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09-21-2020 to 09-27-2020

Your magnetic mojo, never exactly invisible, goes through the roof starting Tuesday, September 22, as the radiant Sun swings into your seventh house of dynamic duos and kicks off Libra season 2020. Goddess knows we all could stand something to get us excited and to look forward to, and the four weeks celebrating the sign of the scales and balanced partnerships is as good an opportunity as anything. With el Sol cat-walking through your opposite sign, this is your annual month to shine like the luminous creature you are. Stay cognizant of the fact that you’ll be catnip to potential suitors and don’t play with people’s feelings. While a little friendly flirting is fine, it’ll be easy to get carried away under this sensual solar surge. So have your fun and enjoy the attention, but treat others the way you’d want to be treated if the tables were turned. If you are looking for a true love connection, keep your standards high. Maybe don’t talk long-term goals on the first date (especially with your rash ruler, Mars, retrograde in your sign), but it’s perfectly acceptable to lob a few questions about their hopes and dreams for the future. This four-week transit bodes well for business and creative collaborations, too. Keep an open mind about different types of potential partners, because they can surprise you now. Attached? Set your limits ahead of time and stick to them so you don’t slip down a seductive (but off-limits) rabbit hole. You’ll be glad you did because some couples will deepen their bond during this cycle, perhaps adding an exclusivity clause or taking a significant next step. (Hello, key exchange or moving-in-together talks!)
Life—whether all of it or just your romantic adventures—takes a turn for the steamy this Sunday as expressive Mercury turns down the sheets in Scorpio and your eighth house of seduction, mysteries and permabonding. Anything light or superficial simply won’t do during this erotic and enticing cycle, which is extra-long as the cosmic messenger will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3 and sticks around until December 1. Over the next two months, experiment with your own sensuality and more subtle styles of communication. You pride yourself on being a straight shooter, but during this alluring transit, what’s NOT said will be far more intriguing than any direct statements. But know where you stand and what you desire (and won’t tolerate) before Mercury shifts into reverse for three weeks, potentially turning events on their side. The last thing you want is a vengeful lover or to get ensnared in an infatuated cat-and-mouse game. If you’re intentionally taking your sweet old time, then pace your pounce. The flirtation, seduction and courtship can be as big a turn-on as the actual “conquest.” Irresistible chemistry aside, can this person fulfill your intellectual, emotional AND soulful needs? This is worth finding out ahead of time. For couples, you can stoke the embers and get things back to “good old days” levels. Just beware that this two-month transit can activate some not-pretty emotions, like anger, distrust and jealousy. The fix? Leaning in to the communication planet’s chatty energy.

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