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December 2022 Aries Overview Horoscope

The big picture is coming back into focus, Aries! For many Rams, 2022 has been one of the wildest years you’ve had in a while, thanks to expansive Jupiter taking up residence in your sign. From May through late October, it’s been nonstop novelty and opportunities to put your solo endeavors on the fast track. With eclipses touching down in your money houses all year, you may even have started to monetize your great ideas—how perfect for your trailblazing sign!

On October 28, Jupiter slipped back into Pisces and your twelfth house of healing conclusions, joining soothsayer Neptune. Things quieted down a bit, and you’ve been given a window to say a grateful farewell to the old. Wrap any unfinished business before you swan-dive into your next life chapter, Ram. From December 20 of this year until May 16, 2023, Jupiter will trek through Aries and rev your engines once again!

With the Sun in Sagittarius and your visionary ninth house until December 21, you’ll already feel the excitement and anticipation. After that, el Sol transitions into Capricorn and heats up your ambitious tenth house. You’ll be motivated to make concrete plans and to jump-start your 2023 resolutions—with a few breaks for holiday revelry mixed in, of course. 

But pace yourself, Aries: Mercury will be retrograde from December 29 until January 18, pressing pause and throwing some delays in your path. Use this bottleneck to conduct more due diligence. You might unearth an important clue, if not a better option altogether!

How about drafting your intentions this Christmas Eve? The sky will host FIVE planets in Capricorn: the Sun, the (just-new) moon, mindful Mercury, social Venus and intense Pluto. Nobody says you can’t talk business at the buffet or solicit a wise mentor for advice. 

Christmas Day looks like the best one for socializing since the moon will move into Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendship. Make the rounds, go eat leftovers with your people, meet up with your crew and get into the festive spirit.

As an added incentive to fill your celebration tanks early, the New Year’s Eve forecast isn’t quite so joyous. As mentioned, Mercury will be retrograde, and the moon will also be in Taurus and your practical second house. It’s a nice atmosphere for a touch of budget-friendly luxury, dressing up and maybe getting home early enough to watch the ball drop on TV. 

The somber global economic climate will be felt under the pragmatic Taurus moonbeams, and you might be wise to keep your own spending in check tonight. (That doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely time, Aries!). As the calendar turns, magnetic Venus and transformational Pluto will unite in Capricorn and your aspirational tenth house. Spend some time in contemplation about how you can add more soul to your 2023 goals. Do a manifesting ritual, make a vision board, set intentions and share them with your companions. An amazing New Year awaits you, and the more clarity you can bring to it, the better. 

Go big! It’s Sagittarius season until December 21

Go forth and make merry! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your buoyant, optimistic ninth house until December 21, putting you in full-on festive form for holiday party season (which seems to be back in a real way this year). You're bubbling over with excitement and grand ideas, so this is your chance to connect with others who are feeling that captivating enthusiasm. You may also have some much-needed wisdom to share with the world. Go ahead and post those inspirational quotes, send out uplifting holiday cards or deliver a thought-provoking message.

With the Sun in your ninth house of travel, learning and adventure, you’re itching for new horizons. Instead of buying more “stuff,” why not treat yourself and your favorite people to experiences as holiday gifts? Whether you do a hands-on workshop together, find an Airbnb in an intriguing destination or splurge on plane tickets, think of enriching ways you can make memories.

Neptune retrograde ends on December 3

Have you been feeling adrift, especially for the past month, Aries? In November, both visionary Jupiter AND manifester Neptune were in Pisces and your reality-blurring twelfth house. Your moods have been all over the map, and it’s been hard to gain traction on certain goals. 

Good news: In December, you’ll start to see things more clearly. This positive process starts on December 3, when foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde that began on June 28. Your soul-searching starts to take shape and you can translate those insights into tangible action. The twelfth house rules secrets and hidden agendas, and it’s been hard to know who exactly to trust. As Neptune turns direct, you’ll get a better idea of who belongs on Team Aries and who’s just along for the ride, siphoning energy and resources. Bye, vampires!

If you've felt emotionally or psychologically unmoored, you'll soon find an anchor. And once Jupiter leaves Pisces and returns to YOUR sign on December 20, you can get out there and start spreading the word. Connect with kindred spirits and regain your sense of limitless possibilities. When you attach yourself to a big enough idea, Aries, life will become magical again!

Speak up at the December 7 Gemini full moon

You're really ready to grab the proverbial mic on December 7, when the Gemini full moon ignites your third house of communication and local activity. And all the more since this full moon will form an exact conjunction (meetup) with your ruler, passionate and assertive Mars. Make a big year-end pitch, host a holiday fund-raiser at your favorite neighborhood hotspot, or clear the air with an important person if there's been tension between you. Your ideas and words could have a far-reaching impact, Aries, so speak up! Just bear in mind that Mars is retrograde, so you’ll need to temper your tone and make sure assertiveness doesn’t veer into pushiness or aggression.

Have you been waiting for news or putting off a big decision? This full moon-Mars alliance could provide the clarity and courage you need to move forward. Be proactive and slide into someone’s DMs instead of hoping they’ll reach out to you. Everyone gets busy, and a playful reminder could spark the conversations again.

Luck is on your side: Jupiter enters Aries on December 20

Off you go again! On December 20, the planet of luck returns to YOUR sign after a brief dip back into emotional Pisces and your twelfth house of release. From May 10 until October 28 of this year, Jupiter in Aries ( revolutionized your goals and identity, kicking off a fresh 12-year chapter of your life. Things moved quickly, but the pace was exciting—just the way you like it, Aries. You could have made a radical fresh start or completely changed your lifestyle.

Now, you have five golden months to resume what you started earlier this year as Jupiter is here until May 16, 2023. This good-fortune transit only comes around every 12 years, so make the most of it. If you want to launch an indie business, return to school or move somewhere completely new, take action on your dreams while you have risk taker Jupiter in your corner. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn and December 23 Capricorn new moon

Don’t kick back just yet, Aries! While everyone else winds down at the end of the year, the stars pour fuel in your tank. Your empire-building drive kicks into high gear starting December 21, when the Sun shifts into Capricorn for a month and heats up your success-driven tenth house. 

Since Mercury will turn retrograde just under a week later, you’ll want to stay firmly focused on your biggest goals. Start a draft of your New Year’s resolutions sooner rather than later. Our suggestion? Put pen to paper at the December 23 Capricorn new moon, one of the most ambitious days of the month for you. This is the second Capricorn new moon in 2022 (the first was on January 2), so look back to how you started the year for clues of what might resurface. 

Jot down some possible intentions for the coming year and where you could make the most impact. Then, tuck ‘em in a drawer until January 18, when Mercury retrograde ends. Between now and then, clarity around a new path could arrive, especially if you make time for reflection. 

Before you commit to a big goal, make sure you still have room to explore and experiment. This Capricorn new moon will wedge into a tight 90-degree square ( to adventurous Jupiter, which is newly back in Aries. Don’t lock yourself into something before you’re ready. You’ll have plenty of time to build security when Jupiter moves on to Taurus on May 16. But while the red-spotted planet is in your sign, there are new discoveries to be made!

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29

Another reason not to rush into any long-term plans? Communication planet Mercury will go retrograde from December 29 until January 18, its fourth U-turn of the year. This cycle is notorious for causing mayhem with technology, travel and interactions. 
Mercury will backtrack through Capricorn and your tenth house of career, long-term goals and men. This could bring untimely misunderstandings with your father or a key man over holidays, along with work-related hassles that could disrupt your vacation. Consider yourself notified, Aries, and take as many advance precautions as you can. Back up all your data to the cloud and try to finish your work during the first half of the month. Make sure all systems are locked and loaded if you need to automate anything. Get your gift shopping and travel plans done early, and avoid triggering topics around the table. 

Your plans could get some pushback, and a client or boss could drive you up the wall, firing eleventh-hour demands or trying to offload work onto you right before the holidays. A project you hoped to wrap before the end of 2022 could run into unforeseen delays. Make sure all of your coworkers are fully briefed before anyone takes off for the holidays. The last thing you need is to be cleaning up someone's sloppy mess—or worse, running into a ghost town of an office—while everyone else is drinking eggnog or cozying up by the fire. Prepare to repeat yourself, clarify and confirm…as often as necessary to make sure everyone stays on the same page!

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