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May 2021 Taurus Overview Horoscope

Taurus: Your May Horoscope at a Glance

Happy birthday season, Taurus! May starts with a burst of radiant energy, and your calendar quickly fills up with friends, fresh starts and solid productivity. This vibrant cycle lasts for three juicy weeks and promises big payoffs in the long run if you direct your energy wisely, especially at the May 11 Taurus new moon. You’ll want to take full advantage of this time, though, because the end of May could send you back to the drawing board with a work project. This could happen just as you’re feeling vulnerable and a bit more emotional under the beams of the lunar eclipse. Hold off on big decisions after the third week of May, as crucial pieces of the puzzle might surface closer to July.

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In an effort to help you “plan it by the planets” with greater ease, we’re experimenting with new formats for your Monthly Horoscope. Times have changed. There’s more information to process and less time to do so.
This month we’re presenting your horoscope with bold key dates to help you find the most important big-picture themes and put them into action. For even more detail, follow your daily and weekly horoscopes from us!

The Sun is in Taurus until May 20

With the Sun visiting Taurus until May 20, you’re the zodiac sign chosen to be #blessed by el Sol’s revitalizing rays. This solar-powered boost inspires you to charge into new initiatives and make fresh starts, with a special emphasis on solo projects. Tap into this independent, autonomous energy and put YOUR desires first.
You’re often so busy being the provider that your own goals get put on the back burner. What passion project has been gathering dust? Even devoting 30 minutes a day could result in significant progress.

Don’t force yourself to settle on any concrete direction or plan yet. Not only is eclipse season starting at the end of May, which could throw a new curveball into the mix, but this solar cycle is best used to experiment, brainstorm and explore your options.
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Money and work get a fresh start at the May 11 Taurus new moon

Clean page: incoming! Your personal new year arrives on Tuesday, May 11, at the annual Taurus new moon. This is the day to launch a new initiative or to start a new chapter. Whatever you embark on will unfold between now and the November 19 Taurus full moon, which happens to be a lunar eclipse.
Translation? You could get an extra helping of astounding results for whatever you embark on now, so be mindful of your messaging and method. Have you been wanting to speak up or take on a more public role? Take some initiative, Taurus. Refresh your social media profiles, post your opinion and throw your name into a hat for a big opportunity. Why NOT you? Make a clear and confident case for yourself and see what happens.

Jupiter visits Pisces from May 13 to July 28

Step away from the grind and go unwind! Abundant and expansive Jupiter enters Pisces on Thursday, May 13, activating your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A sudden boost in popularity—both social and professional—brings fresh energy into your world.

It will be a relief to blow off steam and let your hair down. Jupiter’s been in Aquarius since December 19, 2020, heating up your career sector and piling extra responsibilities on your shoulders. As a result, 2021 has been very mission-driven for Bulls, with your attention focused on your biggest goals.

Now you can relax a little, open up some time to connect to people NOT just for work purposes (Zoom vacation, anyone?). Instead of taking on the lion’s share of the work, delegate, collaborate and create a dream team. Open yourself up to new friendships instead of hanging exclusively with the same old crew. And make an effort to introduce new conversations and experiences with your squad if you’ve hit a pandemic plateau.

This is just a sneak preview of a longer trend that starts at the end of the year, when Jupiter enters Pisces for a lengthier visit. Start building your network of collaborators, group projects and friendships now, and you could cultivate quite an impressive—and inspiring—contact list by midsummer, when Jupiter moves back into Aquarius from July 28 to December 28.
New rules, Taurus: Your luck comes from “who you know” more than “what you do.” You’ll get back to the heavy lifting in late July—and you’ll have a lot more hands on deck to help!

Gemini season begins on May 20

Although you’ll be incorporating more play into your life with Jupiter in Pisces, it’s not time to cool your heels entirely. On Thursday, May 20, the Sun shifts gears into Gemini and your productive, profit-driven second house. As the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, you’re in your element, ready to roll up your sleeves and get working.
Did you make any major discoveries during your birthday season or dabble with a couple new passion projects? One particularly brilliant idea could gain traction, making it worthy of more time, attention and investment. (Maybe that taco truck isn’t a pipe dream after all?)
Gemini season also calls for an overall spring cleanup. Take stock of your routines. With the Sun in your stabilizing second house, this is a good time to implement regular times for meals, sleep and exercise. As a creature of habit, this should be music to your Taurean ears. When in doubt, cut the excess and aim for moderation.

Saturn turns retrograde from May 23 to October 10

You’ve been bearing a lot of responsibility this year, and if anyone’s up for the task, it’s you, Taurus. But has carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders left you needing to visit a chiropractor?

Take a couple steps back on Sunday, May 23, when structured Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius and your tenth house of career and recognition. Your progress toward big goals may slow down or require a trip back to the drawing board. Tweak, revise, review—and you’ll be ready for a strong comeback this fall.
If you’ve gotten a bit too fixated on your ambitions or boosting your status, reel it in. While it’s great to plan for the future, the Taurean sweet spot is actually the present moment. Why not savor it? Slow down and take things one step at a time.

Work could be particularly frustrating, with a stubborn client or boss who won’t budge. Don’t force your way through roadblocks or get frustrated if you don’t get an instant green light. Better to do it right than launch with a half-baked idea. Saturn retrograde is a time to strengthen your foundation and polish to perfection. While it might feel like an obstacle, you’ll be glad you didn’t put your name on something that’s below your standards.

Eclipse season begins on May 26 with the Sagittarius full supermoon eclipse

Bottled-up emotions could come rushing out at the end of the month—to your surprise and everyone else’s. On Wednesday, May 26, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse sweeps through your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources.
This eclipse, which is also a full supermoon, could bring a relationship to a dramatic turning point. Secrets could be revealed when you least expect it. You could see a surprise financial windfall or get important news about a legacy or partner’s financial situation. A real estate offer could come out of the blue. Is that you we see putting a down payment on your dream home or listing your property on the market?
Look back to December 14, 2020, when the corresponding Sagittarius new moon, also an eclipse, set the stage for today’s events. You could also page back to June 4, 2020, the prior Sagittarius lunar eclipse in this two-year series that’s radically reshuffling your approach to money, security and investments—both emotional and financial.
While you may be tempted to go to extremes, you might be wise to let the energy of the eclipse pass before making any irreversible declarations, like breaking up, investing your hard-earned funds or cutting ties.

Mercury spins retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 22

It ain't over till it’s over! On Saturday, May 29, messenger Mercury turns retrograde until June 22, scrambling signals with communication, technology and travel.
Mercury will backspin through capricious Gemini, stirring up mischief in your second house of finances and possessions. Double- and triple-check your accounts and take extra care with your budgeting and financial plans. Back up your technology and make sure your passwords are strong and up to date. Avoid impulse buying.
While you’re at it, think twice before you make declarative statements (especially in writing) or jump into financial decisions. Even with the best of intentions, it’s way too easy to miss important cues and end up in unnecessary hot water.

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