Virgo Monthly Horoscope

September 2022 Virgo Overview Horoscope

Here we go! Virgo season is officially on, and you’re feeling the focus. Between now and September 22, prioritize those big ideas and birthday wishes. You've been brewing up original concepts all summer, but sitting down to implement them may not have been as easy. 

This month, you won’t let anything stop you—not even a pesky Mercury retrograde that starts September 9 (we’ll get to that shortly). With motivator Mars in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house for the next six months, you’ve got a rare and extended window to pursue your dreams. No apologies, Virgo. Set your sights on success!

Pacing yourself is still a good idea. Or at least look at this as a marathon rather than a sprint. All of the slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto—are powered down in retrograde (backward) motion this whole month. As you craft your big plans, step back and evaluate how they fit into the larger picture of your life. You don’t have to construct your empire in one fell swoop; you can do it a brick at a time. 

On September 9, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde, which you’ll feel more strongly than most signs since Mercury is your cosmic ruler. As Mercury backs through Libra (your money house) and then Virgo until October 2, guard against its mayhem with technology, schedules and day-to-day interactions. Back up your electronic data and files, triple-confirm appointments and hold off on signing contracts wherever possible.

You’ll be grateful for the grounding energy of Libra season when it begins on September 22, especially since Mercury will back into Virgo the next day. Affix your nose to the grindstone and lean into the Sun’s productive energy as it travels through your prosperous and hardworking second house for a month. The September 25 Libra new moon could bring a new source of income or a chance to invest in something that will build wealth over time!

Sweet solar returns! It’s Virgo season until September 22

Happy birthday season, Virgo! Your "solar return" wishes are especially charged-up this year, and you're invited to make ambitious ones. But set intentions early, even if you’re born on the later side of Virgo season. With your ruler, Mercury, turning retrograde on September 9 (more on that below), some of your big ideas may need some extra tweaks before you can implement them.

Mercury is retrograde September 9-October 2

Revved up or powered down? Your eagerness to launch into your next year of life hits the temporary pause button from September 9 until October 2. During this window, your galactic guardian, Mercury, turns retrograde (, foiling communication, technology and travel. The quicksilver planet will split its backspin between Libra and Virgo, making it challenging to get things off the ground without a hitch.

Until September 23, Mercury will be retrograde in Libra, foiling your finances and creating irksome plot twists at work. As Mercury backspins through your productive and profit-centered second house, you may need to get clear about fuzzy areas in your budget. If a case of “scope creep” has turned a project into a costly time-suck, get real. Simplify your grand plans and scale back anything that’s gotten unmanageable. Back up all your most important data, especially at the office and give your resume a refresh.

Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect and review—a salary renegotiation or a performance check-in could give you a helpful roadmap for where to put your energy. Did an exciting endeavor end up on the back burner last year or get shelved during the height of the pandemic? Turn up the heat and give it another look—the timing might be right now. 
Pay close attention to your finances since mischievous Mercury could play fast and loose with your budget. Check your bank and credit card statements for errors. This signal-scrambling transit is famous for mistaken charges. While you’re at it, strengthen passwords to guard against identity theft. Looking for a side hustle? Catch up with an old colleague over coffee or DMs—they could have a promising opportunity for you. Retrogrades can bring helpful people and “messengers” back from the past.

On September 23, Mercury will slide back into Virgo, which could leave you feeling misunderstood or just not heard by your colleagues and cohorts. Save any splashy debuts for next month if you can. Ride it out and do your behind-the-scenes work, using this extra time to plan and perfect. During Mercury retrograde, key information can be obscured. Through your careful research you may spot some details that you overlooked. 

Dynamic duos ignite at the September 10 Pisces full moon 

Two heads are better than one! The day after Mercury turns retrograde, the stars call for backup. On September 10, the full moon lands in Pisces and your seventh house of long-term relationships. A percolating partnership, either professional or romantic, could reach official status.

These moonbeams sound the call for honest dialogue with the most important people in your orbit. Some Virgos might decide to go in a different direction if a commitment's not working out as you’d hoped. This could be a decisive day for a contract signing or negotiation. Prepare your most salient points so you're ready to ink your name! For couples, the enchanting influence of Pisces here could bring an engagement or a sweet day to renew your vows. 

Sun enters Libra on September 22 and September 25 Libra new moon 

You're ready to roll up your own silk-lined sleeves starting September 22, when the Sun marches into Libra and your second house of work, money and security. After a hyperkinetic Virgo season, it's time to prioritize—and build! Start fashioning your big ideas into something tangible and potentially profitable. 

The September 25 Libra new moon could bring a job offer, a new client or a lucrative opportunity your way. With la luna turning a fresh page in your second house of daily habits, get that fall fitness routine or clean-eating plan underway. But take things slow! Not only are six planets retrograde, including Mercury (making this a tricky time to sign deals), but the new moon will sit opposite wide-eyed Jupiter in your wealth sector, making you prone to gambling or susceptible to a slick sales pitch. Your generous heart may want to open your wallet to help an up-and-coming person with a big idea. It might be wiser to supply mentorship instead of money, at least until they present a solid plan. If you’re pitching an idea, make sure you have realistic projections for how you’ll monetize and pay back anything you borrow should that be necessary.

Finish 2022 strong.

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