Gemini Monthly Horoscope

December 2021 Gemini Love Horoscope

Relationships could get a little complicated this month, even though they’re a focal point all December. Not only does the December 4 Sagittarius solar eclipse put commitments front and center, but love planet Venus is continuing its extended visit (November 5 to March 6) to Capricorn and your intimate, erotic eighth house. A sultry holiday season awaits!
But trouble could start brewing in paradise on December 19, when magnetic Venus goes retrograde (backward) into Capricorn, where it will do backspins until January 29. You could end up in one of those messy “sex with an ex” scenarios or contemplate flipping through your little black book once again. During these four weeks, you might find yourself reviewing a breakup or a past relationship, and intense old emotions resurface. Perhaps you’re working through issues of trust, jealousy or possessiveness.
Venus retrograde can bring on second thoughts or cold feet for partnered Geminis. Some might rethink the commitment—are you really ready to spend forever together? Typically, when magnetic Venus is retrograde, it’s not an ideal time to make permanent commitments. During this stretch, you may feel out of sync with your partner sexually or emotionally. Perhaps the obstacle to connection is old resentments that you haven’t yet dealt with (or dealt with at the root level). If that’s the case, issues from the past could come up to be resolved. Use this time for couple’s therapy and to delve into some knots in the spirit of untangling them and eventually moving forward.
Meantime, spicy Mars is splitting the month between two signs. Until December 13, the red planet will be in Scorpio and your orderly, health-conscious sixth house—not the most romantic vibe but good for clarifying your priorities and getting your OWN affairs in order. From December 13 to January 24, Mars will spin through Sagittarius, heating up your partnership house and putting it on the fast track. A holiday proposal or make-it-official talk could be on the docket. But since this Mars transit will soon sync up with Venus retrograde, you’ll either want to make those decisions early or hold off until Valentine’s Day, when Venus is direct and its dust has settled.

The Mars-Venus mashup could also create some irksome pressure to pair up prematurely. Combative Mars can stir up tension for couples, and paired with Venus retrograde, there won’t be much wiggle room to sweep challenging issues under the rug. Your best bet is to take a deep breath and deal directly. Remember: You’re on the same team, so find a common mission (if you can) to unite you.

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