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May 2021 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

Sagittarius: Your May Horoscope at a Glance

May is your month for serious spring cleaning, Sagittarius—inside and out! From your workflow to your windows, it’s time to bring sparkling clarity back into your life. Polish up the performance of anything inefficient. Recommit to healthy eating and regular movement under this month’s body-care focus. While the process of fixing things up might feel like a chore, you’ll reap the results of your efforts for the rest of 2021. Well worth it! Later in the month, you can move on to relationship repair and restoration. But the headline date arrives with the May 26 Sagittarius lunar eclipse, a full supermoon that brings an exciting debut or major new chapter.
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In an effort to help you “plan it by the planets” with greater ease, we’re experimenting with new formats for your Monthly Horoscope. Times have changed. There’s more information to process and less time to do so.

This month we’re presenting your horoscope with bold key dates to help you find the most important big-picture themes and put them into action. For even more detail, follow your daily and weekly horoscopes from us!

The Sun is in Taurus until May 20

With the Sun in steady Taurus and your sixth house of daily routines and hard work until Thursday, May 20, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and revisit your work, health and fitness plans. You’re feeling productive for the first three weeks of May, and once you get “in the zone” with your tasks, it’s a feeling you enjoy. Yay for getting things done!
The only catch for you, Sagittarius, is that you love to take on more, more, more. As you free up white space in your calendar by knocking items off your list, don’t rush to fill it back up with yet another project. With your formidable stamina, you’re often unaware of how much stress you tolerate.
Allow yourself some well-deserved downtime after a hard day’s work. Enjoy time in nature biking, walking or dining al fresco. Cook a few healthy meals—and have fun picking out ingredients and preparing them. Book those overdue checkups and throw in a massage for good measure. Slow down and enjoy the rhythm of everyday life!
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Launch healthy habits at the May 11 Taurus new moon

Spring reset anyone? On Tuesday, May 11, the Taurus new moon activates your sixth house of healthy living, inspiring you to bring fitness and efficiency back into your world. Helpful people fall under this domain, so make sure Team Sagittarius is well-stocked with people who can make your goals a reality.
Beating yourself up for falling off your A-game? Cut it out now. After a year-plus of the pandemic, most of our lives have gotten disorderly or soft around the edges. With so much uncertainty, planning has been tough! This new moon helps you make smart, sensible lifestyle changes. Whatever you begin today will yield results over the next six months, culminating at the November 19 Taurus lunar (full moon) eclipse.
Start now: Implement small and helpful hacks to support your mission, especially ones related to your well-being. Add a probiotic to your daily routine (the sixth house rules gut health) and start wearing your Fitbit again. Download apps that track your progress. We’re loving the science-based app Noom, which was designed by psychologists to help users reach and maintain a healthy, sustainable weight over time. Whether you want to save money, boost your energy or learn a new skill, you’ll get much further taking incremental steps 

Jupiter dives into Pisces from May 13 to July 28

After a busy and social 2021, you can take a time-out this summer for your family, a possible move or a new way of relating to loved ones. Your focus will be squarely on the home front when your ruling planet, optimistic Jupiter, enters empathetic Pisces and your domestic fourth house on Thursday, May 13, staying until July 28 and offering a sneak preview of a longer trend starting at the end of the year.
Jupiter typically moves into a new zodiac sign once a year. But in 2021, Jupiter will make a short dip into Pisces, back into Aquarius on July 28, then return to Pisces again for a longer visit from December 28, 2021, until May 10, 2022.
You’ll move out of your head and into your heart under this Jupiter transition. Connect to your intuition and take a brief pause from juggling too many projects or multitasking at your own expense.

Gemini season begins on May 20

Two is the magic number once Gemini season starts on Thursday, May 20. As the Sun activates your seventh house of committed relationships, key partnerships take center stage for a month. Whose skills and superpowers complement yours best? Explore joining forces. But don’t rush in as Mercury will turn retrograde in Gemini on May 29, giving you second thoughts.
Feeling a little tired or unmotivated? During Gemini season, the Sun is at its farthest point from your sign on the zodiac wheel, dimming your access to “solar power.” All the more reason to lean on supportive people and delegate. You deserve a break from trying to do it all solo, Sag. Take one!
Saturn turns retrograde from May 23-October 10
Do your ideas have the power to go the distance, or do they need a bit more thinking through? When Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius and your communications zone on Sunday, May 23, you’ll feel the need to reevaluate—or possibly even take a brief time-out—from certain projects and alliances.
Your relationship with a sibling or neighbor can undergo a bit of repair work now. New boundaries and agreements can make a big difference. Check out one of our new favorite books, Boundary Boss, written by Astrostyle’s meditation expert Terri Cole.
With both expansive Jupiter AND Saturn in Aquarius since late December 2020, you may have accumulated a few too many projects this year. While it was good to stay busy, especially during a pandemic winter, you could be verging on burnout or dropping a few balls from all that juggling. Prioritize, reflect and consider stepping back from a couple of ventures for the next four months so you can give the winning ideas the energy they deserve.
Eclipse season begins on May 26 with the Sagittarius lunar full supermoon
The ultimate day this month—if not this year—arrives with the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on May 26, which is also a full supermoon.
Look for a huge cosmic coming-out moment as this mega-moon lands squarely in your sign, pushing you onto a new path or putting your talents in the spotlight. This eclipse carries an extra dose of karma as it lands on Vesak, the date commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha.
Eclipses are harbingers of change, and you may be ready to shed an old version of yourself and step into an empowered new identity. You’ve grown so much, Sagittarius, and it may be time for a radical fresh start. That doesn’t mean you have to change anything in your external life. But start training the people around you to relate to the powerful new person you’ve become, rather than an old or less confident version you’ve left in the past.
Wondering what could transpire? Look back to June 4, 2020, the first Sagittarius lunar eclipse in this series, as well as to the December 14, 2020, Sagittarius solar eclipse for clues about what’s coming to fruition now.

Mercury spins retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 22

Pause for the cause! With messenger Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini on Saturday, May 29, for a three-week backspin, you’ll need to proceed with caution when it comes to entering partnerships or signing on the dotted line.
Between now and June 22, you might rethink some key relationships, or at least their terms. In the wake of the eye-opening Sagittarius lunar eclipse, which revealed what you really need to feel happy and fulfilled as an individual, your closest ties are up for evaluation. 
While this eclipse may make you feel inspired and ready for a major fresh start, you’ll want to do your due diligence. Don’t rush in and assume everything will work itself out. Better to ask thoughtful questions and take time with the process, so you can confidently proceed!

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