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06-01-2020 to 06-07-2020

You may feel confident enough to express your dissenting opinions on Wednesday, June 3—but unless you have completely abandoned the idea of consensus or compromise, think twice. The bold Sun mashes up with Venus, who’s normally the epitome of diplomacy, but because she’s in erratic retrograde motion in your communication center, you may not be seeing the whole picture—or even your small piece of it clearly. Contrary to the Aries motto, might does not make right, and just because you strongly believe something doesn’t make it true. It’s not a competition or reflection of your power, so before you say anything, stop and refocus on your highest goals here, and what unintended (and undesired!) consequences you might bring. 

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It doesn’t help that, just before midnight on Tuesday, cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars will have formed their annual 90-degree contentious square. Venus is already in a “compromised” position being retrograde, and this clash with your ruler, feisty Mars, in your passive-aggressive twelfth house can put you in an argumentative mode—for no good reason! Even when you TRY to think before you blurt, your words could come out sideways and wind up hurting someone you care about deeply. While this CAN be a recipe for a spat or verbal takedown, it doesn’t have to be, Ram. This is where free will and all your spiritual and psychological training come into play. You may have to count to ten—or 100!—or leave the room altogether, but in that moment, you can break the compulsion and shift into your higher mind. Yes, your BP may be through the roof, but if you save a friendship or someone’s tender feelings, you can score yourself a win.
But what may be the week’s “headline news” arrives on Friday as a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Sagittarius lights up your ninth house of growth, adventure and global expansion. You know there’s a big world out there—even if you’ve only been seeing it on a variety of electronic screens for the past few months—but you also know that there are many ways to make an impact. This rare lunation can broaden your perspective on life and also on one particular project or venture you’ve been mulling for a while. Getting into “visionary mode” and setting the wheels in motion is the easy part for your energetic sign; more challenging is finding the best way forward and committing to it until it’s done (or deemed unfeasible). Your mission for these next six months is to pick the most promising (and thrilling) route and giving it your all—no “I’m bored” or “disenchanted” cop-outs along the way. Staying devoted even when your energy wanes is part of the lesson to be learned during this “edifying” full moon. So stay humble and, more important, stay the course!

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