Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

July 2022 Aries Love Horoscope

Hello, sensual summer days! From July 5 until August 20, your ruler, lusty Mars, is in Taurus and your luxurious second house. After a sexy and free-spirited romp through Aries, Mars now makes you crave affection and a little more security. Indulging in a few earthly pleasures (pampering, new clothes, a long-overdue hair appointment) will get you more in the mood for sexy company—whether with a new person or your current amour. 

With motivator Mars in your money sector (the second house rules cash), the policy “no romance without finance” might ring true. You may also need to invest in your love life to keep things happy and healthy. Pamper yourself and your partner or would-be ones. 

Framed that way, a little retail therapy or extravagant treat can be a romantic insurance policy, Aries. Instead of going around and round in a pointless conflict for teary-eyed hours, just go order the chef's tasting menu at that new locally- sourced restaurant. Bring back the love over cauliflower “steak" with pink peppercorn aioli and a flight of orange wines. Bonus incentive: Love planet Venus is in playful Gemini, softening your third house of communication. You’ll find it easy to slip into compassionate conversation once you take a little pressure off of yourself. When all else fails, slow down and come back to the moment! 

On July 17, Venus enters heart-centered Cancer and your emotional fourth house until August 11. All kinds of strong feelings will be let out of the genie's bottle. Suddenly, you may prefer deep bonding to intellectual conversations or lighthearted small talk or sexy flirtation. If you're solidly attached, Venus in Cancer could inspire you to exchange keys, talk babies or take an even bigger step toward permanence. Single? While it might be hard to tear yourself away from home base, you could meet someone at a backyard barbecue or at a party YOU host!

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