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Aries Weekly Horoscope from November 30 to December 6

Can get over any feelings of competitiveness and focus on your highest goals? If so, you might attract a very like-minded collaborator as the sky blazes with the Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse this Monday, November 30. The influence of this once-a-year event will be in full effect for the next two weeks, but if you tap into it now, you can squeeze out the juice for a full six months! This one falls in your third house of communication, kindred spirits and self-expression. If you’ve got a message to broadcast, whether for yourself, a pal or a worthy case, now’s the time to refine it and proclaim it. By pooling your resources with a person or organization with the same values you can be twice as effective with half the effort!
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This full moon can make you chattier and more eloquent than usual. Work that gift of gab, Aries. It can also do wonders for your flirting skills, so if you’re single or looking, it’s worth staying in practice. Keep your filters strong, however. Gemini energy is lively, but it’s not the most discriminating. Screen out people clearly NOT on your wavelength by asking some leading questions right out of the gate. (Suggestions: What are you goals for the next three years? And the most fundamental of all: Are you interested in collaborating?) The third house also rules transportation, so if you've been waiting all year to get a new ride—two wheels, four or perhaps three—start shopping those holiday deals now, even if you don’t hit “buy now” till the New Year.
You may not have realized just how under-the-radar you’ve been flying since Mercury first slipped into mysterious Scorpio and your chamber of secrets on September 27. This was an extra-long visit because of a three-week retrograde in the middle. But starting on Tuesday, the cosmic conversationalist will blast forward into Sagittarius and your candid ninth house until December 20. Don’t even try to censor on yourself, Aries: If anything, you’ll be slugging the truth serum and doling out your opinions and philosophic gems whether they’re requested or not. But save your best material for team meetings and people you truly connect with. While not everything that comes gushing out of your mouth is podcast-worthy, there might be some visionary ideas that you can turn into a profitable venture. (Yet some of it might be dusted with snark, and after the year we’ve all endured, no one’s in the mood for that.) A better use of your talents now is catching up with anyone you haven’t Zoomed with all year, the farther-flung the better since normally, this Mercury transit would be firing up your wanderlust. And remember: Nothing’s stopping you from dreaming, scheming—and maybe getting some very tentative plans on the books for 2021 or beyond.

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