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July 2021 Taurus Overview Horoscope

We hear you, Taurus! July amplifies all your messaging efforts—and helps you plan and problem-solve with a clear head. That’s a big relief after Mercury retrograde riddled most of last month with scrambled signals and crossed wires. As the Sun visits Cancer and your communication zone until July 22, expect a spike in your social life and some great new ideas. Book those brainstorming sessions! With four of the five slow-moving outer planets retrograde, sweeping changes are not advised now. Instead, focus on small corrective changes that can add up to real and lasting accomplishments down the road. When Leo season begins on July 22, you’ll take a starring role at Chateau Taurus as you settle in for close-to-home summer fun with your nearest and dearest ones. Then, just when you least expect it, a major career breakthrough comes your way—one that may just be a preview of something even bigger waiting in the wings. Once lucky Jupiter slips back into your career zone on July 28, a project you thought was stalled or even canceled could gain new life.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus butt heads in early July

Fireworks much? In the first three days of the month, feisty Mars will get snared in two cosmic clashes with Saturn and Uranus. The red planet is in Leo and your fourth house of home and family, which could turn Chateau Toro into a bit of a heat zone. If tension is brewing under your roof—or there’s just a whole lot of activity—you’ll need to regulate the energy and manage expectations. When rash Mars opposes cautious Saturn in your tenth house of career and responsibility this July 1, clear boundaries will need to be established with anyone who shares your roof. Your professional obligations could be at odds with household demands (and demanding relatives), especially if you’re observing the July 4 holiday weekend. Don’t be too quick to take on work duties because you’ll likely be heavily distracted.

On July 3, Mars will lock into a tense square with freedom-seeking Uranus in Taurus. Any family member who tries to fence you in or stress you out could meet the fury of the charging Bull. Once again, reserve some space for your independent pursuits instead of booking yourself up with duties to loved ones. You love to provide and hate to disappoint, but this is one of those days when you’ll REALLY crave your freedom!

The Sun is in Cancer until July 22

With the Sun in sensitive Cancer and your communication zone until Thursday, July 22, it’s time to start spreading the news about one of your brilliant ideas. Tell your friends to tell their friends—or even better, set up a gathering where you can mingle and reconnect. You don’t want to come across as pushy or salesy, but if you’ve got something great that can better people’s lives, why wouldn’t they want to know about it? With the Sun heating up your social third house, it’s a great time to explore new (and newly reopened) neighborhood spots and to connect with kindred spirits. Your mind is hungry for new information, so dive into books, podcasts and even mini-workshops online—preferably consumed poolside!

The July 9 Cancer new moon sparks synergies and your social life

New ideas, new possibilities! When the Cancer new moon arrives in the night sky on Friday, July 9, inspiration rides in with it. Since Cancer season began back on June 20, you’ve probably been having a bunch of ideas and aha moments, especially when you gather with like-minded people. At the new moon, one or more of those lofty conversations could be the genesis of a much bigger plan or project that’s worth exploring for the rest of the year. A promising friendship or newly sparked synergy could turn into quite the dynamic duo. Foster this connection at a slow and steady rate, getting to know each other bit by bit. Find projects to test your chemistry and see if your work styles gel. Any results will manifest between now and the January 17, 2022, Cancer full moon.

Chiron turns retrograde on July 15

Give your inner child some attention on July 15 as "wounded healer" Chiron turns retrograde in your twelfth house of closure and the subconscious. Some ancient hurts could come up between now and December 19, perhaps ones you never fully dealt with. This would be a good time for therapy or spiritual work. Beware a tendency to project your unresolved issues onto others. You might also work through old pain by helping others who are undergoing a similar struggle.

Hunker down! It’s Leo season starting July 22

Power up your purr! Leo season bounds in on Thursday, July 22, activating your domestic fourth house zone for a month. After making up for SO much lost social time, you’ll feel the urge to hunker down at home base and spend quality time with loved ones. Sneak in some restorative solo time and self-care, whether you slip off for a beach visit or soak up some rays while catching up on your reading. Devote some of these long summer days to bonding with the most nurturing people in your inner circle. If you’ve been putting off a home improvement project, Leo season is a good time to tackle it. A female relative, possibly your mother or a child, could figure into events now.

July 23 brings the first of a rare duo of Aquarius full moons to your career zone

Bring on the accolades! This year has been so powerful for your career, Taurus, thanks to lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn moving through Aquarius and your tenth house of achievement and ambition. And it gets better! On Friday, July 23, the Aquarius full moon could deliver a major career breakthrough or professional change. Even better? This year, a rare TWO Aquarius full moons will serve up a double dose of mojo to your grandest goals. The next full moon will appear a month from now, on August 22. When it comes along, it could boost your credibility and leadership powers even more. Look back to the Aquarius new moon on February 11, which planted the seeds for what could manifest now. Those early 2021 resolutions are about to seriously pay off in the coming four weeks. What can you do to help move things forward? Get proactive and make sure you’re putting your best face forward. Not sure if you are? Talk to an expert or a mentor and polish up your public profiles—and your professional wardrobe while you’re at it. With more people returning to the workplace or at least meeting for unmasked drinks and dinner, that old “Zoom mullet” (business on the top, sweats on the bottom) won’t cut it!

Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius on July 28

Get those plans in place, Taurus! On July 28, expansive Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Pisces and your social eleventh house since June 20, will dip back into Aquarius and your career zone until December 28. Jupiter first moved into Pisces on May 13, sparking a revival of friendship, collaboration and group endeavors—a welcome change after months of masks and lockdowns. The lighthearted energy has been good for networking and expanding your social circle. You can’t do it all alone, Taurus, and Jupiter arrived to spark the power of teamwork. Building a platform or a posse of power players? Definitely the right move for 2021 and 2022.
But first, could you stand to put a few more solid structures in place? For the next five months, Jupiter will travel through Aquarius and the top of your chart, spotlighting opportunities to increase your status, step into leadership and accomplish an ambitious goal or three. Did you overlook any big options earlier in the year? Maybe the timing wasn’t quite right.
Jupiter first entered Aquarius on December 19, 2020, two days before its Great Conjunction with Saturn. For the first five months of 2021, Jupiter powered up your professional sector, bringing new opportunities and, for some Bulls, a total career path 180. While the red-spotted planet is in slowed-down retrograde through October 18 of this year, focus on projects and plans that are already underway. Scale back any that are too ambitious and make sure you have the budget, timeline and qualified people in place. By the end of the year, you could see huge dividends on your efforts. After December 28, Jupiter will depart your career zone and won’t be back for over a decade. Don’t squander the opportunity. Prioritize your key goals and make some discerning and decisive moves!

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