Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope from July 4 to July 10

Hopefully you’re close to putting the finishing touches on your latest independent project and are ready to put it into production—or to start developing your Next Big Thing! After touring your sign since May 24, your red-hot ruler, Mars, moves on to Taurus this Tuesday, July 5. The past six weeks have brought nonstop activity that might just feel like a gale wind blew through your life. Throughout the process, you’ve been fueled by passion as you raced ahead, hit walls then found an even better direction for yourself. And you’ve grown at an accelerated pace! But now, you could use a break. Coming right up, Ram! With the action planet lumbering through Taurus and your second house of finances and security for first time since January 2021, you’ll soon be singing a very different tune. If you’re ready to focus on your fiscal fitness, you can bring some positive change to bear on your bottom line. You’ve got until August 20 to begin the monetization process. Stabilizing Taurus energy will regulate your progress when necessary and keep you on track. No need to rush things; the persistent Bull reminds us that, to create something sustainable, “slow and steady” is the pace that’ll win the race.
When messenger Mercury lands in sentimental Cancer and your domesticity zone also on Tuesday, you might not be able to hide your “soft underbelly”—but why would you want to? Everyone’s familiar with your strong side, but your inner circle also adores you for your genuine sweetness and vulnerability. This annual cycle, which lasts until July 19, helps you tap the deep well of emotion you often breeze over. If tears start to flow—even over a sappy commercial or love song—let ‘em! (Pro tip: Keep tissues with you wherever you go during this short transit.) If your heart feels more open than usual, don’t question or resist it. Enjoy the depth of the intimacy you’re experiencing. And should you find yourself starting to judge someone, catch yourself in the act and shift into a mindset of compassion and empathy. Don't force yourself to be the usual Aries “life of the party.” If you feel like hibernating and recharging your batteries, do so sans apology!
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