Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Gemini Love Horoscope

A long cycle is coming to a close this March 25. Ever since August 2022, sizzling Mars had been searing its way through Gemini, an extended seven-month trip that’s been both exhilarating and exhausting. Typically Mars spends a six to eight weeks in a sign, so you’ve hosted it five times longer than usual. While it may have stoked your courage and charisma, it also roused your independent spirit. 

With the love planets cruising through your most autonomous houses for the first half of this month, you may not be feeling the urge to be tied down or make any binding decisions. While self-determining Mars is in your sign, Venus is in your “more’s the merrier” eleventh house until March 16—and it even joins forces with worldly, adventurous Jupiter on March 2 (visible in the night sky for some sensual stargazing). Translation: Freedom is your aphrodisiac. 

During this spontaneous fortnight, you’ll be content to enjoy a surge of attraction while reserving the option to change your mind at any given second. (A Gemini’s birthright!) Keep things light and flirty—or enjoy a sexy almost-spring fling in the first half of the month.
If you're in a LTR or are serious about meeting a mate, confident Mars in your corner combined with Venus in your friendship sector gives you wing-people aplenty. Tap your friends to connect you to promising prospects, or even people you could have fun with. (The eleventh house also rules technology, so you might have surprising success with a dating app.) Couples will enjoy trying new activities or socializing with groups more. Get out to festivals, events and parties and explore with your favorite plus-one.

On March 16, Venus makes a move and starts changing the whole vibe. The flirtatious planet slips into sensual Taurus and your twelfth house of fantasy, where it will stoke your imagination and possibly bring a not-meant-to-be connection to an end between now and April 11. When Venus unites with Uranus, the planet of surprises, this March 30, expect the unexpected. Have you been seeing things clearly all along…or will a hidden piece of the story come out?

On March 25, Mars hunkers into sentimental Cancer and your security-minded second house until May 20. While you might miss some of the attention and excitement you enjoyed while hosting Mars, you could also be relieved to be out of the hotseat. That was a loooong time to sit in the red planet’s pressure cooker.
This new scene should be slower and more connective, possibly making you nostalgic for someone from your past. While you were all "no strings please" in the first half of March, Mars can urge you to make things more concrete. Follow your heart, of course, but be careful because you could become so fixated on your #couplegoals that you overlook a person's character flaws or don’t give things proper time to develop.
With Mars stoking your money house, couples could go on a romantic spending spree. You'll have memorable and decadent date nights to be sure, but don't spend it all in one place. Single? Splurge on some VIP events where you’re more likely to meet a sophisticated or established person or just have fun mingling!

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