Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your June Aries Monthly Horoscope

What do you want to build, Aries? In late April and early May, two change-making eclipses stirred up “business as usual,” particularly the solar (new moon) eclipse in YOUR sign on April 20. Since then, you’ve been launched onto a brand-new path, and you’ll continue to get clearer and clearer about the next chapter of your life’s purpose.
This June, we’re settling into the first full month of Jupiter’s year-long visit to Taurus, which spans from May 16, 2023, until May 25, 2024. June is slow and deliberate, a new pace that might take getting used to—but will pay dividends if you do. Rather than rushing into things with your trademark “ready, fire, aim” style, you’ll thrive by taking a measured, methodical and even minimalist approach to success.
With supersizer Jupiter now in your second house of income and productivity, your earnings could expand over the summer, too. Ready for some new revenue streams? Widen your viewfinder. By looking beyond the go-to sources, a new role or project could bring prosperity from unexpected places. The trick? Prioritize how you spend your time and energy, and choose quality over quantity. Don’t get dazzled by the shiny and trendy because the real prize is likely hiding in plain sight. As much as you love to chase, you’ll just end up squandering your energy if you do. Low-hanging fruit is in season for you now, Aries! 
Another reason not to force an agenda? June brings two more retrogrades among the slow-moving outer planets: Structured Saturn and dreamy Neptune join calculating Pluto in the retrograde brigade. These cycles are typically milder than, say, a Mercury or Venus retrograde because those fast-moving “inner planets” impact our day-to-day lives more directly. Make no mistake: You’ll still feel these retrogrades. But since they last four to five months, it’s more of a long, steady recalibration.
The first planet to reverse is Saturn, which will turn retrograde in Pisces and your twelfth house of endings, healing and closure from June 17 until November 4. Then, on June 11, Pluto, retrograde from May 1 to October 10, backs from Aquarius to Capricorn, putting its potent lens on your tenth house of career. The month ends with Neptune also turning retrograde in Pisces (the sign it rules), which could plunge you into an important period of creativity, spiritual questioning and emotional exploration from June 30 until December 6. 
Once Cancer season kicks in for a month on June 21, you might be ready to hang a hammock or escape to the beach and tune out the world for a while. Not a bad idea, Aries! After the super-active last 12 months you had hosting Jupiter—and with the karmic north node entering your sign mid-July—this would be THE time to slip off the grid for some soul-searching and rejuvenation.
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