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December 2021 Aries Love Horoscope

What does the future hold for you and your romantic partner or would-be love? The first half of the month could be charged with a certain intensity as your ruler, spicy Mars, wraps a visit to scintillating Scorpio until December 13. This could crank up the chemistry but also bring a wave of jealousy and possessiveness with it. Looking to make things official? Mars in this all-or-nothing placement could motivate you to go “all in” with someone…or finally cut things off for good.
From December 13 to January 24, the lusty red planet relocates to Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth house, snapping you out of tunnel vision. With Mars here, you could find yourself attracted to someone from a very different background, perhaps even sparking up a long-distance love affair or traveling to see each other. 
But you won’t be entirely ready to hit the road—and if you do, here’s a “baggage” alert. With magnetic Venus continuing its long visit to Capricorn (from November 5, 2021, until March 6, 2022), questions of longevity are at the forefront of your mind. During this cycle, “just for fun” is not totally in your romantic viewfinder, even if Mars in Sagittarius serves up a spontaneous interlude. At least part of you will yearn, with equal fervor, for a signed-sealed-delivered confirmation.
On December 19, Venus will turn retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, your traditional tenth house, until January 29. This backward spin, which happens every 18 months, doesn’t make for the most romantic holiday season. Coupled Aries may bicker over whose family to visit or which traditions, if any, to follow. Daddy issues, if you’ve got ‘em (and let’s face it: we all do), could flare up over the holiday. Are you unconsciously sending out unrealistic expectations for your partner, reenacting an old parent-child dynamic?
During the retrograde cycle, you might also be craving commitment and new long-term goals for your love life, whether single or coupled. Get down to some basic structural issues: How does this relationship (or how could a future relationship) fit in with your basic needs and objectives?
If you want to find the love of your life, Venus retrograde in Capricorn is a great time to “reverse-engineer” it…i.e., start from where you’d like to be a year from now, and look at concrete steps and even some life changes that would need to happen in order to meet your goal. This exercise could be illuminating, especially if you realize, “Oh, I’ve been sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I’m single during the holidays, but I’ve gone on exactly three pseudo-dates in the past eight months.” Results are usually consistent with the actions you’ve taken—so if you want new outcomes, take a different set of steps. Since Capricorn rules experienced people and mentors, you might work with a love coach or take an online course.
The same idea applies to coupled Aries working toward a common goal, such as home ownership. New Year’s Eve could be a good time to powwow with your partner about real-deal intentions for the coming year since penetrating Pluto and Venus will be traveling in close proximity. Pour something sparkling and cozy up under the cashmere throw; a stately setting will make your conversation seem all the more cemented.
Ex factor alert! With the planet of love doing backstrokes, a former romantic partner might resurface as retrogrades have a way of making us reflect on the past. If you bump into your old love and are single, you may opt to stay disentangled…or not. The stars could be sending you a “look how far you’ve come” reminder to leave the past behind, or a gentle nudge to give this person a second chance. If there’s a synchronistic run-in or midnight text message, consider what this means in the bigger picture.

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