ways of caring for your well-being and systematizing your life.
By summer solstice on June 21, you should be feeling pretty accomplished. And that’s great because once the Sun moves into Cancer and your social eleventh house, you’ll want to step away from the grind a bit and go mingle with friends old and new. Circulate and collaborate! Whether you’re at a barbecue or sipping cocktails at an industry conference happy hour, the people you meet now could open doors. You’re a master at asking interested and curious questions, so put those superpowers to use and make some allies!
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