Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope from January 17 to January 23

Action heats up in the Aries hibernation station this Monday, January 17 as the year’s first full moon arrives in Cancer and your domestic fourth house. But thanks to an opposition from control-freak Pluto, things could get a little rocky under your roof before they become peaceful. As you strive to “have it all” in 2022, you may discover that your career goals are upsetting someone in your personal life. But if you sacrifice your ambitions to accommodate another person, you'll seethe with resentment and regret. Pleasing everyone could mean satisfying no one. Novel idea? Instead of going rogue, how can you include your loved ones in your 2022 game plan? You need your "me time," too, Aries, so set up your house so you have enough privacy to relax and do your work without interruptions
No one has to tell a can-do Ram to get out there and make it happen! And starting this week, the universe will support your efforts in a big, bold new way. On Tuesday, January 18, the moon’s North Node leaves Gemini and your expressive third house and zips into Taurus and your second house of finances and security. (Yes, the nodes move in the opposite direction of the planets.) Even though the global economy is wildly unpredictable right now, things WILL begin to return to normal one day, and if you get nimble and pivot for these changing times, you will find creative ways to raise your bottom line between now and July 17, 2023. True, there may be dues to pay until your ship comes in, but if you can ride these winds of change, you might actually come out earning—and saving—more than before. No one is calling this a good thing, but there are silver linings, and your nimble sign is just the type to find a few. Across your chart, the lunar South Node is swinging into Scorpio and your eighth house of shared resources. Look beyond the “usual suspects” and see who the perfect collaborator for a joint venture might be.
Also on Tuesday, shock-jock Uranus wakes up from its yearly retrograde that began last August 19. With the planetary innovator powering forward through Taurus for seven months, it won’t take long to see profits roll in from your efforts. Business opportunities could come out of left field, so keep your mind as open as ever. (Not a stretch for trailblazing Aries.) Pursuing a wild hare could lead to quite the bounty. Who knew?!
On Wednesday, the radiant sun beams into Aquarius, and variants notwithstanding, these life-giving beams energize your eleventh house of friends and group activities until February 18. Life will feel like an extended happy hour, with you helming the operative as entertainment director. Make room at the table or Zoom room for more. There’ll be so many interesting people to meet over the coming four weeks! Since the eleventh house rules technology, schedule playdates with your inner geek. Got a great idea for an app? Designs on becoming the next TikTok celeb? Virtual dreams could become your new reality over the next four weeks.

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