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February 2021 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

All the world is abuzz this month, and that’s just the way you like it, Sag! At any given point in February, four to six planets are zipping through Aquarius and your third house of communication and community. You may need to silence your notifications here and there, or you’ll be in a constant stream of pinging, ringing and multitasking. You can’t RSVP yes to everything and everyone—though if you could, you’d certainly try!
Another reason to pace yourself? Mercury, the cosmic ruler of technology and communication, is retrograde from January 30 to February 20. And since it’s retrograde in this interactive zone of your chart, you could feel it double strength. If you haven’t backed up your data and devices, do so immediately after reading this horoscope!
Keeping a zillion irons in the fire is totally your speed, Sag, but do you have a structure in place to uphold it all? Midmonth, the first of 2021’s three challenging but life-changing squares erupts between stalwart Saturn and rebellious Uranus. You could have a shake-up with your administrative and organizational systems. Sagittarius, the DIY life has a ceiling on it. If you want to grow, you have to let go.
Accepting support gets easier after February 18, when the Sun moves into Pisces and your nurturing, receptive fourth house of home and family. As your heart opens and your stance softens, you can wave the white flag and allow others to contribute. Have you been longing for a timeout? Four solid weeks of self-care await. Slip into a little bit of late-season hibernation for the next month and enjoy some time in your creative cocoon, nesting and resting!

Week 1: February 1-7
Lots of ideas—and the need for a plan

Things are getting busier—and buzzier—as planets roll into Aquarius, sparking up your expressive third house. It’s the kind of productive hum you love, Sagittarius, with lots of irons in the fire and multiple projects percolating at once. Your social life is also perking up again, but with the combo of Mercury retrograde and pandemic precautions, make sure you keep things safe.

As tempted as you are to say yes to everything, you’ll get a few jarring slaps on the wrist from intense Mars in your sixth house of organization and wellness. Heed his warning, otherwise the stress can catch up with you and take a toll on your health and energy. Keep a little white space in your schedule this week. Mercury retrograde could create some administrative or technology breakdowns, so build in time to work around any setbacks.

Week 2: February 8-15
We hear you loud and clear

What you been up to, Sagittarius? Everyone will want to hear the latest and greatest from you this week—whether you’re launching a new virtual startup or just touching base with folks you care about.
Your personal press pool assembles on Thursday, February 11, as the new moon in Aquarius and your communicative third house is joined by FIVE heavenly bodies in the outspoken, opinionated sign of the Water Bearer. Along with the intuitive new moon, this media conference will be co-hosted by the bold Sun, harmonizer Venus, expansive Jupiter, communicator Mercury (retrograde through February 20) AND structured Saturn. This cosmic confab will all be ready to take notes and amplify your news. Look for a powerful boost to all your communications efforts now—with added mojo if you have a world-changing or eye-opening message to share.
The asteroid Pallas Athena is also in Aquarius now, awakening your inner warrior. But like a skilled fighter, Athena, the goddess of victory and prophecy, didn’t just rush in and attack. This is NOT the time to loosen your tongue and unleash the stinging, outspoken barbs. Rather, you’ll want to be strategic and insightful, using your verbal prowess to turn foes into allies. With mature Saturn and Mercury retrograde in the mix, you can’t be too careful with your words now!
Luckily, the “great benefics,” helpful Venus and your exuberant ruler, Jupiter, are exactly conjunct (united) at the new moon—turning up the volume on optimism, hope and freedom. The saying that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar has never been truer!
Got a book, course or media project to debut? The Aquarius new moon is a great time to start something. Seeds planted now will manifest into tangible outcomes over the next six months. Start road-testing your concepts and chip away at your projects a little each day. You could see real traction near 2021’s TWO Aquarius full moons, which arrive on July 23 and August 22.
This week is a powerful time to fine-tune your messages, improve your speaking skills and deliver your insights to a bigger audience! Locked in an endless power struggle with someone you need on your side? You may want to check out Nonviolent Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg for simple, proven techniques used by companies, governments and individuals worldwide to break down barriers that normally stop dialogue in its tracks.
The annual Aquarius new moon always coincides with Lunar New Year’s Eve, and February 11 also kicks off the Year of the Metal Ox. The structured and steadfast Ox will add its grounding heft all year long, giving your messaging efforts an added touch of authority.
Let’s not forget Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14. While most indications suggest celebrating friendship and keeping things light, there IS a moon in Aries and your passionate, playful fifth house. You could still swing a steamy makeout session (safety precautions notwithstanding) or a flirty chat session. If you’re in a relationship, pull out a few romantic stops and make time for some spontaneous, decadent fun with your favorite plus-one.

Week 3: February 15-21
The wisdom of knowing your limits

How much is too much? You could find out this week as speed-checking Saturn slams into rule-breaker Uranus, challenging each other in their first of three intense 90-degree squares. With Saturn (and so many other planets) in Aquarius and your multitasking, media-savvy third house, you’ve been filling your plate with projects, people and (hopefully) pandemic-proof outings, barely stopping to eat or sleep.
Although this is a comfortable pace for your on-the-go sign, especially after months of travel deprivation, you ARE still a mere mortal. That means your irrepressible soul lives in a body that needs restorative breaks between adventures.
You’ll get a firm reminder of this on Wednesday, February 17, then again on June 14 and December 24, when Saturn gets T-boned by disruptive Uranus in your sixth house of health, organization and helpful people. Simply put: If you don’t have proper systems in place, your grand ideas will eventually crash down like a house of cards, along with your wellbeing. As you build out your latest and greatest concepts, make sure you have the budget, hours and capacity to take on all you’re signing up for now.
Is it time to let go of stubborn ways of thinking? Your mindset could get a major makeover from these Saturn-Uranus squares. Spouting uninformed opinions or myopic ideas won’t fly. It’s time to level up your skills and try a new approach, especially one that involves technology. Even you can get set in your ways, Sagittarius, and you might be shocked to discover just how much you have become a creature of habit!
On Thursday, February 18, the Sun settles into Pisces and your domestic fourth house, turning your attention to home and family matters for the next month. Take a break from that noisy space between your ears and savor the company of loved ones. Nest, decorate, empty that stack of novels or your Netflix queue. Indulge in self-care and nourishing food. You’ve been going, going, going for over a year, Sagittarius, it’s time to slow down, if only for a couple more weeks!

Week 4: February 22-28
A little less conversation—a little more action!

Step on the gas and get ‘er done! This week, you’re on an intense mission to take care of business, especially on Wednesday, February 24, as driven Mars and transformational Pluto unite in a fast-moving trine. Both planets are in earth signs (Mars is in Taurus and Pluto’s in Capricorn), activating your zones of earned money and hard work. You’re ready to whip your plans into fighting shape and have a financial breakthrough.
That’s all great, Archer, but under the spell of these obsessive planets, you could get a little TOO fixated on your financial goals—or your fears. Watch for tunnel vision, anxiety and being overly focused on money and profits at the expense of all else. Call for backup if you get overwhelmed! Put a strong system in place and train others so you can delegate duties to them.
Right before this weekend, you could earn kudos for all your hard work and reach a major turning point in your career. For this, you can thank the arrival of the Virgo full moon on Saturday, February 27 in your zone of ambition and professional reputation. This is the first of four 2021 supermoons, lending an extra charge.
You’ll be glad you started setting up your infrastructure, Sagittarius, because you could rise into a leadership role or move into an accelerated new career chapter soon. Look back to the Virgo new moon of last September 17, 2020, for clues about how this shift might play out.

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