Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Weekly Horoscope From February 26 To March 3

It’ll be hard to tell if there are too many cooks in the kitchen or if you’re being nudged to open your mind up to different opinions this week. You may not get clarity right away, but hopefully this knowledge can make all those dissenting points of view a little easier to navigate on Tuesday, February 27. That day, your ruling planet, rash and brash Mars, in your teamwork sector clashes with know-it-all Jupiter in your second house of values. If you start to lose your center, Aries, remind yourself that you have a vision, and a lofty one at that. Even if half your colleagues do, too, don’t abandon your dream because of a (seeming) lack of support. Rather than reflexively adopt a defensive posture, listen to what others have to say. Note: This is NOT about shapeshifting or compromising just to keep the peace—that would be a mistake. The potential gift here is that someone, possibly the least likely one in the bunch, may suggest a more innovative way of doing things that actually saves you time and money. Or if you've ventured too far off the initial plan, a colleague could remind you of the value of doing certain things by the book. Bottom line: What you’re seeking is balance, so whatever agreements you come to, make sure it has a healthy mix of experimentation AND workability.
On Wednesday (AKA “the Day of Challenges”), Saturn falls into step with the Sun in Pisces and your introspective twelfth house, which could give you a (temporary) sense of being utterly overwhelmed. So many projects, and people, but so little time… Pisces is the ruler of your twelfth house of transitions, healing and divinely inspired creativity. While that SOUNDS great, it’s a lot to deal with, making it necessary to assess your current goals and prioritize the ones that speak the loudest to your soul. Don't force yourself to finish a project if your heart isn't in it. On the other hand, make sure you aren't self-sabotaging by quitting five minutes before the miracle happens! Got stuff to purge? Midweek, a major cleanup mission could consume your thoughts. If you can’t finish that in one go, focus on how great it will feel when you finally get rid of excess, especially when it comes to clothes and “stuff,” but also to obligations that just don't feel aligned with "you" anymore. 
Money could get funny with your squad this weekend, especially on Sunday, when indulgent Venus in your hopes-and-dreams sector gets in a tangled angle with loose cannon Uranus in your financial zone. Your primary directive is to keep a solid grip on your hard-earned cash—and your fantasies—and not blow your share of rent on more vintage treasures. How much do you “need” (or desperately desire) those objets, Ram? Might that money be better invested in a webinar or course that can teach you a profitable new set of skills—or how about a weekend retreat that recharges your body, mind and spirit? As you sow, so will you reap!

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