Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Your February Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Ready to rev up those 2024 resolutions, Virgo? Now that we’re a month into the new year, you’ll have the right mindset to set your plans into motion. While the Sun visits Aquarius and your systematic, health-conscious sixth house through February 18—the zodiac zone associated with Virgo—you’re in your capable element. Better late than never.
And don’t neglect that all-important inner work! Wellness, allow us to remind you, is an inside-out job. For the first time in your life, transformational Pluto is in Aquarius at the same time as the Sun, which will cast illuminating rays into the depths of your unconscious. You may have some startling but life-changing revelations about the way controlling and micromanaging patterns are holding you back from your highest expression. 
Do you feel safer when you’re “superior” to others? Are you protecting your heart by always being smarter, the one with all the answers? These strategies could reveal themselves as limitations—and the good news is, you’re ready to start the process of shedding those, Virgo.
Your first chance could arrive around the February 9 Aquarius new moon, which kicks off a six-month cycle that will catalyze efforts to enhance your well-being. Under this potent supermoon, all your fastidious Virgo goals get a lunar lift. Deploy your carefully crafted fitness plans and green up your plate. Invest in new kitchen equipment and office supplies. Put some hyper-efficient new processes in place. Geek out on gadgets as you declutter and spruce up your space.
Just watch out for a curveball 90-degree square between the new moon and disruptive Uranus, which is in Taurus and your adventurous ninth house of travel, growth and expansion. Just as you’re about to swear off sugar, a friend calls with an irresistible ticket to Paris and, well, how could you NOT visit the patisseries? Or you’ve promised you’ll hunker down at your desk and get things done, but a meeting with an inspiring VIP suddenly opens up in their busy calendar, and you’ll miss a big chance if you don’t grab it. 
You’re not sure whether to go “micro” or “macro” today, and the planets are no help! Adjust your deadlines to accommodate big opportunities that are aligned with your top priorities. But beware diversions and distractions that are empty promises. If it’s not going to pay off, don’t waste your time chasing pipe dreams.
Besides, things are about to shift in a big way. February 9 is Lunar New Year’s Eve and the start of the Wood Dragon Year. Today’s Aquarius new moon is not only a supermoon, but it also ushers in the Year of the Wood Dragon, a fierce cycle that helps us rise into our power between now and January 29, 2025.
Say “adios” to the more passive Year of the Water Rabbit and get ready for action! Today also completes a two-year cycle ruled by the flowy water element. Structure arrives in 2024 and 205, as the next two years will be governed by the growth-oriented wood element. Whatever you plant could sprout up in abundance, so be mindful of the seeds you sow and tend to those crops with care.
Reminder, Virgo: You don’t have to do it alone! On February 18, the Sun glides into Pisces and your partnership arena for a monthlong visit, fueling your one-on-one relationships. Now you can draw in real contenders who have staying power and are prepared to go the distance. This solar-powered boost gives you the confidence to negotiate concrete terms and be a strong advocate for yourself.
The new year might just be warming up, but you’re already hitting one of your peak strides! One of those arrives on February 24, as the year’s only Virgo full moon lights up the skies, bringing together work you started at your last birthday, or close to the September 14 Virgo new moon.
A personal initiative you’ve been working on since then could come to fruition now. This assertive full moon is also the ideal day to voice your feelings and desires without apology. While you don’t often put yourself first, today you’ll have cosmic support anytime you need to advocate for yourself. 
Due for a style upgrade? The full moon in your first house of appearances could inspire a self-improvement kick—or maybe a total closet overhaul. Treat yourself to something you feel radiant in and wear it tonight!
As the month winds down, things could feel heavy in the last few days. Don’t let it disturb your glow or your groove, Virgo. Your mind is on weightier matters when aggressive Mars locks into conflict with supersizer Jupiter on February 27. Once again, you’re pulled between the stress of needing to get things done and the tempting call of adventure and opportunity. Part of you has every intention of keeping your nose to the grindstone until the job is done. But distant horizons are whispering your name and tempting you to shirk your duties in pursuit of a learning experience. See if you can reconcile these competing interests by expanding your current M.O. with the benefit of new knowledge.
Your attention shifts to a partnership on February 28 when the Sun and sober Saturn make their annual meetup during what’s known as the Day of Challenges. This Sun-Saturn conjunction can be one of the most pessimistic days of the year. As the duo convenes in your interpersonal seventh house, relationships may feel burdensome or even disappointing. 
You may realize that you’re depending too heavily on one person who can’t handle the weight. You don’t have to part ways, but you could think about turning elsewhere to get specific needs met. Why keep trying to draw water from an empty well? If it’s time to make your status more official, contemplate the upside (and, yes, the possible downside) of sealing the deal, whether in love or business. 
An unflinchingly realistic view of this situation could be in order, but careful not to let your natural flaw-finding tendencies skew your perspective. With your galactic guardian, messenger Mercury, getting in on the Sun-Saturn action this year, you can think through all the ins and outs of the matter. Writing it down or talking it through can be super helpful with expressive Mercury in the mix. If you decide it’s best to settle things through a dialogue, set emotions aside for a straight-talking conversation that could be oh-so clarifying. 
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