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July 2020 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

An extremely active July awaits you, Sagittarius, so get ready! The planets are clustered in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, activating some of the most intense zones of your chart. From love to money to your closest ties, you won’t be able to ignore the many dueling demands that compete for your attention. Whew! You’re a rock star when it comes to multitasking, but you can easily tip into overload. Make sure to lean on your teammates—or get some—and delegate whenever possible.
A part of you is feeling feisty and eager to get back to life (and love!), thanks to energizer Mars’ move into Aries and your fifth house of passion, self-expression and creativity. Mars is here for an extended stay, from June 27 to January 6. For the rest of the year, you could be a powerful voice for change and awareness. An artistic endeavor or a project with your unique stamp on it could draw fame. You’ll also turn the heads of admirers with lusty Mars in this sexy, amorous zone—masked or not! With romantic Venus finally out of a six-week retrograde, and in your relationship house until August 3, July could turn up the summer heat in your love life.
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But wait…you also need privacy now, Sag. With the Sun is in Cancer and your intimate eighth house until July 22, you’ll crave time away from the public eye. Focus on one special relationship or project, and don’t scatter your energy too far. The eighth house rules long-term finances, and with the energizing Sun powering up your wealth sector, you could magnetize some bigger opportunities beyond the paycheck: investments, affiliate earnings or something that pays a hefty lump sum.
Just tread carefully before you enter any binding agreements. Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—is retrograde in Cancer until July 12. It’s a better time to do a financial review and research all of your options. Strengthen your passwords and guard your sensitive identity data now, especially around money. Work with a financial adviser to make sure you’re protected for the current and impending volatility of the economy.
A key relationship could undergo a major time of transition with Mercury back-spinning through your eighth house of permabonding. You might take a step back to reflect and reevaluate where repairs are needed. Talking it through with a therapist or coach might be a better idea than holding yet another “state of the union” summit with your partner. A former love interest could resurface. While the sexual chemistry might still be sizzling, don’t sweep the other issues under the proverbial Persian rug, even if you enjoy a reunion romp or two.
Meantime, three planets (your ruler Jupiter, plus Saturn and Pluto) AND a change-making lunar eclipse will sweep through Capricorn and your second house of work, money and self-worth. This earthy influence can supply a much-needed reality check, helping you stay grounded during the month’s inevitable turbulence.
On July 1, structured Saturn backs into Capricorn until December 17, taking one final lap through this sign before departing until 2047. The planet of maturity has been here since December 2017, forcing you to get real about your finances and work. If you’ve paid your dues and put in the time, you could set yourself up nicely for an unexpected economic stimulus package from the stars.

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This is especially true at the July 4-5 Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse, which could bring an exciting career opportunity! Lunar eclipses mark transitions and sometimes endings. You may have to let one revenue stream go in order to welcome a new one. Can you find the courage to do that? With expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto traveling close together here all month, you might not even have a choice. A job could be “eclipsed” away, leaving room to create something brand-new. Should that happen, trust that a better prospect that’s more suited to the person you’ve become is waiting. If you do stay with your current position, you may be given some new roles and responsibilities.
Truthfully, you’ve been working toward this moment since July 2018, when the first in a series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses began to ripple across your financial axis. This July 4-5 lunar eclipse is the grand finale of this series. You could reap the rewards of your growth now as you get the clarity to move boldly into the next chapter of your professional life. If money’s been funny (and not in a ha-ha way), this illuminating eclipse will reveal where you need to add support or, if we can put it bluntly as fellow Sagittarians, to grow up.
Lean in to Saturn’s powers of persistence and discipline—it’s time for some financial “adulting.” That could simply mean that you stop frittering your money on impulse buys when you feel antsy and start diversifying your funds so that you can ride through these uncertain times without freaking out. A little more planning (or a willingness to try a new approach) will actually ALLOW you to express your spontaneous nature because you’ll feel confident, relaxed and secure.
Midmonth you could feel a pull between the mundane and the divine as the Sun in your mystical eighth house forms its once-a-year oppositions to Jupiter (July 14) and Pluto (July 15). Fiscal or work demands could push you over the edge, and strong emotions could arise. Keep your ego in check when your anger starts inching toward the boiling point. While you have every right to defend your boundaries, you can still do so with calm dignity rather than in a confrontational way.
You’ll be able to make a clearer move on July 20, when a rare second Cancer new moon presses the “reset” button in your eighth house of merging and intimacy. This lunation will echo the June 21 Cancer solar eclipse. Who’s in the inner circle of Team Sagittarius? If you took a step toward joining forces—or parting ways—near that date, these moonbeams can illuminate your next move on the chessboard. Move with caution: Tough Saturn will oppose this new moon, indicating that your decisions could have a financial impact. In order to seal the deal on a joint venture, you might have to pony up some funds or invest a little sweat equity. You may need to be a little more structured with your time, keeping personal matters from seeping into business hours—and vice versa.
Perspective returns on July 22, when the Sun shifts into Leo and your expansive ninth house for a month. You’re the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, and this is often your annual peak—a time when you really start to feel your best. It’s also the sector that rules travel, entrepreneurship and personal growth work. Here’s hoping that by the time Leo season starts, your local area doesn’t have to roll back reopenings. You’ll be eager to engage with the wider world—so plan on doing that any way you safely can!

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