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June 2020 Aries Overview Horoscope

If boredom’s been an issue for you, Aries, get ready to pivot. In June, a pair of game-changing eclipses arrives to shake up business as usual, possibly leading to a relocation. We know that might sound bizarre with so many cities and countries still on extended pause. In spite of that, sudden shifts and course correction will be in the stars for you this month.
But even as the eclipses reveal a bold new future, there can still be slowdowns and delays. Two more planets—Mercury and Neptune—turn retrograde this month, bringing the total count of retrograde planets up to six (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto have in reverse since April/May).
This is set against the backdrop of Gemini season as the Sun breezes through your third house of communication, local events and ideas until June 20. You’re itching to get out, even for a socially distant interaction, so find ways that you can safely bring variety into your days. Go for a walk while you brainstorm by phone, or drive to a nearby town for a stroll (even if it just means masked window-shopping and curbside pickup from a local eatery).
So let’s talk about those eclipses. These solar and lunar events arrive four to six times a year, shaking up business as usual and fast-tracking us onto a whole new path.
The first eclipse, on June 5, is in Sagittarius and your ninth house of global expansion, higher learning and entrepreneurship. This lunar (full moon) eclipse could bring a dream that’s been percolating for the past six months to fruition. If you’ve been working on a startup business, a media project or an educational concept, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse could put major fuel in that tank. And, as radical as it may seem, plans for a far-flung relocation could be sparked now—even if you can’t act on them just yet. The ninth house rules travel, which is an inconveniently timed transit for any Aries itching to pack their bags for adventure. But you can certainly start planning for when things open up, or taking a modified version of your journey.
This is the very first eclipse in a series that will cut across the Gemini-Sagittarius continuum between now and December 3, 2021. As these lunar events activate your “axis of communication,” you’ll undergo radical shifts to the way you speak, think and share your message. People from abroad and right in your own neighborhood could become key collaborators. Cast a (world)wide net while staying open to ALL kindred spirits.
Clinging to certain long-held beliefs or opinions? Those truths could become stranger than fiction as the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses prompt you to question every assumption you hold. Your own worldview could transform dramatically, especially as you embrace new metaphysical concepts or open your mind to possibilities you never considered before.
The second half of the month kicks retrograde season into high gear. On June 18, Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will turn retrograde in Cancer and your fourth house of home and family. Between now and July 12, take precautions when expressing your emotions. As if things under your roof weren’t stressful enough this year, you’ll have to be extra vigilant not to fight with relatives and roommates. Have you been biting your tongue or walking on eggshells? Mercury retrograde could bring all those suppressed emotions into the open. If you live alone, home could become a stress zone, possibly due to a demanding work project. 
Trickster Mercury can mess up communication, technology and travel (that last part’s probably not an issue this go-round) when retrograde. Make sure your household electronics are safely plugged into surge protectors. Check those appliance warranties: Your fridge or dishwasher could unexpectedly go on the fritz. (Blame Mercury liberally.) Are you working from home, like much of the world? Frustrations can rise quickly now, so take regular breaks and move your body to release pent-up feelings and move stuck energy.
On June 20, the summer solstice arrives as the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Cancer. The next day, June 21, is the annual Cancer new moon, providing a much-needed reset to home and hearth. Not only is this the first of TWO rare back-to-back Cancer new moons in 2020 (the next is July 20), but it’s also a solar eclipse—making any changes and fresh starts extra potent!
Most of us could use a fresh start with home and loved ones and this new moon eclipse will deliver. If you’ve been thinking of relocating, the next six months could bring unexpected developments. This is also the grand finale of a two-year eclipse series on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which has been transforming your approach to career, domestic matters and your most important goals. Your work-life balance has gotten majorly overhauled—in fact, your personal and professional lives many barely resemble what they looked like when the FIRST of these eclipses arrived in July 2018.
On June 22, yet another planet turns retrograde. This time, it’s dreamy Neptune, which will make its annual five-month retreat until November 28. As Neptune backs through Pisces and your twelfth house of imagination and closure, this can be a healing cycle or a rich time to return to an old creative project. Just keep your guard up since you could also be susceptible to a smooth talker whose intentions are less honorable than they appear.
But don’t get too cozy in that hammock or drift off to La-la land just yet. A major transit arrives on June 27, when your ruling planet, energizer Mars, blazes into Aries. Hello, wake-up call! Magnetic Mars usually remains in one sign for six to eight weeks, but this year, he’ll be here right up until January 6, granting you all the drive and gusto you need to pursue a solo project. Sizzling Mars in your sign can also give you major sex appeal.
And…it ain’t over till it’s over! On June 30, the second of 2020’s groundbreaking conjunctions between expansive Jupiter and powerhouse Pluto arrives. This rare meetup, which happens in Capricorn and your tenth house of career, could totally transform your approach to work, leadership and business. The first of these was on April 4, so look back to events near that date for clues of what could resurface. This time, both planets are retrograde, so you may be revisiting an old professional trajectory or even taking on a former post. Is there some part of your path that you are just SO done with? The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could inspire you to make a bold breakaway. Start plotting your moves for their final meetup on November 12, when anything you put in place now could yield momentous results. But patience: The story is still unfolding!

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