Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Your October Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Changing of the guard! For the past four months, romantic Venus has been taking an extended trip through Leo and your expansive, free-spirited ninth house—the zodiac zone that Sagittarius rules. Since this is one of your favorite Venus positions, you were probably one of the signs least affected when Venus turned retrograde from July 22 to September 3.
Still, it wasn’t exactly screaming “summer lovin’ had me a blast,” Archer. Hopefully you made up for lost time over the past month, with Venus back on track and swaggering through your ninth house of travel, adventure and personal growth. (We spent a chunk of that time eating and greeting our way through Barcelona—so we hope our fellow Sags made equally good use of the transit!)
Starting October 8, things could take a turn for the serious as Venus moves into Virgo for a month. With the love goddess in your regimented tenth house of long-term goals, you may flip the switch and suddenly want to prioritize some romantic plans before the holidays. Cuffing season could get off to a better-late-than-never start for Archers looking to make things official or strengthen the relationship you’re already in.
Meanwhile, lusty Mars is powering up your social life as it revs through Libra and your collaborative eleventh house until October 12. For your free-spirited fire sign, this cycle might crank up your needs for independence and autonomy; single Archers might feel like your love life is one grand adventure. The boundary between platonic and passionate could be thin, and things could get romantic with a friend, especially near the October 14 Libra solar eclipse. One tiny word of caution: You might not have the self-restraint to think through potential consequences—but try to anyway.
On October 12, no-holds-barred Mars moves into your twelfth house of transitions until November 24, decelerating the energy. This temporary slowdown has a silver lining, though: Mars will next move into Sagittarius, cranking up the holiday heat!
Until then, you're ready to detoxify and downsize. From hauling junk out of the basement to ousting a faux friend from your inner circle, wrap this season with a clean slate. Easy though! With brash Mars egging you on, you could act in haste. (Once you've donated the wedding china from your short-lived first marriage to Goodwill, it's gonna be hard to get back.) If you must say goodbye, do it with compassion—even if you're done for good. 
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