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August 2020 Virgo Overview Horoscope

August Snapshot

Slow down and enjoy a little solitude, Virgo. As the Sun moves through Leo and your twelfth house of healing, closure and transitions until August 22, less is more. Don’t fret if your energy’s a bit low during this annual “sleepy cycle.” Think of it as clearing the decks in preparation for Virgo season, which starts on August 22.
Once the Sun enters your sign, you’ll feel like your vibrant and talkative self again, eager to make plans. Until then, you may be foggy and tired. Take it easy, indulge in self-care and don’t force anything. You may not have all the information you need to make a clear decision until the end of August.
With intense Mars in Aries making an extended visit to your private, intimate eighth house from June 27 until January 6, the rest of the year is ripe for major emotional transformation. A relationship could get serious—or combust. Let courageous Mars help you push through fears, jealousy, and possessiveness. Getting vulnerable could create a whole new level of connection.
The eighth house also rules joint ventures. With ambitious Mars in this wealth-wooing zone, you could team up with a power player for mutual gain. This is a powerful time for research as your focus and intuition will be razor-sharp.
But watch out: Impatient Mars will lock into tense squares with bombastic Jupiter, ruthless Pluto AND naysayer Saturn in cynical Capricorn this August. These harsh 90-degree angles will rudely disrupt the coziness of your isolation chamber because Capricorn rules your fifth house of romance, passion and self-expression. Hiding from the world is NOT an option! You’ll need to take breaks to duck below the radar—but emerge to dazzle the world with your talents, too.
This will get easier once Virgo season begins on August 22. Until then, perhaps you’ll be cultivating one of your hidden gifts behind the scenes. The fifth house also rules romance, so if you’ve gotten caught in the throes of obsessing over a love interest or an ex, get out and explore new options. Late summer lovin’ is entirely within the realm of possibilities!

Week 1: August 1-9

A motivating full moon—with a catch
Get organized and shelve your excuses. The Aquarius full moon on Monday, August 3, touches down in the “Virgo zone” of your chart, activating your administrative sixth house of work, service and health.
If you’ve put off resuming your fitness regimen or you’ve lapsed into bad habits, you’ll get a burst of motivation. Revisit those goals, Virgo, maybe even ones you started back at the Aquarius new moon on January 24. Gear up for this mission by getting yourself all the supplies and equipment you need (new workout gear, a journal, a juicer…)—you love that part of the process. Set a start date for right after the Sun enters Virgo on August 22, when your energy fully returns.
Looking for a new job? Circulate that resume! But watch out—this full moon will bump into disruptive Uranus, which is in your ninth house of adventure and expansion. As the moon and Uranus lock into a heated square, you could feel torn between freedom and fastidiousness.
One part of you wants to move ahead in a solid and focused direction. But liberated Uranus is warning you not to box yourself into anything prematurely. Put that tension to work by carefully weighing and comparing all your options before you barrel ahead.
The day after the full moon, Tuesday, August 4, brash Mars will brawl with over-the-top Jupiter. Issues could get blown out of proportion. Jupiter in your passionate, self-expressed fifth house is making you reactive, tempting you to say the first thing that comes to mind. You might want to make a scene or just get it out in the open. But Mars in your private eighth house warns that you'll regret airing your secrets to the public. (Hello, embarrassing emotional hangover!)
This week’s stars mark a good time to assess Team Virgo: Is everyone pulling their weight or are egos running the show? If you’ve been picking up the slack for someone who’s talking a good game but not delivering, get that out into the open. But tread lightly with the volatile full moon AND the brash Mars-Jupiter square. You could come on way too strong, which will fan the flames of drama instead of creating a workable solution.

Week 2: August 10-16

Reaching a breaking point
Jealousy could explode this week as two cutthroat planets, Mars and Pluto, square off in a cosmic cage fight on Thursday, August 13. With Mars in your reactive fifth house, your inner drama queen rears up again. But this time, that diva picks on the wrong planet—shadowy Pluto in your vengeful eighth house, to be exact. If you’re not careful, this could ignite an explosive argument with someone close to you.
But what’s really going on here, Virgo? There could be buried resentment you haven’t cleared—or maybe you’re projecting some unhealed wounds onto this person. If you can’t stop seething, vent to a friend who can help you regain perspective.
Is it possible that you’re just feeling overwhelmed by life, Virgo? If so, good news: On August 15, innovative Uranus turns retrograde (backward) in Taurus, starting a five-month reversal through your visionary and expansive ninth house. Normally, that doesn’t sound like cause for celebration, but after the strain of 2020, a more measured pace would be nice!
Between now and January 6, delay major risks and focus on the long game. It’s a great time for learning, so sign up for a continuing education course or take a workshop that shifts your mindset. Got an entrepreneurial project brewing? Instead of doing a full-scale launch, schedule a beta test or pilot program to gather feedback. Then, get ready to roll out something really big early next year!

Week 3: August 17-23

Renewal—and relief
What are you ready to create space for, Virgo? Surrender struggle when the Leo new moon beams into your restful and receptive twelfth house on Tuesday, August 18. Do some work to release a grudge or resentment. If a limiting belief has been holding you back, address it head-on so you can heal. If you’re seeking a soul mate, write down the “vision” of the relationship you want (or try a vison-boarding exercise) to call them in under this lunar event.

It’s also a great day to begin a spiritual practice, like yoga or meditation, or to cultivate an artistic talent. Between now and the Leo full moon on January 28, 2021, anything you start today will blossom.

A fresh start comes on Saturday, August 22, as Virgo season begins, waking you up and inspiring you to start a passion project or a solo quest. You’re ready to start pursuing your path again. Hopefully you’ve rested up all month—because it’s time for action!

Week 4: August 24-31

Stop and evaluate relationships
Whoa! If a relationship went from zero to 60 overnight, you can catch your breath this week. On Monday, August 24, go-getter Mars in your passion corner gets a speeding ticket from slow-and-steady Saturn in your intimacy zone. You may feel like one foot is on the gas, the other on the brake, whether in your love life or with a business alliance.
If you’ve rushed into a situation, your initial excitement may cool this week. The chemistry may be undeniable, but is this really what you’re looking for? Slow down and evaluate its longevity. Have you ignored some red flags? Now that your high has subsided, step back and review. At the very least, you’ll create a more sustainable arrangement. This could be a blessing in disguise!

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