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May 2022 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

Back into the wider world you go, Sagittarius! This month is a big deal for you as your ruling planet, Jupiter, moves into a new sign, catalyzing a chapter that can bring love, fame and a burst of creativity. All year long, Jupiter’s been hanging out in Pisces and your domestic sector, making you unusually cloistered and content hanging out at home base. Not the typical M.O. for your globetrotting sign, but you may have savored the serenity of Sagittarius Central—especially since Jupiter only comes here every 12 years. 

On May 10, Jupiter moves into fellow fire sign Aries, heating up your expressive and attention-grabbing fifth house. It’s lights, camera, action now, Sag! It’s more likely we’ll find you snapping selfies on the outdoor dance floor than emptying your Netflix queue with a home-cooked meal. How about an update to your wardrobe and overall style? Long overdue, say the stars!

As excited as you feel about life, you should still pace yourself starting out. The Sun is in Taurus and your sensible, health-conscious sixth house until May 20, sounding the call for a bit of restraint even as Jupiter unleashes your inner hedonist. Also on May 10, communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde, scrambling signals and foiling technology. 

We’re in the thick of eclipse season too as May opens in the wake of an April 30 Taurus eclipse, gearing up for a May 16 Scorpio total lunar eclipse and full blood moon. Is it time to end a major chapter or make a big transition? The lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of healing conclusions will illuminate parts of your life that are past their prime, providing a window for forgiveness and release. You could be highly psychic mid-May, so pay close attention to your intuition and follow the serendipitous signs. The universe is pinging you with 5G signal strength!

Taurus season helps you get healthy and grounded 

You're no stranger to a long to-do list, Sag: So many projects, so little time! But this month, you've got the grit and focus to mark those administrative items "complete" one by one, leaving you with a grand sense of accomplishment. Until May 20, the Sun is marching through Taurus and your sixth house of health, organization and service. It’s your cosmic alert to “spring clean” everything from your eating habits to your closets to your schedule.

On April 30, a Taurus solar eclipse demanded that you get back on the wellness wagon and bring order to any chaotic parts of your life. Eclipse energy lingers for several days if not weeks, so use its mojo to kickstart a new healthy eating plan, an exercise routine or some kind of sustainable habit in early May.

Could a Sag get a little help around here? The sixth house rules employees and assistants—and the fine art of delegation. Your capable sign is often guilty of saying "I'll just do it myself." But at what cost? During this analytical month, track your time and get aware of how many minutes (or hours) you spend doing non-impactful stuff that could be offloaded to someone else.

Have you fallen off the workout wagon? A jolt of inspiration could arrive on May 5, when the revitalizing Sun and spontaneous Uranus make their once-a-year conjunction (meetup). As they connect in Taurus, you might make a radical change to your habits, whether due to doctor's orders or a deep personal desire to feel better. An upgrade to Team Sagittarius could be in order, if not a surprise reshuffling of the ranks. You might hire a savvy new service provider or take a class to improve your own tech skills.

Jupiter enters Aries May 10, amping up passion and fame

The headline news arrives on May 10, when expansive and lucky Jupiter—your ruling planet—begins a 12-month visit to Aries, amplifying your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression until October 28 (for round one). Woo-hoo! Get your wardrobe and glam squad ready, Sagittarius: Showy Jupiter in this dazzling zone could be a nonstop party. If you're an artist or performer, this could be the year that your talents gain major recognition since Jupiter in this fame-fueled sector puts the spotlight directly on you. 

This Jupiter shift will be quite a change from the first few months of the year. On December 28, 2021, Jupiter decamped to Pisces and your fourth house of home and family. Your private, personal life took center stage, and while you had plenty of other cosmic action pushing you into the public eye, you still may have spent a lot of time flying under the radar. With Jupiter expanding your foundational fourth house, some Archers moved into bigger spaces, bought or sold homes or added new members to their families.
Now Jupiter turns on the stadium lights and demands that you trade those yoga pants for red-carpet gear. And you might not be strutting down that step-and-repeat alone, either. With global Jupiter in your zone of infatuation, sparks could fly with someone from a wildly different background, perhaps even through a long-distance affair. Single? You could be fielding multiple admirers, and couples might experience a romantic resurgence. It's been shown that novelty stimulates attraction because doing new things together causes the brain to release adrenaline and dopamine, giving you a "rush" that feels like the honeymoon phase all over again.
Since the fifth house rules fertility, don't be surprised if all that excitement leads to the bedroom…and, for Sags of the childbearing set, to a "baby on board" status. Just watch for the drama to amplify with outspoken and leap-without-looking Jupiter in this fiery zone.

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3 

Not so fast, though! If you’re rushing to make things official, the stars will pump the brakes on May 10, when Mercury—planet of communication, technology and ideas—starts its second retrograde of the year. Mercury will reverse through Gemini and your partnership sector until May 22, a moment to renegotiate contracts and be extra vigilant about commitments. Be patient with your closest people as you’ll be prone to bickering and misunderstandings. From May 22 to June 3, Mercury backs into Taurus and your well-being sector, forcing you to be mindful of your diet, exercise, sleep patterns and overall stress levels. Guard your health with extra care: Wash your hands and even wear a mask in crowded places if you feel like some extra coverage, mandates or no. 

Heal and release at the May 16 Scorpio full moon and total lunar eclipse

On May 16, take a break from the hustle and bustle to sink into a more spiritual space. A total lunar eclipse and Scorpio full blood moon will illuminate your twelfth house of closure and endings, bringing a major life chapter to completion. 

The last time there was a Scorpio lunar eclipse was in October 2014. Did you begin a healing journey or start some deeper inner work then? Perhaps you began having realizations about your true desires or an intuition about some part of your life that was coming to an end. Today could bring a similar theme or a moment when you choose to let go and embrace the unknown. With the karmic south node hovering nearby, you could feel a sense of fate forcing your hand.
Since both the twelfth house AND the full moon mark completions, this is your moment to let all that outworn stuff go. Release it to the universe, Sag—you don't need it anymore! If you've held back from grieving or fully releasing some old pain and resentment, higher forces can step in to hold the space for you today. A supportive person or guardian-angel type could appear. You may also have a prophetic dream or a strong intuitive flash today. Don't ignore it!

Go easy on yourself, too: This is the third installment of an eclipse series touching the Taurus/Scorpio axis between November 2021 and October 2023. There will be more lessons and amazing insights, and this journey will make sense the deeper you go into it. No pressure to do all your inner work in one fell swoop, Sagittarius (which is impossible anyhow). This illuminating eclipse will reveal where you’ve lacked boundaries, projected your fears onto someone or held onto toxic resentment. This full moon will form a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius and your communication zone. You may need to have a few difficult conversations and make amends with people you’ve hurt or misled unconsciously.

While it might seem like “bad news” initially, you’ll find freedom in the recognition of what’s been happening under the hood and in your own blind spot. With this newfound awareness, you can start taking action. 

Gemini season (May 20) and the May 30 Gemini new moon

Lean on your inner circle starting May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini and your seventh house of partnership. With the life-giving Sun in your opposite sign, it's at its farthest distance from your zodiac sign's portion of the sky. That could mean that you'll be sleepy or find it hard to access your usual levels of vitality. All the more reason to partner up with others and to narrow your focus so you can give your attention to a select and deserving few.

The May 30 Gemini new moon opens a new six-month chapter for partnerships that unfolds between now and the December 7 Gemini full moon. Reach out to someone who could support your efforts and see if there’s a way to construct a win-win. Make a fresh start with a significant other if you’re in a relationship. Small moves could lead to big results!

Passion ignites as Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29

Baby, you’re a firework! On May 29, your ruler, Jupiter, makes an exact conjunction meetup with spicy Mars in Aries and your lusty, passionate fifth house. It’s their first time connecting in Aries since 2011, and as these bold planets align in your romance zone, you'll proudly wear your heart on your sleeve. The fifth house rules fame, and the spotlight could come looking for you in a big way today. Ready for your close-up and to greet your adoring fans?

Be warned, Sagittarius: This combustible combo can also cause you to come on too strong or to unleash a torrent of unprocessed emotions. Try to do a LITTLE inner work before you just go full-frontal with your feelings. The upside of this courageous combo is that it practically rejection-proofs you, and your insecurities quiet down from a shout to a whisper. Step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone. Whether you’re doing a temperature check of your romantic chemistry or sharing your talents in a more public way, don’t be afraid to strike while the cosmic iron is this white-hot.

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