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June 2020 Taurus Overview Horoscope

You may be a self-sufficient Bull, but as your fellow Taurus Barbra Streisand crooned, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” And this month, the stars line up to remind you of that. With a pair of game-changing eclipses in people-centric zones of your chart, your relationships could undergo changes—or progress to new levels of communication and connection.
But even as the eclipses reveal a bold new future, there can still be slowdowns and delays. Two more planets—Mercury and Neptune—turn retrograde this month, bringing the total count of retrograde planets up to six (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto have been in reverse gear since April/May).
This is all happening against the backdrop of Gemini season as the Sun moves through your productive and stabilizing second house until June 20. Now that your birthday has passed, you’re ready to put new ideas into action. We understand there are limitations from the pandemic, but since many Bulls are happiest at home, there’s no reason you can’t come up with a brilliant plan while basking in your lair. With iconoclastic Uranus blazing through your sign all year (and beyond), the flashes of genius and inspiration could come at lightning speed now. If you’re figuring out your finances, be open to creative solutions. This is an industrious and hardworking cycle, so roll up your sleeves and start building!
Let’s circle back to those two eclipses. These solar and lunar events arrive four to six times a year, shaking up business as usual and sometimes rocketing us onto a whole new path. Eclipses are unpredictable, and they can bring changes out of left field. But they also push us off the fence if we’ve been wishy-washy.
On June 5, a lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Sagittarius, sending waves through your eighth house of merging, intimacy and long-term finances. Lunar eclipses can bring dramatic turning points OR endings. Has a relationship run its course—or, on the flip side, are you ready to make things permanent? You could find yourself engaged (or splitting up) in the blink of an eye. A joint venture, real estate matter or moneymaking opportunity could come together fast. Wow, you didn’t see THAT coming! Emotional bonds can deepen, and a strong sexual attraction could become too irresistible to ignore. A lunar eclipse can force your hand: You’re either in or you’re out, but equivocating won’t do the trick!
This is the very first eclipse in a series that will cut across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis between now and December 3, 2021. Get ready for a financial revolution! Over the next year and a half, these eclipses will ripple through your houses of money, security and intimacy. Not only could you discover a deeper sense of self-confidence, but you might just find yourself in a completely new line of work and earning potential. Is it time to switch from being income-dependent to owning assets, investing or creating passive revenue sources? All of that could appeal to your savvy Taurus brain now.
On June 18, a cluster of cosmic commotion in Cancer and your third house of communication begins to ignite your social life. Your focus shifts to clarifying your message, developing ideas and linking up with kindred spirits. After the June 5 eclipse in your zone of joint ventures, you and a collaborator could land on a lucrative idea. (If it involves transportation, media or educational material, all the better.)
This talkative trend starts when Mercury, the planet of information, technology and travel, turns retrograde in Cancer on June 18 (through July 12). Granted, most people don’t consider Mercury retrograde a time to look forward to, and indeed there can be plenty of mishaps. Electronics break down, plans get canceled, and people wildly misunderstand each other. With Mercury retrograde in your zone of both media and local affairs, there could be issues with neighbors and friends—from text spats to turf wars, which can be exacerbated by the erratic eclipse energy.
But there’s also plenty of goodness ahead, Bull. For starters, you’ll be an ideas machine in the second half of June. Since retrogrades rule the past, a few novel concepts might be pulled straight off a back burner. Consider dusting off an abandoned project and seeing if there’s still potential. The timing could be right! You might hear from old colleagues or settle a disagreement with a sibling or relative that’s been dogging you for a while.
Note: Mercury retrograde will be an important time to double down on the anti-virus vigilance. Since the quicksilver planet AND the third house are associated with the hands, wash yours liberally. Even if your community has lifted requirements, you might still want to wear a mask and hang out six feet apart. We’re not trying to provoke fear here, Taurus. But your resistance to any kind of germs (even a common cold) could be down a bit with Mercury retrograde here, so err on the side of caution.
On June 20, the Sun moves into Cancer for a month, and life starts to percolate. And June 21 brings a Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse—a day that could completely change your mindset and perspective. Out of the blue, you could have an aha moment, as the pieces come together and you figure out how to implement your big-picture vision.
This is the grand finale of a Cancer/Capricorn eclipse series that’s been activating your communication axis since July 2018, radically changing the way you speak, think and express yourself. These eclipses have touched your local and long-distance zones, and may have included travel, relocation or settling into a new neighborhood. This concluding eclipse could find you pondering a new place to call home or assessing your social circle with more discerning eyes. You may decide to finally commit to one specific project.
In 2020 there’s also a rare double-header of new moons in Cancer. The next one, on July 20, won’t be an eclipse, but it WILL bring together any missing puzzle pieces that are getting triggered by June’s lunation. Start mapping out your vision and get ready for another wave of action to kick off in July.
Are certain members of Team Taurus bringing you down? You might VOLUNTEER to socially distance yourself from a few energy vampires once foggy Neptune starts its annual five-month retrograde on June 22 (until November 28). While Neptune backspins through Pisces and your eleventh house of groups and technology, be extra mindful about who gets your time and attention now—and cut the distractions wherever you can. Got a case of “Zoom fatigue” from all those on-screen meetings? Take a break from the FaceTime frenzy and get out in nature. Reconnect with uplifting friends, even if you can’t hug it out yet. Tap some old contacts to help with that eclipse-inspired project you’re cooking up.
Another reason to surround yourself with positivity and support? From June 27 to January 6, energizer Mars will take an extra-long trip through Aries and your twelfth house of closure, healing and rest. Your batteries may be low—and you’ll definitely want to keep nurturing yourself and safeguarding your immune system now. This could be a richly spiritual and artistic time, so consider yourself on a bit of a retreat or a sabbatical (a funny thing to say after so many of us have been quarantined). Solitude might actually soothe your soul and help you log some uninterrupted hours on an important mission.
Is a major chapter of your life coming to a close? Or are you ready to finally dive into healing a deep-seated wound, behavior pattern or addiction? Mars in Aries is an ideal time to connect to the right therapist or resources to get to the other side of this. If you’ve got psychic or intuitive abilities, don’t be surprised if they’re heightened now. With Mars activating your subconscious sector, your dreams could be prophetic. Pay special attention to the messages you may be downloading while you sleep—from a “visit” from a departed loved one to powerful problem-solving. Say no to any demanding ventures that will only drain you. This is not the time to be the sacrificial martyr!
The month ends with the second of 2020’s three rare Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (meetups), a potent moment for growth and transformation. Supersizer Jupiter and powerhouse Pluto will unite in Capricorn and your eleventh ninth house of entrepreneurship, risk-taking and global relations on June 30. Look back to April 4, the first Jupiter-Pluto union, for clues of what may surface now. A visionary project could connect you with a faraway collaborator. Even if you can’t travel now, long-distance matters will figure into a key decision.
Both Jupiter and Pluto happen to be retrograde at this meetup, so things may proceed more slowly, or you could be working through some behind-the-scenes pieces of the puzzle. But on November 12, when they connect for the third and final time, all your work could pay off. You could launch something game-changing into the world—to much greater success than you imagined. 

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