Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope from November 28 to December 4

As the workweek dawns on Monday, November 28, the cosmos hands you a perfect opportunity to hit pause and take inventory of the people on your team or in your tight friend circle. Up in the heavens, there’s a rare—and helpful—trine between Mars (which is retrograde in Gemini and your communication house) and pragmatic Saturn in your eleventh house of social networking. Thanks to their synergy, you'll have the sharp judgment AND the conversational skills to strengthen or tweak any relationships that aren’t currently on solid ground. This is even more essential to do if you’re involved in any collaborative projects, so take it upon yourself to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight. Even if you could, theoretically, do something faster or better, that doesn’t mean you should, Aries. That impulse could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade your teamwork software or outsource certain elements of the mission to an experienced pro. With one or two strategic investments in “tools of the trade,” Team Ram could be running like one seriously well-oiled machine!

While Mars can lend support during its alignment with Saturn, in Gemini it can be a bit fickle, something you may notice on Thursday, when Mars’ combative side gets provoked under an opposition to Venus in outspoken Sagittarius and your candid ninth. In plain English: Go easy on the truth serum since you’ll be susceptible to making below-the-belt blurts. Even if you truly believe your constructive criticism is helpful, to the person on the receiving end, it’s still just criticism. (And it can have the very unhelpful effect of making someone you care about believe YOU think there’s something wrong with them.) Let this be your guiding principle on Thursday—and possibly from here on out: Unless you’re asked for advice, don’t offer any. What IS okay to sharing a personal story about something you’re trying to improve in your own life. Your own vulnerability could create a safe space for them to open up. Just don’t harbor expectations about any specific outcomes!
On Saturday, your personal operating system gets a hard reset after five months of feeling like you inadvertently downloaded some malware. Those confusing, and possibly distracting, months were the result of the (seemingly interminable) retrograde of nebulous Neptune in your fantasy-loving twelfth house. This backspin is good for certain activities, like creative or spiritual pursuits, but when it comes to getting clarity or a firm grip on consensus reality, Neptune’s dreamy vibes are NOT what you want to tap into. Under this protracted transit, you weren’t always sure who you could trust or believe. And forget about upholding up firm boundaries! But Neptune resumes forward motion on Saturday, getting your antennas back into working order. This is a great opportunity to re-ground yourself in your most essential values. With Neptune back on course on its long, slow cruise through your subconscious zone, you can hone your intuition, tap into deep pools of innovation and heal old wounds. A good place to start? Making a list of whom to forgive and what you’re grateful for.
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