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September 2020 Aries Overview Horoscope

September Snapshot

As September begins, a slow and steady pace will serve you well. With the Sun voyaging through vitality-boosting Virgo until September 22, take time to craft simple and streamlined plans. Your sixth house of healthy habits is a heat zone for the first three weeks of the month. Get out in nature, revamp your eating and exercise habits and simplify. Less is more now.
After an indulgent August, that won’t be too hard—you’ve had your fill of excitement and you’re ready to add structure back to your life. And with your ruler, energetic Mars, turning retrograde in Aries on September 9, things that have been blazing along could cool down for a couple months. Between now and November 13, look before leaping and certainly before launching!
Mars retrograde could pump the brakes on a personal or passion project that took flight in July and August. Frustration can build, so be sure to have healthy outlets (like a good workout routine or all-consuming creative project) and watch that your ego doesn’t start running the show.

In the first half of the month, all five of the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are retrograde. Four are backing through sensible earth signs, which could put a temporary pinch in your financial or career trajectory. Adopt a more measured approach instead of forcing things. Money not flowing in as easily? Reduce expenses, tweak your budget and ping old clients and colleagues to see if your services are needed. Be proactive, not pushy!
In the second half of September, the outer planets start to end their long retrogrades (Jupiter and Saturn turn direct this month; Pluto in early October). Your ambitious endeavors will regain momentum, and you’ll be ready to get back out there again. When the Sun moves into balanced Libra on September 22, relationships pick up speed. As you move back into empire-building mode, don’t forget to nurture the people who’ve been supporting you all along.

Week 1: September 1-6

Just let it out
On Wednesday, September 2, the Pisces full moon illuminates your twelfth house of hidden agendas, healing and fantasies. A passionate connection that’s been building up could reach a tipping point. Feeling sparks with someone but not sure how the logistics of a commitment would work? Just allow this divine connection to bloom and quit worrying whether it makes sense in “the real world.” (Whatever that is anymore…)
Both the twelfth house AND full moons can signify endings or transitions. Perhaps you finally realize a situation isn’t going to happen—and you’re faced with the tough work of finalizing one chapter so you can make room for another. Look back to the corresponding February 23, 2020, Pisces new moon for clues. You may see someone in a different light now and recognize that they’re not quite as “ahhh-mazing” as you initially thought. Just don’t leap to conclusions before you have all the facts. Playing amateur detective or psychoanalyst could come back to bite you, especially since the twelfth house can spin up quite an illusion!
Mood swing alert: This five-hanky moon could trigger a groundswell of emotions. If you feel anxious or in need of a good cry, find a safe and comfy place—and just let it out! We all need to release pent-up feelings from time to time, and this is as good a moment as any.
Reminder: When one door closes another opens so don’t hold onto anything past its prime. Drop your guard and let the twelfth house bring magic, fantasy and serendipity your way. Surrender and receive the love and support that others want to give you—even (especially) if you’re used to playing the hero.

Week 2: September 7-13

Relationship doubts—and career confidence
Wednesday, September 9, offers a thorny bouquet as your ruler, energizing Mars, slams on the brakes for a two-month retrograde in your sign. Will a recent passion cool—or combust? Between now and November 13, watch out for anger bubbling up—or a tendency to stuff it down and build resentment. This challenging cycle could bring unexpected outbursts, fights and erratic behavior if you don’t get a grip.
With the red-blooded planet off-course, jealousy and anger can flare. Watch that you don’t come on too strong or lapse into self-centered behavior. Forcing your agenda will only backfire now.
The lesson? Despite your strong desire to be in control of everything, you aren’t. If you rushed into a romance that you’re now unsure about, you’ll have a chance to walk it back several steps. Let things unfold at a natural pace. Tweak your public persona and social media profiles, too. Tone down any over-the-top behavior that might come across as offensive. (Should you tweet that questionable joke or meme? Ummm, probably not.)

On Friday, September 12, look for professional green lights as gift-giver Jupiter turns direct (forward) in practical Capricorn—ending its retrograde that began on May 14. Take your deconstructed blazer to the dry cleaner and power up the PowerPoints. You’ve got a bold idea to pitch!
Auspicious and ambitious Jupiter is blessing your tenth house of career until December 19. After that, it won’t return here again for more than a decade, so make the most of the next three months! Pursue your big goals—pandemic be damned—for the rest of the year. Step into a leadership or public role. Start mapping out grand plans, even if your timeline is extended (or accelerated) due to the current climate.

Opportunities should flow for the rest of 2020, but you won’t benefit from taking any shortcuts. It’s your diligence and hard work that will pay off in quantum professional advancement.

Week 3: September 14-20

Set your sights on service
Where can you make a difference in the world, Ram? On Thursday, September 17, the Virgo new moon lands in your sixth house of dedication and service. This once-a-year lunar lift is your opportunity to set goals and initiatives that you’ll unfold between now and the February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon.

Over the next two weeks, set fresh career objectives and map out the exact steps to get yourself there, from timelines to budgets to the division of labor. You may feel inspired to look beyond your own needs and go the extra mile for someone—or a cause—that means a lot to you. The sixth house rules employees and helpful people. What kind of support would enable Team Aries to run like a well-oiled machine?

The sixth house also rules health. Fire up your fall fitness plans and unleash your wellness warrior. Pack your plate with local produce and healthy proteins, and enjoy the bounty of harvest season. Subscribe to your favorite online fitness instructor’s YouTube channel or, better yet, take your workouts into nature. Get the fresh air and vitamin D boost while the getting’s good!

Week 4: September 21-30

Ready, set—exhale!
Bring on the dynamic duos! On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun shifts into Libra and your seventh house of partnerships. Where do you need support? Tap a capable and complementary companion or three as relationships take center stage until October 22. A business or romantic connection could turn official during the next four weeks. Ready for that velvet ring box or to ink your name to a contract? For established pairs, look for where you can balance your bonds with more Libran mutuality and diplomatic dialogue.
On Tuesday, September 29, taskmaster Saturn joins Jupiter in turning direct in goal-oriented Capricorn, wrapping up a frustrating five-month retrograde in your career house. You might not be able to count the times you’ve gone back to the drawing board with various goals, but now your course corrections start to pay dividends. Did you pay your dues and research thoroughly? Good! Slowdowns and bureaucracy melt away, and obstacles will seem surmountable rather than daunting. You’ve got this, Aries!
And if you haven’t solidified your master plan yet, get moving. Disciplined Saturn will only visit Capricorn until December 17. Then it will forge into Aquarius (where it briefly visited from March 21 to July 1) and won’t return to Capricorn until 2047. Step on the gas with those bigger aspirations. If need be, get a coach or mentor to help you since Saturn rules experts.
But pace yourself! On the very day that cautious Saturn turns direct, it will lock into a heated square with impatient Mars. This will repeat a one-foot-on-the-gas-the-other-on-the brakes transit that happened on August 24. Whiplash alert: With Mars retrograde this time, you REALLY need to slow your roll and move ahead mindfully. As (Capricorn) Ben Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” You’ve got the rest of the year to crush it, so don’t rush it.

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