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July 2020 Taurus Overview Horoscope

You’re an ideas machine, Taurus—and you can’t stem the tide of brilliance that’s flowing through you in July. The planets are clustering in Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, activating the communicative houses of your chart. You’ve got the urge to move, express yourself and share big ideas with the world. Your imagination is working overtime, too, as if you’re channeling the divine! (Consider that you are, Taurus.)
Just watch that you don’t scatter your energy too far and wide! With the Sun in Cancer and your third house of intellect and ideas until July 22, it will be easy to get caught up in a million details and projects. Multitasking mania could strike as you juggle your various endeavors with your reawakened social life. Conversations can spiral into hours-long brainstorming sessions.
But can those concepts go the distance? Don’t rush. Mercury is in powered-down retrograde in Cancer from June 18 until July 12, muddling your message—though you think you’re being crystal-clear. Keep a low profile for the first half of July and don’t be too quick to share your concepts, even if you think someone is a kindred spirit. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune AND Pluto are also retrograde, issuing the directive to SLOW DOWN and think before you act. Stay out of “charging Bull” mode and find some objective distance. Take a 30K-foot view of any situation and try to see how all the moving parts fit together. Don’t act until you have the full picture.
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With energizer Mars in Aries for an extended trip, from June 27 until January 6, a chapter of your life may be coming to a conclusion—or at least to a point of transition. Try to think of it in a more cyclical frame, adopting the old idea that one door closing means another will open. A quote, often attributed to John Lennon, says, “Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.”
When the red planet blazes into Taurus in early 2021, you’ll be thrust into the spotlight again. There could be a lot of deep healing work leading up to this, a long period of creative and spiritual transformation. Use this opportunity to connect with your truth, your soul, your greatest calling. There may be some mourning and grieving and a few old wounds to heal. At times, you could be tired and feel like keeping to yourself. Remember that you are growing and metamorphosing—you don’t have to suffer, but don’t run away from painful feelings either.
While Mars is going deep and drifting through your esoteric twelfth house, a cluster of cosmic activity in Capricorn will ignite your worldly ninth house, inviting you to go big and wide! Travel (safely), connect with people from afar and immerse yourself in bold, game-changing ideas. Get physical AND metaphysical, exploring concepts that challenge what you believe to be “true.”
It all begins when Saturn, the ruler of structure and long-term plans, dips back into Capricorn for a final visit from July 1 to December 17, not to return again until 2047. Expansive Jupiter is in Capricorn until December 19, and Pluto is also in the Sea Goat’s sphere until 2024. Jupiter and Pluto will travel close together all month, combining their superpowers after their world-rocking conjunction (meetup) on June 30. You’re ready to break out of your comfort zone in a BIG way—and the stars align to comply. But you might have to face an old unconscious fear to get that golden chalice. A hero’s journey begins!
That activation could occur at the July 4-5 lunar (full moon) eclipse in Capricorn—the grand finale eclipse of a series that began back in July 2018, transforming your approach to communication, grand ideas, friendships and the world. Your entire philosophy of life could have changed, along with your social circle, in the past two years.
At this potent eclipse, you could discover the final bit of wisdom or insight that will push a visionary project past the finish line. Life will never be the same! Since lunar eclipses can bring endings, you may make a huge decision about your future now. What makes you feel free, Taurus? Go forth in THIS direction. Whoever wants to come along for the ride is welcome, but there’s no stopping your starship once it’s in flight!

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One vulnerable area in July is your self-care. Things are moving so fast that you could feel chaotic and disorganized, and unmanaged stress can crescendo. It will be hard to stick to good habits and systems, necessary to stay on top of the details the way you like. Your health can slip through the cracks unless you’re vigilant about it—and with the virus picking up in many areas again, that’s not an option to take lightly. Make time to get out in nature, exercise and eat nutritious meals.
Watch for power struggles, especially midmonth: Tensions can arise as planets in Cancer and Capricorn form their annual oppositions, bringing disagreements to a head, but also helping you finally vocalize your visions—if you can find the space to hash things out. Only July 14, the egoic Sun will face off with know-it-all Jupiter. This could ignite verbal warfare unless you find humility and center into you heart. Listen more than you talk—which will take tremendous self-control since you will have a LOT to say.
The next day, July 15, brings the annual Sun-Pluto opposition across your communication axis. You’ll be tempted to throw down the truth hammers and tell someone exactly what you think. Fine, Taurus—but be prepared to receive the same bolt of bluntness in return. Is there resentment stewing deep below the surface? Or fear and ancient issues that predate this relationship? With subterranean Pluto involved, that’s likely. Consider that anyone who pushes your buttons now is a mirror. Don’t miss the crucial lesson! But at the same time, don’t allow yourself to be bullied or manipulated. Stand up for yourself even as you take note of the cosmic message.
The perfect window for restoring healthy communication opens on July 20, when a Cancer new moon—the rare second one this year—beams into your third house of expression and ideas. This will echo the Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse on June 21, so look back to conversations and synergies that began a month ago.
Whew! With so much going on, you could get lost in your thoughts this month. Luckily, you can take care of your feelings on July 22, when the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Leo and your fourth house of home and family. During this domestic cycle, slow down and connect with loved ones—and with yourself. You may feel a bit raw and tender, especially with Mars in your vulnerable twelfth house.
Allow yourself to get sentimental! Take a nostalgic trip somewhere that’s safely reopened. Go visit family members or cherished friends you haven’t seen in a while. Take a book to the ocean or hang out poolside. Change up the energy in your home after quarantine. Treat yourself with the exquisite care and love that you would show to a child. By plugging into this intuitive, heart-centered flow, you’ll be guided toward your next steps.

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