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February 2021 Taurus Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

February sets your goals on fire, Bull. And while there won’t be much time to rest, you’ll certainly be productive. Not only are go-getter Mars and innovator Uranus blazing through Taurus (hello, livewire!), but anywhere between four and six planets will be in Aquarius throughout the month, activating your tenth house of career and success.
You’ll need to manage and regulate your energy because you could short-circuit fast. Between being constantly on the go AND tackling lofty ambitions, it’s important that you make a solid plan and keep your expectations—of yourself and others—reasonable.
With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and your professional zone from January 30 to February 20, that’s all the more reason to pace yourself. Slow down and triple-check your work. If necessary, hold off on any big launches or professional decision until later in the month.
This month will also kick off the first of 2021’s three Saturn-Uranus squares, a tense aspect that has YOU in its crosshairs this February, June and December. Structured Saturn in Aquarius will lock into a stressful angle with disruptive Uranus in Taurus, making it hard for you to stick with any goal. The minute you THINK you know where you’re headed, another cosmic curveball comes your way!
Lean on your inner circle after February 18, when the Sun shifts gears into Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You’ll get by with a little—or a lot of—help from your friends.

Week 1: February 1-7

This week, the planets gather momentum in your career house as they pile into Aquarius and your ambitious tenth house. It feels good to be (mostly) back in the driver’s seat of your life, Taurus, especially after the second half of 2020 made you feel like a hapless passenger on a high-speed chase to nowhere!
Turns out, though, that there was a higher wisdom at play, one that’s finally starting to make sense as the year unfolds. Your time in the cosmic cocoon led to deep insights and important transformations, even if there were some painful moments. With go-getter Mars spending the entire month in YOUR sign, you’re fired up to turn those inner visions into reality.
But don’t rush. Communication and technology planet Mercury is retrograde in your future-focused zone for the next three weeks. This week is better spent reflecting on your goals or road-testing projects before you dive in. What looks amazing on paper might not be quite so easy to execute. Fiery Mars in your first house of independence also sounds a jarring call to cherish and protect your freedom. Before you sign on for a big commitment, make sure it truly lights you up. Get clear on what this responsibility will involve, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Week 2: February 8-14
A major career breakthrough cycle begins

Kudos are great, Taurus—but not all recognition has equal power to light you up from the inside out. This week provides a stellar chance for you to figure out what kind of expertise or accomplishments you REALLY want to be known for in this lifetime. What legacy would you like to leave behind, regardless of how great or small? Once you connect to that feeling of pride, you’ll be able to rethink your goals accordingly—and nail a brilliant, doable master plan.
Inspiration kicks off on Thursday, February 11, as the new moon in Aquarius and your tenth house of career, status and recognition is joined by five other heavenly bodies in the futuristic, egalitarian sign of the Water Bearer. The bold Sun, harmonizer Venus, expansive Jupiter, communicator Mercury (retrograde through February 20) AND structured Saturn will all be teaming up with that intuitive moon in your ambitious zone of success. With such a fine flock of influences at play, you can expect powerful insights about the future—and the scene-stealing leadership role you could play in the world at large.
Aquarian energy always encourages us to look beyond our own needs to the greater good. How can your highest ideals and biggest goals help others as you climb to the top?
Joining the #AquariusArmy is the asteroid Pallas Athena, which is ALSO in this sign. In mythology, Athena was the goddess of war and victory. If you’re rising through the ranks or taking ownership of a project, be a skilled warrior. Advocate for your agenda bravely but create an outcome that will benefit all parties. Athena is associated with prophecy, and in futuristic Aquarius, look ahead to what you’d like to manifest by midyear. In 2021, there will be a rare TWO full moons in Aquarius, arriving on July 23 and August 22 and doubling your chances to manifest your big plans!
Even better, the “great benefics,” helpful Venus and positive Jupiter, are exactly conjunct (united) at the February 11 new moon. We all get to savor a moment of optimism, hope and freedom—and YOU get to take a bow for your hard work.
Look around, think about what you have to offer to create a brighter future for all (and earn some well-deserved recognition along the way)—and go BIG! Truly, the sky’s the limit for you now. Every new moon presents a fresh start. But with serious Saturn overseeing the proceedings, just make sure that you have a solid plan behind your lofty visions. Mercury retrograde reminds you to revisit the past for clues on how to move forward in an original way. Dust off an abandoned project and tackle it from a different angle. Ping an old mentor or colleague and reconnect!
Thought that was it? Guess again! The annual Aquarius new moon always coincides with Lunar New Year, and February 11 kicks off the Year of the Metal Ox. The structured and steadfast Ox feels homey and familiar to Taurus natives. For the next 12 months, the Ox will add its grounding heft to your efforts, amplifying your authority and grounding your big plans in a realistic, step-by-step timeline.
Oops—almost forgot Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14. But neither the new moon nor the pandemic can overshadow Cupid’s campaign for your Venus-ruled sign. The moon will be in independent Aries and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house while a plethora of planets in Aquarius power up your VIP tenth house. Some Bulls might be in the mood for a high-end celebration—even if that means lighting candles at home, scattering rose petals in the tub and ordering curbside pickup from your favorite gourmet spot. Long-term goals will be on your mind, making this a day to look to the future of a relationship and perhaps even solidify a major commitment.

Week 3: February 15-21
Change is coming (and resistance is futile)

Brace yourself: It’s your turn in the hot seat, Taurus! This week brings the first of 2021’s three intense Saturn-Uranus duels. This is especially potent because Uranus, the planet of radical change, is in YOUR sign—and a personal goal or decision could reach a tipping point.
On Wednesday, February 17 (and then again on June 14 and December 24), rules-obsessed Saturn and rule-breaker Uranus will challenge each other, crashing into a trio of 90-degree squares. This dynamic mashup can provoke sudden change, waking you up to your power and impact but potentially redirecting your plans. Where in your life have certain structures become outmoded? And, on the flip side, where might you need to bring order to chaos?
With Uranus in Taurus and your first house of personal initiatives from 2018 to 2026, you’ve been anointed the innovator and trailblazer of the zodiac—ready or not. You could be brimming with novel ideas, electrified with a desire to rip off the bandage and make a radical change.
But this week, Uranus gets sideswiped by rigid and repressive Saturn, which is in Aquarius and your tenth house of structure and authority—like a battle between a rebellious teen and an iron-fisted parent playing out in your life. On the one hand, you’re craving a shake-up. But can you really afford to have your entire world turned upside down?
Another part of you may want the exact opposite of that—after all, your Taurean nature is to resist change for change’s sake and to build structures that last for the long haul. This week brings that conflict to a head. Questions to reflect on: How can you create something brand-new that will stand the test of time?
And, on the other side of the coin, which institutions in YOUR life are ready for an upgrade? With Saturn in your house of career and ambition, your professional life could be impacted by this square. If you’ve gotten stagnant or are following a formula that no longer allows you to grow and thrive creatively, this unexpected upset could be a blessing in disguise. Is it time to step into a new role of leadership and authority? Ready or not, one could be headed your way.

Take stock of who’s on Team Taurus starting Thursday, February 18, when the Sun moves into Pisces and ignites your eleventh house of collaborations. Your big ideas will go farther faster with the right teammates (and playmates!). As the Sun heats up this tech-savvy zone, look to how you can use your apps, gadgets and cutting-edge systems to network and run a tighter ship.

Week 4: February 22-28
Your big ideas take flight

Hello, visionary! This week lights a fire under your dreams and visions. On Wednesday, February 24, driven Mars and transformational Pluto unite in a fast-moving trine. Both planets are in earth signs (Mars is in Taurus and Pluto is in Capricorn), activating your most adventurous and expansive zones.
This could be the week that one of your big ideas really takes off, largely due to the drive and willpower this Mars-Pluto mashup ignites. While you should speak openly and courageously, be strategic too. Hold a few cards close to your vest, but pitch the grand concept when your powers of persuasion are high. Few will be able to say no to you! But DO watch for bulldozing, Bull—and make sure nobody feels pressured into doing things your way.
With magnetic Mars in your first house of appearances, this is a great week to debut a new look, whether it’s a rebrand, refreshed headshots or a bold new tagline on your social profiles. What would make someone stop in their tracks and say, “Who IS this magical creature? I must find out!”
The stars serve up even more of that fierce fabulosity on Saturday, February 27, when the year’s only Virgo full moon ignites your fifth house of passion, romance and fame. From a budding attraction that blossoms into a full-on consummation to a spotlight-grabbing moment, these moonbeams want YOU and your talents on center stage. Lights, camera, Taurus!

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