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07-06-2020 to 07-12-2020

Does your home feel like a sanctuary or is it a source of stress? With Mercury retrograde in Cancer and your domestic fourth house since June 18, you may be struggling to find serenity in your space. Even if relationships are peaceful, there may still be a few messy areas clamoring for attention. Fortunately, Mercury springs forward from a signal-jamming retrograde this Sunday, July 12 and lends support with things like dripping faucets and demanding relatives. But until then, keep ticking items off your list first. Call the plumber, restock on healthy groceries and TP. But don't put off the inevitable call to your feisty sister; and schedule the house meeting with your laundry-strewing roommate. With Mercury correcting course on Sunday it will linger in your nurturing fourth house until August 4. That gives you another three weeks to figure out everything from how to set up a podcasting studio in your WFH office to the easiest way to approach a sticky subject with your roommate. Rule of thumb? If it’s a complex situation, trust that you’ll address it next week.  
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On Saturday, July 11, Chiron—the "wounded healer" comet—will flip into reverse. Get ready to plunge into some serious soul searching. Since April 17, 2018, Chiron has been weaving through Aries, stirring up "identity politics" and, at times, giving you the urge to reinvent your entire life. Hosting this "planetoid" until April, 2027 is already proving to be equal parts challenging and profound. While Chiron is in reverse until December 15, keep it real about any lingering emotional issues you haven't dealt with. Unpleasant feelings only become toxic when you brush them aside instead of embracing them. Chiron's tour through Aries, which lasts in total until April 14, 2027, can turn you into even more of a badass—but a badass who owns your “weaknesses,” learns from them, and uses them to help heal others. We all have a purpose on this planet, and sometimes it goes beyond what we do for a living. What is your healing superpower, Aries? What's your most potent formula for supporting friends and family in times of crisis? Chiron in Aries reminds you that you DO make a difference—and yes, by 2027, you might even make a living doing just that.  
Even though Mercury turns direct on Sunday, you could slip into a nostalgic reverie that day, as the Sun in Cancer and your domestic zone gets cozy with dreamy Neptune. Thoughts of your childhood, family and old friends may dominate your mind. Pull out the old photo albums, call an amiga who haven't spoken to in forever, spend the day with family (or friends who feel that way). You may not be productive, but spending quality time with your own feelings and memories can do you as much good as six months of therapy. You might spend the weekend decluttering and creating a more meditative vibe in the room you spend the most time in at home.

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