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July 2021 Aries Overview Horoscope

First home—then roam, Aries! July unfolds with the Sun in Cancer and your domestic fourth house, a gentle invitation to focus on creating more quality time with your inner circle. But after July 22, Leo season begins, awakening your appetite for adventure. Even though the world’s opening up all around, you’ll crave time to lounge, rest and nest until then. The nurturing Cancerian skies are perfect for seeing family and friends you haven’t visited in months. Welcome a fresh start to your relationships or a change to your living situation, especially near the July 9 Cancer new moon. Later in the month, your fiery, frisky side emerges, when the Sun moves into Leo and restores your roar. You’ll feel too damn hot (in every sense) to hide out at home now! At month’s end, Jupiter emerges from your sleepy twelfth house and retrogrades into your social sector, waking you up and bringing inspiring old acquaintances back into your sphere.

The Sun is in Cancer until July 22

With the Sun nesting in maternal Cancer and your domestic-bliss zone until Thursday, July 22, your heart is most content when you hunker down at home base. To make the most of this emotional time, turn your focus to self-care and make your surroundings as nurturing and comfy as possible. Family barbecue? Home decor makeover? A fancy kitchen gadget and a new cookbook to go along with it? Yes please!

Whatever you choose as the month kicks off, with slow-moving giants Jupiter, stern Saturn and dreamy Neptune all retrograde, joined by Pluto (and compassionate Chiron later in the month), you’re being served a welcome opportunity to ease off the gas pedal and tend to more personal matters. You’ve got big dreams for 2021, just like you do every year, Aries—and you can really push ahead in the last quarter of the year. For now, think about scaling, tweaking and adjusting. No need for radical changes that might upset your peaceful palace. Devote Cancer season to self-care and deepening your bonds. It’s not every month you get the chance to do that!

Mars, Saturn and Uranus butt heads in early July

The month starts off with a few fireworks (and not the Independence Day kind) as your ruling planet, impatient Mars, gets into a pair of combustible clashes. On Thursday, July 1, Mars will oppose cautious Saturn, and the effect is like having one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. With Mars in Leo and your dramatic fifth house, egos (including yours) could run amok. But Saturn in Aquarius and your teamwork zone will apply a counterforce, putting any rogue players in the timeout chair. If you or another talented contributor isn’t getting credit that’s due, speak up. 

On Saturday, July 3, Mars will lock into a tense square with volatile Uranus in Taurus and your financial sector. Work or money drama could flare over the holiday weekend. Your confidence may get a shakeup, especially if you receive feedback that’s not quite as flattering as your own self-perception was. While you may feel temporarily flustered, let this be your cue to make larger structural changes, if not a complete change of course, when it comes to your work, love life or the way you present yourself.

The July 9 Cancer new moon spotlights self-care and nesting

When the Cancer new moon arrives on Friday, July 9, your domestic plans will get a jolt of renewing energy. Are you primed to kick off a fresh chapter with home and family? This is an ideal time to start looking for a new place if you’re house-hunting or explore a fresh decor scheme if you’re happy where you are. A family member, possibly your mom or a close female relative, could figure into events. Have you been lax on your self-care or burning the candle at both ends? Institute practices that allow you to create better work/life balance. As with all new moons, whatever you start now will manifest over the next six months—in this case, by the January 17, 2022, Cancer full moon.

Chiron turns retrograde on July 15

What's the point of it all? Not to get all heavy and existential on you, Aries, but a period of extreme soul-searching begins on July 15. As healing Chiron turns retrograde in your sign, you’ll examine yourself under a sharper lens. What kind of mark are you leaving in the world? Are you doing work that satisfies your soul? Does the authentic, behind-the-scenes you match your public persona, or are you living a double life? These are the kinds of questions you may grapple with between now and December 19. Though it may be painful at times to go there, it’ll feel much worse to ignore your calling or put on a false front.

It’s Leo season starting July 22

Ready to start having fun again, Aries? Leo season roars in and sets your pleasure-loving fifth house ablaze starting Monday, July 22. Out with the cozy lounging and shapeless sundresses, in with the glamorous updates—and a calendar FINALLY packed with novelty! This is what summer was meant to feel like. Remember? Don’t be afraid to get a little messy and try new things, whether you book a weekend getaway or style yourself up for a head-turning photo shoot.
Of course, you should take all the safety precautions that YOU need to be comfortable. But when the Sun makes its once-a-year visit to this creative and expressive zone, you’ll want plenty of channels to express your passion (and ideally an appreciative audience). Dive into an artistic project or a summer romance—or both. Feel an irresistible urge to merge? Enjoy! Just remember that the fifth house also rules fertility—so keep that in mind as attractions ignite and inhibitions melt.

July 23 brings the first of a rare duo of Aquarius full moons

Ready to make it a team effort? A chance to join forces arrives on Friday, July 23, when the Aquarius full moon beams into your zone of networking and technology. A turning point could arrive for a collaboration or friendship. Got a digital endeavor to launch? From an email blast to a refreshed social media profile to a whole new website, this is a magical day to go live with it. You might be invited to join a forward-thinking endeavor with like-minded people, especially one that involves cutting-edge technology, a social cause or both. Bring on the thought leaders!

Look back to the February 11 Aquarius new moon for clues to what could manifest before the summer ends. Actions you took near that date could unfold now. Even better? There’s a rare second Aquarius full moon coming your way on August 22. That means you’ll have a bonus opportunity to bring your visionary ideas to the masses.  

Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius on July 28

On July 28, expansive Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Pisces and your dreamy twelfth house since June 20, will scroll back into Aquarius until December 28. Jupiter first shifted into Pisces on May 13, sending you into an imaginative and nostalgic tunnel and tasking you with completing a long, 12-year chapter of your life. This is all in preparation for May 2022, when the planet of good fortune and growth will soar into Aries for the first time since 2010, starting a NEW 12-year cycle.
Jupiter first entered Aquarius on December 19, 2020, right before its Great Conjunction with Saturn at the winter solstice. For the first five months of the year, you got a taste of Jupiter in Aquarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Did you start working with some new star players or enter into an exciting collaboration? You’ve got five more months to resume these plans. But take it slow because Jupiter is retrograde until October 18, a time to be extra discerning about your inner circle. 
You may decide to voluntarily distance yourself from a few people during the backspin. Maybe it’s a character issue (deal breaker), or perhaps they’re just too exhausting right now. Focus on the supportive and inspiring friends who add value to your projects and life. Old friendships may rekindle since retrogrades can bring back people from your past.
While Jupiter’s retrograde in this tech-savvy sector, antidote your “Zoom fatigue” with a little less screen time. Turn off notifications on non-essential apps and pause from Insta-documenting every meal and moment. Read a paperback instead of swiping through your Kindle app. Take a walk and talk on the phone instead of using video chat, which keeps you sitting in one place and bottlenecks your energy. When you connect to the greater flow outside your gadgets, some brilliant new people can enter your world.

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