Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Your December Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! This year’s Sag season is especially dynamic because energizer Mars is also traveling through your sign and will be blazing up your first house of visibility and personal passions all month. While things might suddenly zoom into warp speed (hold on for dear life!), it’s likely to be exciting, especially during the first half of the month. 
No need to wait for January 1 to make your 2024 resolutions. The December 12 Sagittarius new moon marks your personal new year, the perfect time to declare your intentions for the year ahead.
You’ll be glad to get an early start because on December 13, communicator Mercury turns retrograde until January 1, a holiday buzzkill if there ever was one. Mercury will split its backspin between Capricorn (until December 23) and Sagittarius, meaning YOU will be in the quicksilver planet’s crosshairs for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We swear it’s NOT because you’ve been naughty instead of nice, Sagittarius (who are we kidding? Naughty all the way!). But we won’t lie: This lump of coal in your celestial stocking won’t be easy to ignore. 
In the first half of the month, sign your deals and contracts, lock in your holiday plans and back up all your important data to stave off as much Mercury mayhem as you can. With the moon in Gemini and your partnership house on Christmas, team up with a reliable person if you celebrate. This is NOT the year to try to do all the hosting, entertaining and Santa-ing yourself. 
Things start to shift the day after Christmas, when healer-feeler Chiron ends a five-month retrograde and helps you express yourself powerfully again. December 26 also brings the year’s final full moon, this one in Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy, bonding and wealth. You could receive a financial windfall or a proposal (romantic or business) in the week between Christmas and New Year.
Perhaps the biggest gift arrives on December 30, when your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, ends a four-month retrograde. As Jupiter powers forward for another five months through Taurus and your healthy, grounded sixth house, you could begin the year on a surprisingly clean, green note. Mocktails at midnight anyone? The New Year’s Eve moon in wellness-oriented Virgo will make you even more determined to get a powerful start to 2024. Virgo rules your tenth house of status and success, so maybe you should actually RSVP “yes” to that black-tie event or do some goal-setting before you head out for champagne, dancing and to watch the ball drop.
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