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January 2022 Aries Overview Horoscope

The first month of 2022 is decidedly goal-driven as a cluster of cosmic players commune in Capricorn. With your ambitious tenth house on fire from hosting the Sun, Venus, Mars and Pluto, you have no intention of letting any variants get in your way. The January 2 new (super)moon adds rocket fuel to your intentions. But warning: With harmonizer Venus retrograde in Capricorn until January 29, remember to treat others well as you rise to the top! 

Following the Golden Rule is even more important once Mercury, planet of communication and technology, turns retrograde from January 14 to February 3. (So soon, Mercury?) Despite scrambled signals from both Mercury and Venus, however, your financial picture will brighten this month. On January 18, unstable Uranus ENDS its retrograde through Taurus, where it’s been disrupting your work and money zone since August 19, 2021. That same day, the lunar north node moves into Taurus until July 2023, kicking off a transformational cycle for the way you earn, invest and save. 

Capricorn rules the skies: Sun, new moon, Venus (retrograde) and Mars

Goals: front and center! The year begins with the Sun in Capricorn and your upwardly mobile tenth house until January 19. And this year, the skies will deliver the first new moon of 2022—a Capricorn supermoon—on January 2. Snap to it, Aries. Even if your champagne hangover is still a faint throb, grab this golden window and craft your most ambitious 2022 goals.

The January 2 Capricorn new moon launches a six-month growth cycle for your career. Set your sights on the July 13 Capricorn full (super)moon: Where would you like to be by then—and who can help you get there? Your relationship with an important man, possibly your father, could support your ascent. 

Even better? The Sun and new moon conjunction will form a supportive trine to innovator Uranus on January 1 and 2. Prioritize your most cutting-edge ideas when you write those 2022 resolutions. For you, Aries, success is often found on a road less traveled. Your original ideas could make you a recognized expert in your field, especially when the Sun and powerhouse Pluto hold their annual meetup on January 16.

There's a plot twist, however: Venus, the planet of relationships, harmony and wealth attraction, is retrograde in Capricorn until January 29. This low-power cycle, which began on December 19, 2021, could sidetrack your plans for a minute. You may be at odds with a coworker or struggling to connect with key decision makers, which stalls your project while you wait for their signoff. Keep your anger in check, though—this is NOT the time to burn a bridge.

Changes in your love life could interfere with your goals until Venus corrects course on January 29. Perhaps your partner isn't supporting you as much or you’re distracted by romantic troubles. Use this opportunity to work through those conflicts, and you can emerge with a better relationship when the needle starts moving later this month.
That could already happen on January 24, when your ruling planet, Mars, zooms into Capricorn for its biennial visit, staying until March 6. With both Venus and Mars in this aspirational zone, you could be rocking out “power-couple”-style by Valentine’s Day or getting a string of green lights by the end of this month—all the more reason to settle any lingering conflicts or misunderstandings asap! Mars also happens to be “exalted” in in Capricorn, meaning it’s the sweet spot for this planet and can yield major results if you prioritize, plan and then strike with strategic timing.

Checkpoint! Aries quarter moon on January 9

January has your back in a big way, Ram. On January 9, you get a real moment of clarity. The year’s first quarter moon—the midpoint between the new and full moon (which are two weeks apart)—is in Aries, illuminating your first house of self and identity. Consider this your hand-delivered reminder not to lose yourself in the pursuit of success. Maybe that hyper-ambitious new moon a week ago had you bite off too much at once. Slow down, scale back a little and rethink which of those big ideas also inspires you personally!

Mercury turns retrograde from January 14 to February 3

On January 14, static comes on the line as Mercury—the planet of communication, travel and technology—turns retrograde until February 3 for the first time this year. During this cycle, wires get crossed and misunderstandings flare. With Mercury backtracking through Aquarius and your teamwork zone, group projects could get chaotic, and nerves could fray among friends, especially while harmonizer Venus is also retrograde through January 29. 

Set crystal-clear expectations with everyone to offset some of the inevitable misunderstandings. Back up your electronic files and be careful what you email, text, post and publish. Words are irrevocable now. Since the eleventh house is one of the zodiac zones that rules technology, this Mercury retrograde could feel double-strength. If “digital detox” was on your 2022 resolutions list, this would be an ideal period to take one!

On January 25, Mercury will back into Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house for the duration of its retrograde. Lay low until February 3 when it comes to approaching decision makers or pushing any business ventures through the finish line. Better to tweak and perfect your pitch then step out with a rock-solid plan next month.

The January 17 Cancer full moon spotlights home and family

On January 17, the year’s first full moon arrives in Cancer and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. While you're busy making lofty resolutions to take over the world, la luna sits you down in your favorite comfy chair for a stern but motherly chat. First of all, do you have the emotional bandwidth for your grand mission? Are you getting enough self-care and nurturing to keep your tanks full? Are your family bonds in good standing, or are you still letting some childhood wounds creep into your dynamics? 

There's no sweeping past this stuff now because it ALL matters, especially since la luna will be opposing transformational Pluto in your tenth house of long-term goals and ambition. Their polar positions could indicate a need for better work-life balance, or it could reveal ways that you’re “acting out” with colleagues and clients, repeating decades-old patterns.
The Cancer full moon can also bring a long-overdue resolution to a domestic situation that's been brewing since last summer. You could move, take in a roommate or make plans to buy or sell a home. Maybe you'll start the new year by radically changing your decor and making plans to add a new member to your household. (Note to Rams in the childbearing demographic: If you got frisky under the mistletoe, the stars might have a belated holiday gift for you in the next couple weeks.) A woman, possibly your mother or a maternal figure, could figure prominently into events now. 

With mystical and psychological Pluto opposite this moon, you could have an epiphany about a generational pattern that’s held you back from your potential. You may get a powerful “sign” from a departed loved one, possibly through a dream. Don’t dismiss any strong intuitive hits now. There’s a message in there, even if it isn’t what initially seems obvious.

The North Node enters Taurus on January 18, spotlighting money and resources

Get ready for a big shift, Aries! From January 18, 2022, until July 17, 2023, the lunar nodes will move to the Taurus/Scorpio axis, activating the parts of your chart that govern your income, values and resources (to name a few things). In the next year and a half, you could radically change the way you spend, earn and invest. Surprising new career and relationship opportunities can spring up, ones that will require you to adopt an evolved new mindset around your money.

With the lunar south node in Scorpio and your sector of intimacy and shared resources, prepare for karmic awakenings around your closest ties. Who are the people you surround yourself with? Are your values and priorities on the same wavelength? The way you share everything from energy to finances to power will be overhauled in one way or another. Some Rams could get engaged or move to a more official relationship status, particularly at the Scorpio eclipses on May 16 and October 25. Other Aries could invest in new ventures, from real estate to cryptocurrency to a joint business endeavor.

The north node only visits Taurus every 18.5 years; it was last here from April 15, 2003 to December 26, 2004. If you can remember back to that time, you may see repeating themes arise again.

Money momentum: Unstable Uranus turns direct in your finance house January 18

It’s not just the north node sparking a celestial stimulus plan. Also on January 18, financial plateaus start turning into peaks as revolutionary Uranus ends a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your money zone that began on August 19, 2021. If your income’s been erratic or some part of your work has been stuck in stop-and-go motion, things should start to pick up speed. New sources of income or freelance opportunities could pop up. 

With tech-savvy Uranus involved, you might explore the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs, if you’re not already hanging out there. Who knows? As one of the zodiac’s most creative signs, you might just start selling your own art through an NFT platform like Rarible or OpenSea. Just pace yourself because when a planet “stations” it can cause a bit of whiplash.

Teamwork takes flight: Aquarius season starts on January 19

Ready to have a little fun in 2022? While the state of the world remains uncertain, some heaviness starts to lift on January 19, when the Sun completes its Sea Goat circuit and begins a monthlong visit to Aquarius. With el Sol shining in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, you’ll go farther faster when you team up with creative collaborators. Avoid people who are rigid and closed off to feedback. Watch your own tendency to demand that things are done YOUR way—Aries don’t always play well with others, but during Aquarius season, that will be your key to success.

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