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June 2020 Virgo Overview Horoscope

Your future—and the future of your relationships—is on your mind as June begins. It’s Gemini season until June 20, and the Sun is marching through your tenth house of long-term goals and plans. If you’re not working at the moment, this is prime time to start reinventing your career path. And if you are working, get ready for a bustling month with lots of responsibilities. But it won’t be all duty and sacrifice, Virgo. Until June 25, amorous Venus is retrograde in Gemini, prompting a major review of your most important partnerships. What do YOU want in the grand scheme, Virgo—and are you aligned with the people closest to you? 
This month incites both rapid change and deep review, thanks to a pair of transformational eclipses and two planets—including your ruler, Mercury—turning retrograde. This will bring the total count of retrograde planets to six, a cosmic mandate to slow down and reconsider ALL your plans and assumptions. When in doubt, wait it out! But at the same time, be ready to respond to any of the out-of-the-blue opportunities that the eclipses throw your way.
On June 5, the Sagittarius full moon arrives as a potent lunar eclipse, sparking change in your fourth house of home and family. Is it time to relocate, talk babies or make a major change to your living situation? Ready or not, this eclipse could throw a curveball into your personal life. A female relative or maternal figure may be part of the events near this date.
This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will ripple across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021. Throughout this time period, these eclipses will completely reshuffle your domestic and professional plans, helping you strike a better work-life balance. Watch for new opportunities to shine in your field and possibly invent your entire career trajectory.
Where and even how you live could be part of this rapidly evolving story, too. You may find yourself planting roots or taking a job somewhere completely unexpected. If you’ve been timid about stepping into a leadership role, the eclipses push you to finally claim that mantle. You’re as qualified as anyone else, Virgo—you just have to believe it!
Your relationship with one or both of your parents could also undergo a big makeover. Even if they’re no longer living, you may still gain some insight into who they were—and their relationship to you—that helps you grow as a person.
The second half of the month puts the focus on friendships, teammates and collaborators. On June 20, the Sun shifts into Cancer and your eleventh house of groups, and kicking off the summer solstice! If you, like so many people, have been missing your social circle, the next four weeks help you reconnect with your crew. And even if you haven’t, it’s time to come out of that introverted bubble and start playing well with others again!
There could be a few challenges to that mission as your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in Cancer from June 18 to July 12. Mercury rules communication, technology and travel—and when it’s retrograde, those areas can get chaotic. Signals scramble, devices break down, and plans get changed without notice. Not exactly comfortable for Virgo, a sign that likes a neatly mapped-out agenda! With the messenger planet gone rogue in your technology zone, hold off on any big digital launches. Strengthen your passwords and back up your data to avoid any Mercury mayhem, like computer crashes or lost cell phones.
Mercury retrograde can also link you to people and events from your past. Don’t be surprised if old friends ping you out of the blue or a former colleague surfaces with a freelance job offer. Reunions can be a smashing success, so get the gang back together—even if you’re forced to do it on Zoom or in a small masked gathering. And with any group endeavor, make sure that instructions and expectations are clear. People are likely to misunderstand each other, so triple-confirm that everyone has their marching orders to avoid any breakdowns on a team venture.
On June 21, the Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through this collaborative corner of your chart, bringing exciting and unexpected change. Not only is this a supercharged new moon, but it’s also the first of 2020’s rare TWO back-to-back new moons in Cancer. Events sparked today could have a second wave of action on July 20, when the next Cancer new moon arrives. Pay attention to people you meet today, both IRL and online. Some of them might become key players a month from now.
You can make fruitful connections with people online too, but do a thorough background check before getting involved in anything official while Mercury’s retrograde. Better to slowly test your synergy then move ahead if you feel confident after July 12.
This is also the grand finale in a two-year eclipse series on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which has reshuffled your love life, friendships and creativity since July 2018. A part of you has become more heart-centered and open, and you’ve allowed people to truly see your authenticity rather than trying to be “perfect.” An artistic or creative talent may have gotten a chance to shine. Not only have you gotten comfortable as the star, but you’ve also learned valuable lessons about who belongs on Team Virgo—and who doesn’t.
Are you having second thoughts about a relationship—or suddenly feeling the fog lift? From June 23 to November 28, hazy Neptune makes its annual five-month retrograde through Pisces and your partnership house. You might decide to cool things down with a paramour, especially if you’ve moved too quickly from infatuation to talk of commitment. It’s been hard to maintain any sense of “normalcy” during this pandemic, especially around love. And with amorous Venus also retrograde from May 13 until June 25, you could be questioning the future of a connection.
Don’t get us wrong: You love getting swept off your feet. But at the end of the day, you’re a sensible Virgo, and you like to move with some kind of a measured pace and plan. Neptune retrograde can actually bring MORE clarity, snapping you out of a reverie. Come down from the clouds and view this pragmatically.
While Neptune might be beating a hasty retreat, red-hot Mars is about to start an extra-long trip through Aries and your eighth house of intimacy and merging. Intensity alert! The lusty red planet will blaze through this zone of joint efforts until January 6. This could heat up everything from a strong sexual attraction to a powerful financial collaboration. Things can move quickly—and you could feel pressure from the pace. In short order, some Virgos will find themselves engaged, moving in together, possibly even with baby news!  
A word of warning: Mars can crank up stress levels, and you may feel the pressure of a large expense or an investment that’s been rocked by the pandemic’s economic turbulence. If you’re splitting up with a partner or collaborator, be careful or negotiations could get contentious. Jealousy and possessiveness can also flare during this raw, vulnerable transit. While it’s important to address those deeper emotions, dial down the drama, please!
As if that wasn’t enough, June 30 brings the second of 2020’s three rare conjunctions (meetups) between expansive Jupiter and potent Pluto—an event that happens every 13 years. Jupiter and Pluto will unite in Capricorn and your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression, which could bring simmering feelings to the surface. Look back to the first Jupiter-Pluto summit on April 4 for clues of what could arise now. Have you been keeping an attraction under wraps or suppressing strong feelings? That might all surge up like a dormant volcano, especially with both planets retrograde. Someone from your past could figure into events—and don’t be surprised if a relationship you thought was entirely over suddenly sparks up again.
But the story isn’t over until at least November 12, when Jupiter and Pluto make their third and final connection. Work through your differences now if you can—and deal with whatever comes into the open. If you’re developing an artistic project, give it some polish, perhaps with the help of a seasoned pro. By the time November rolls around, you’ll be ready for your grand debut.

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