Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope from March 20 to March 26

Finally! You’ve been waiting—okay, maybe not patiently—for the annual kickoff to your favorite time of the year: your birthday season! On Monday, March 20, Aries season officially launches as the radiant Sun blazes into your sign for the next four weeks. The past month (with the Sun in Pisces and your introspective twelfth house) may have been a bit sleepy, but starting this week, you'll be back in your element, and it might feel all the sweeter after walking through this fog for so long.

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Knowing you, Ram, you’ve been cooking up some lofty plans during this slowed-down time. Which new initiatives are you most excited about and ready to set into motion? The pent-up motivation can help you hit the ground running, but pace yourself! As an impulsive Aries, you’re prone to making rash (and sometimes regrettable) decisions. Mindfully craft a master plan so you can take advantage of this fresh-start energy. What resources are needed; do you need to sharpen YOUR skills? Find a class or workshop that focuses on exactly what you need and then put that new learning to good use.
But wait, there’s more! Tuesday features the annual new moon in your sign, which this year is the first in a super-rare doubleheader of Aries new moons. Set your intentions for the coming four weeks and dream big: A burst of momentum for your vision is headed your way. You can tweak and revise them at the sequel, which arrives on April 20 and also happens to be an activating solar eclipse.
On Thursday, the skies serve up a massive transformational event, when powerhouse Pluto leaves Capricorn for the first time since 2008, making a three-month pit stop in Aquarius before returning for TWO whole decades next year (from November 19, 2024, until January 19, 2044). Get ready to usher in a whole new era in teamwork, Aries. Until 2044, which seems like an unimaginable date to write about, your success will decidedly be about “who you know.” There could be both allies and enemies hiding in plain sight who reveal themselves while calculating Pluto takes its first tentative step into Aquarius this year, until June 11.
Are you ready to make a career change? Pluto’s LONG transit through Capricorn and your professional tenth house began all the way back in January 2008, and you’ve gone through quite a number of transitions since then, working to align your goals with your soul. While it’s not uncommon to change careers over 15 years, Pluto’s presence may have forced some deep emotional reckoning, perhaps even reinventing yourself a couple times. If it all felt particularly intense, know that Pluto was honing your leadership chops and helping you make the best possible choices around your life path. Now adopt the mantra that many hands make light work!
Domestic matters are top of mind starting this Saturday as your cosmic ruler, Mars, settles into Cancer until May 20. This may feel like a giant relief after the red planet spent seven, long MONTHS making waves in Gemini and your curious-verging-on-frenetic third house. Socially, you might even need a breather from certain friends. If you need to make changes to your living situation, Mars puts fuel in your tanks. Over the next eight weeks, home might become a hotbed of emotions but there will also be plenty of opportunities to catch up on back-burnered personal projects. Start by clearing clutter and organizing storage areas, and then you can get into the nitty-gritty fun stuff, like designing, building, decorating and planting.
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