Aries Weekly Horoscope

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Aries Weekly Horoscope from June 14 to June 20

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to set some boundaries or draw your line in the sand, Monday, June 14, should deliver it. And you won’t be anyone’s pushover (as if!). Any soul who’s tested your limits or not come through on their promises is going to get an unfiltered response from you! Structured, disciplined Saturn forms a tense square with rebellious Uranus, the second in a three-part series that started on February 17 and finishes on December 24. Some people may have inadvertently (and apologetically) crossed a line with you, and they deserve some slack. But those “Entitled Emmas” who think they can always turn your offer of an inch into taking a mile need to be halted, and it’s up to YOU, Ram, to establish very clear parameters—and have a system of enforcing them.
There’s no need to read them the riot act, however. Just use this as a mature (Saturn) occasion to clip any disruptive, rebellious (Uranus) behavior. With Saturn in your teamwork sector and Uranus in your house of finances and values, you could find yourself clashing with your crew over philosophical or stylistic differences. Economic inequalities may also send some dissension through the ranks. But before you break up the band, how about restoring the peace and then inviting everyone to sit in on an open discussion? It might be awkward—at first—but could spawn some genius new ideas.
Prepare to tap the brakes on Sunday morning, when expansive and optimistic Jupiter shifts into its annual four-month retrograde. It begins in Pisces and your introspective twelfth house (until July 28) and then retreats into Aquarius and your teamwork zone, not resuming forward motion until October 18. For the next five weeks, focus on “re” activities: reflect, retreat, relax, reinvent—and recuperate! Since neither your sign nor the supersizer planet does things by half-measure, this reverse commute might actually be a blessed relief. While it’s probably been exciting, it’s also put you on the fast track to mental and physical burnout. For the first few days of the pivot, as you begin to adjust to a different speed, you may be unsure how to pace yourself. But lean into it and, soon enough, you’ll probably be having the best time taking care of YOUR affairs and doing things on your timeline!
Later on Sunday—11:32PM EDT to be precise—the summer solstice occurs, signaling the yearly entrance of the luminous Sun into Cancer and your fourth house of kith, kin and all things domestic until July 22. Just puttering around your pad will feel good AND spark innovations. It’s a great month for entertaining, especially if you’re ready to expand beyond your usual pod. Review favorite recipes—or seek out new food bloggers—and enjoy reconnecting with friends, family and folks you knew back in the day. But don’t forget to build in plenty of alone time. Jupiter’s still on your “charging dock,” and these next few weeks would be ideal for turning Chez Ram into a cozy, soulful sanctuary where you can pursue your passions AND preserve your privacy. Make a point of really nurturing yourself with clean, green fuel during this cycle. And follow the watery prompts of Cancer season by seeking out beaches, pools and any inland waterways!

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