Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

Your March Gemini Love Horoscope

Cast a wide net in the first part of the month, Gemini! Since right around Valentine’s Day, love planets Venus and Mars have been in Aquarius and your adventurous, variety-seeking ninth house. Venus is here until March 11 and Mars until March 22, putting the “lust” in “wanderlust” and bringing romantic prospects from afar. 
For couples, this is an ideal time to travel together or think expansively. How can you keep that “new relationship energy” flowing, even if you’ve been together a long time? One way: Making sure you have plenty of independent space to explore the wider world, along with inspiring together time.
As the month progresses, you’ll start whistling a different tune—one that sounds more like “So, where is this thing going?” than “I’d better be going…” On March 11, Venus shifts into Pisces and your future-focused tenth house, staying until April 5. You’ll be attracted to stable and responsible types now, and you’ll want to make long-term romantic plans with your partner. (Do they suddenly have whiplash? Eh, you’re a Gemini—they’re used to you changing your mind without notice!) 
When Venus and structured Saturn make their yearly meetup on March 21, you could have a shockingly mature conversation about the future. If you need to set a few boundaries with someone who’s been stringing you along or just not treating you like the gem you are, the Venus-Saturn conjunction can help you have a tough but necessary conversation. Dress up and step out for a power couple moment near this date if you can!
When Mars joins Venus in Pisces on March 22, you may be extra motivated to make things official, but stop before you reach the point of seeming pushy. With both Venus and Mars here, the urge to merge could strike really hard! You may be the one laying on the pressure, or you might be extra sensitive to someone else’s demands, feeling stressed out over making them happy. Pace yourself, Gemini. Mars will be in Pisces until April 30—and even though you THINK you’re sure of what you want, you may still change your mind a few more times.
Romance could spark up out of the blue at the March 25 Libra lunar eclipse, which sweeps through your passionate fifth house. Get ready, Gemini: You could be struck by a belated arrow from Cupid! Chemistry can heat up quickly, possibly with someone from your past who makes an unexpected return. Have you been trying to figure out the details of a love connection or to get in sync with your sweetie, especially in the bedroom? Look back to the October 14 Libra new moon (a solar eclipse) for clues of what might erupt into passionate flames—or combust into a dramatic finale.
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