Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Money Horoscope April 2024

With the Sun and an April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries—your fifth house of creativity, fame and self-expression—your star is shining!. Your outspoken sign is famous for letting it all hang out, and now you have a cosmic permission slip to do just that. Entertain the troops, Sagittarius, being your side-splittingly hilarious self. 
But do use your better judgment and a few filters. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in a tricky retrograde, too much edge could read as offensive. You can’t be too careful these days, so avoid treading into inappropriate terrain, especially if it could come across as bigoted or bullying. Since eclipses bring unexpected events, you could find yourself at the center of everyone’s attention. You want that to be for your superpowers, not a scandal!
If you're an artist, this is an excellent time to book a gallery show or an opening or upload a performance piece onto TikTok and watch your followers and fanbase soar. Blow the dust off an abandoned creative project while Mercury is retrograde. 
You’re ready to get down to brass tacks on April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your administrative sixth house. For the next four weeks, focus on getting organized. Look at where you can delegate and share the load with a team. 
A major epiphany around your systems, organization and work arrives at the April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction—their first time meeting in Taurus since 1941. How do you want to serve the world and what difference do you hope to make? You’re never too young to think about your legacy and impact. 
Risk-taker Jupiter is your ruling planet, and when it combines its inspirational touch with innovative Uranus, you’ll get a glimpse of where you can dream up a world-changing idea. Sixth house themes like climate, technology and equitable wages could be fertile ground for your Sagittarian visions.
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