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February 2023 Sagittarius Overview Horoscope

Are we having fun yet? Our Gen X friends may recall this snarkily iconic 1980s T-shirt slogan. But even if you didn’t actually live through the “Stranger Things” era, this IS your existential question for February, Sag. With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in Aries electrifying your fifth house of fun and passion until May 16—and the Aquarius Sun setting off a social bonfire—you should have a full roster of RSVPs to juggle. (Oh, and that Leo full moon on February 5 is looking like a planetary party, too.)

For the first three weeks of the month, you might not see the back of your eyelids much, but you’ll sleep when you’re…in Pisces season. That happens on February 18, an abrupt’ish departure from the whirlwind of everything, everywhere, all at once. Dial your meta-life down to one dimension (or maybe generate an AI avatar to stunt-double for you at those must-attend events? If only…). When the Sun takes its monthlong spin through Pisces and your domestic fourth house, it’s officially Sagittarius hibernation time. 

Of course, Jupiter in Aries and your playful fifth house won’t let you totally go off the grid. You might cook up some wildly creative ideas (and dishes!) while you’re puttering around in PJs and finally letting yourself relax. Leave as much white space as possible in your calendar and just say yes to the events that will bring you maximum fulfillment. Time with family and caring friends will be the most soul-nourishing options. You don’t want to be rushing between events in the midst of a deep conversation, right?

Another reason to pace yourself: March has some major planetary events that haven’t happened in decades—centuries, even! Both Saturn and Pluto will move into new zodiac signs, setting off big changes for the world that could reconfigure plans and priorities. Get centered, Sagittarius. Your visionary sign likes to be among the first to leap on new opportunities. You’ll fare much better if you’re well rested and grounded in emotional security. That will come from tending to your body, aka the soul’s temple, with additional care. Eat well, get proper sleep and enjoy living in the present instead of always having your mind on the future!

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It’s Aquarius season until February 18

Give the people what they want: you! The Sun is circulating through Aquarius and your social third house until February 18. During the insular winter months, getting out for fun and friendship keeps your Sagittarian spirits buoyed. The third house rules neighborhoods, so you won't have to go far to find entertainment. Scout out new cafes and restaurants, follow a local band, get involved with a community improvement effort. 

Got your own project to promote? With el Sol heating up your communication sector, start a buzz on social media or spread the word through your various networks. If you feel at all guilty for your full dance card, remind yourself that during Aquarius season, fun is your “job!” Your network opens doors that can take much longer to crack on your own. So the more great people you meet or workshops you attend, the faster you’ll reach your dreams.

The February 5 Leo full moon amplifies your purpose

A major moment arrives on February 5, when the Leo full moon beams into your ninth house of travel, expansion and visionary ideas. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, this might be your favorite full moon of the year. It’s a “dreams come true” day—or maybe a moment of truth when the blinders come off and you can see your life with 20/20 vision. 

The big plans you’ve been working toward for the past six months could come together now. If you’ve been toiling away on a business launch, your indie venture might take off. Media-savvy Sags could have the opportunity to teach, publish or broadcast your work to the masses. Looking to expand your knowledge base? This lunation may inspire a decision to go back to school or enroll in a training program—possibly one that involves hopping on a plane for an intensive weekend.

Just make sure you have all the details locked into place. This year’s Leo full moon will form a tense T-square to disruptor Uranus in your systematic sixth house. Some surprise administrative details or technical difficulties might interfere with your ability to fly free. Check that you have enough support in place to pull this off. Is Team Sagittarius ready to be the wind beneath your extra-large wingspan? Prepare them with thorough instructions. The sixth house also rules health, so be sure any giant undertakings won’t pile on stress. 

Make time for your regular routines; stick to healthy eating and exercise. Under this indulgent full moon, you could get a look at where some parts of your life have tipped into excess and could benefit from a bit of streamlining.

Valentine’s Day is surprisingly sweet this year 

Va-va-Valentine’s Day voom! With the moon in Sagittarius and your first house of self, you’re the star of Cupid’s show. Whatever your relationship status, you might decide to spruce up and do something adventurous. Celebrate by treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting to experience for a while—a special wine-pairing at your favorite restaurant, a night rocking the karaoke mic or a film screening by your favorite director. Feel free to tell 50 of your closest friends to meet you there, Sag. It’s still Aquarius season, and you’re feeling extra social!

Got a special someone who IS into all the V-Day trappings? Treat them to a showstopping date. To your own surprise, you might feel like making plans, thanks to a nostalgic meetup of romantic Venus and enchanting Neptune in Pisces. With these two celestial softies in your sentimental fourth house (making their exact conjunction on February 15), you could have an emotional outpouring that takes you by surprise. Give a handwritten card expressing your gratitude, send a tasteful flower arrangement—or go full 1980s kitsch with candy hearts and store-bought Valentines. 

Instead of cynically eye-rolling about this "Hallmark holiday," find a Sag-friendly way to celebrate love in all forms. P.S. You don’t even have to leave the house to do that! With Venus and Neptune canoodling in your domestic sphere, you might host an impromptu dinner party at Chateau Sag, which could be fun—as long as you don't take on ALL the entertaining duties. Make it an easy potluck or, even better, have everyone chip in for delivery. And if you're hoping to enjoy some frisky time with a partner, better to meet your crew at a cozy bistro than have to kick them out of your house after dessert!

The annual Sun-Saturn conjunction is February 16 

Ain’t no sunshine? A rare bout of pessimism could get stoked on February 16, when the industrious Sun aligns with stern Saturn in your contemplative third house. Despite your amazing work ethic, certain things are just out of your control, Sag, and there’s no sense in fixating on a frustrating situation that you can’t do anything about right now. Instead, focus on the things that you DO have the power to change. Pour your energy into a proactive pursuit that could get you out of this rut. Still spiraling? Call up a friend or mentor figure for advice…and maybe just a little venting. Their wise words will lift your spirits. 

The Sun and Saturn connect once a year, and at first it may feel like a gloomy cloud is blocking out all those hopeful rays. But here’s another perspective: Sometimes the Sun’s glare obscures important cracks in the foundation that we really need to see. Summon the strength and maturity (Saturn’s forte) to deal head-on. 

A Sun-Saturn meetup CAN also be a day to “come into your own.” Ready to present yourself as an expert to the media? Got an important message to share? A writing, teaching or speaking project could get serious today. If you’ve been working hard to gain clout, you could finally be recognized as a seasoned pro or even a thought leader among your peers.

Pisces season starts February 18 and the Pisces new moon February 20

On February 18, you can trade your dancing shoes for fuzzy slippers as the Sun decamps to Pisces and your domestic fourth house. Now you can spend the last month of winter nesting, cooking, decorating, making art and getting cozy with your clan. Women and children could play an especially important role over the next four weeks.

Chateau Sag is especially in the spotlight when the skies serve up a Pisces new moon this February 20, marking a new chapter around home and family. Perhaps you'll move or change your living situation—even if you weren't necessarily planning on it. Pisces rules your fourth house of mothers and children. This new moon could spotlight your relationship with a maternal figure or a young person in your life. A pregnancy (or news of one in your family) is also possible.

Are you in need of a better work-life balance? Ready or not, this new moon is here to fine-tune your personal life and make sure your professional goals are in sync. Evaluate your big-picture mission and how your current living situation fits into that. Could a move be in the cards? If so, this new moon helps you start scouting the real estate listings. Nothing all that extreme is necessary, though. You might just rearrange the furniture, switch up the art or finally put together that bookshelf that ends up doubling your floor space.

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