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November 2020 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

November Snapshot

Slow down and take care of yourself, Sagittarius. While stressful world events make it hard to relax, the Sun is hunkered in Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure until November 21. Boost your immune system, indulge in some pampering and tie up loose ends. Sagittarius season and your birthday are right around the corner. Clear the decks now so you can enjoy!
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Your energy will start perking up as the month progresses and misunderstandings start to wane. Three retrograde planets turn direct (forward): Mercury on November 3, Mars on November 13 and Neptune on November 28. Everything from your friendships to your love life to your family ties will see improvements, even if you have to be physically distant for a while longer. 

If you’ve had a hard time thinking clearly or making an important decision, that will get much better. By the end of November, only one planet (Uranus) will be retrograde. It’s a marked change compared to September’s SIX retrogrades backlogging everything. Get ready for things to flow again.

Speaking of flow, on November 12, the stars serve up the third and final of 2020’s rare Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn, breaking the seal in your second house of work and money. As your cosmic ruler, Jupiter, unites with alchemical Pluto, something that’s been bubbling beneath the surface could come through. You may be “asked” to shed limiting beliefs about both your net worth and your self worth and perhaps to break a barrier around your career. Next level: incoming! You could finally get to the bottom of a troubling financial situation.

Sagittarius season arrives November 21 as the Sun soars into your sign for a month. Shake off those heavy, sleepy vibes and get proactive. You’ll start to look on the bright side of life again. But the skies have saved the biggest day for last. On November 30, a Gemini lunar eclipse sweeps through your dynamic duos sector, which could bring a sudden opportunity to partner up or an abrupt parting of ways.
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Week 1: November 1-8

Cleared for takeoff

Sweet relief! On Tuesday, November 3, not only does election anxiety (hopefully) end, but Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, ends a challenging retrograde that began on October 13. For the first two weeks, Mercury backed through Scorpio and your twelfth house of secrets, hidden agendas and closure. And since October 27, the cosmic troublemaker’s been stirring up issues in Libra and your eleventh house of groups and friends.
Or maybe we should say frenemies? With social Mercury garbling signals left and right, it’s been tough to tell who was really on the Sag squad. If you’ve felt adrift around where to point your lofty arrows, you’ll reorient yourself—and possibly cut a difficult person from the team or friend list.
Ready for a gadget upgrade? As tech-nerd Mercury regains its mojo, you’re cleared for takeoff. Take your time, though, if a purchase isn’t urgent. Mercury retrograde’s shadow phase will last until November 19—meaning you’ll still feel the (dwindling) backdraft of its trickster mischief for a couple more weeks. Pro tip: Wait for a smoking tech deal on Cyber Monday this November 30, which will also bring a lunar eclipse in media-maven Gemini.

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Week 2: November 9-15

Big money moment

Time to make some money! This Thursday, November 12, delivers a major financial turning point as well as an eye-opening look at your own self-regard. Your ruler, expansive Jupiter, makes its third and final conjunction (meetup) of 2020 with transformational Pluto. They’ll unite in Capricorn and your second house of work, money and values, shining a light on any hidden or unconscious blocks. From limiting beliefs that have capped your income to habits that prevent you from truly earning what you’re worth, this once-every-13-years alliance could be outright alchemical.
Look back to April 4 and June 30, their previous two connections. Did you have a big aha moment, a job change or perhaps a loss that turned into a lesson? Get ready for the grand finale and, hopefully, an opportunity that makes sense of it all.

(For more on how the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions have impacted the world this year read our post at
Your passionate side awakens from a two-month slumber on Friday, November 13, when racy Mars turns direct (forward) in Aries and your fifth house of love, creativity and self-expression. Mars has been retrograde here since September 9, interfering with your relationships and stirring up drama. A budding romance could have hit a snag, or an ex may have resurfaced.
If you’ve been holding back your anger instead of flying off the handle, that’s not necessarily a bad thing—especially for your quick-to-retort sign. But there’s a difference between wisely choosing not to react and suppressing your true feelings. As Mars “stations” (makes an astrological U-turn) this week, some of that buried rage could boil up. Make sure you have a healthy outlet instead of unloading on the person you’re upset with. These tips for using the Nonviolent Communication technique could be worth a read before you have “the talk.”
Endings can be beginnings, and you’ll understand that paradox on Sunday, November 15, when the year’s only Scorpio new moon beams into your twelfth house of endings, closure and healing. Letting go of something that no longer serves you can open up space for a better fit.
Ready to start down a path of spirituality or self-discovery? These moonbeams could kick off a transformational six-month cycle. Forgiveness (of yourself and others) can free you from baggage that’s been weighing you down. Shame, guilt and codependence serve no useful function for you, Sagittarius. They only keep you stuck in a repeating loop of suffering. Working with a therapist or healer can help you move past any pain and into freedom between now and the April 26, 2021, Scorpio full moon.

Week 3: November 16-22

Sag season begins! 

On Tuesday, November 17, chatty Mercury and innovative Uranus oppose each other across your well-being axis, which could max out your stress levels and bring pent-up resentments to a boil. You’re likely to act and speak impulsively today (which is already a Sagittarius trait). Be careful how much you take on because if you get overloaded, you could snap. Do a little prevention to bolster your immune system. Wash your hands, start on some natural supplements (vitamin D3, perhaps?) and carefully follow social-distancing guidelines.
The stars deliver a pick-me-up on Saturday, November 21, as the Sun blazes into Sagittarius for a month. Time to shake off those sleepy Scorpio season vibes, whet your Archer’s arrows and figure out where you want to point them next!
It’s never too soon to start making birthday wishes, especially since (spoiler) the December 14 Sagittarius new moon will be a total solar eclipse in YOUR sign. Prepare for a powerful catapult into 2021 by thinking about what makes YOU happy, regardless of what the people around you want and need. Your wish could be the eclipse’s command, so the clearer you are, the better.

Week 4: November 23-30

Me vs. we

Your closest connections are in the hot seat this week as the month ends on a powerful note. On Saturday, November 28, foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde through Pisces, where it’s been dousing your domestic affairs with disillusionment. If home and family life have been uneasy or your moods have been fluctuating wildly, Neptune’s course correction can help you feel more anchored. Commit to regular self-care, explore a possible relocation and get back on the same page with relatives, particularly your mom or another female family member.
Is two the magic number…or is it time for your solo ship to sail? On Monday, November 30, a Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse brings a key partnership to an unavoidable turning point. As these game-changing moonbeams blast into your seventh house of committed relationships, a business or romantic union could get uber-official—or maybe go belly-up. You could meet someone with dynamic-duo potential, possibly out of the blue. Or, since eclipses can bring surprise turning points, a close person could make a shocking decision or confession.
This is the first Gemini eclipse in a series that’s rumbling across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis from June 2020 until December 2021. Over the next year, you’ll undergo MAJOR shifts in your identity, your relationships and the balance between “me” and “we.” Look back to the Gemini new moon on May 22 as a possible starting point of events that come together today.

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