Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2024

What a time to be an Aries! This month could be one of the most powerful portals of self-actualization that you've had in a long, long time. (Which is saying a lot because life has been brimming with changes for a while!)
So what, exactly, does that mean, Ram? It’s time to step fully into being YOU. And April will have no shortage of opportunities to do just that.
With the Sun, Mercury (retrograde) AND a total solar (supermoon) eclipse in YOUR sign, April is a boldfaced invitation to go full-frontal Aries. And don't be surprised if the universe forces your hand! Without even trying, you could have serendipitous moments that feel divinely arranged. 
The Sun is making its usual rounds through Aries until April 19. Yay for that! The catch? From April 1 to 25, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde—in Aries—which could cause you to feel wildly misunderstood. Some of your grand plans might require a few extra rounds at the drawing board before you can really launch them. We recommend holding off on the big and splashy launches until after Mercury retrograde, and even until after the shadow period (aka the “retroshade”) fully dissipates on May 13. Each day after April 25, things will get easier and easier.
That said, we know that as an Aries, patience is not your strong suit. To navigate these planetary plot twists, you’ll have to creatively work around any cosmic curveballs that crop up along the way. While Mercury’s retrograde, don’t take the first offer you receive or shoo away your intuition. Ask as many questions as necessary, even if you’re worried that you’re annoying people. You can’t be too careful during a month like this!
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