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February 2023 Taurus Overview Horoscope

Hang in there, Taurus. It’s been a heck of a ride for the past year. Maybe you’ve seen so many plot twists that you’ve come to expect a “surprise du jour” to be served by the universe. Since 2018, you’ve weathered the karmic north node, eclipses and destabilizing Uranus in your sign, along with other curveball cosmic influences. This has made it hard to plan and provide, two of your most cherished values. As a zodiac sign that loves security and dislikes surprises (unless they’re gifts, dinner reservations or tickets to an epic performance), your mettle has been repeatedly tested!

Good news: There’s a pot of gold at the end of this weird rainbow. However, it’s not coming until May 16. (Go ahead, pause and mark your calendar.) That day, lucky and adventurous Jupiter will move into Taurus, kicking off a fresh 12-year chapter of your life—and not a moment too soon. A cycle that began back in June 2011 (when Jupiter was last in Taurus) will complete. 

Until then, Jupiter will be slogging through Aries and your twelfth house of healing, rest and endings, as it’s been doing on and off since May 2022. You may have felt more tired than usual or experienced some setbacks. Jupiter’s message to you? Slow down and attend to your inner life—your emotions and your spirit. Also: What loose ends are left to tie up in the next two and a half months? Take care of that unfinished business, and you’ll have a clean slate in front of you when Jupiter spends a golden year in your sign.

Despite this, February is still a great month to pursue your goals. The Sun is in Aquarius and your tenth house of professional success until February 18, one of your peak career seasons. And there are NO retrograde planets, which leaves a clear runway! Even if you can’t quite get into a full-on rhythm yet, choose a couple of priorities and give them the lion’s share of your energy. 

Speaking of lions, the February 5 Leo full moon could bring a decisive moment to your home and family sector. And when Pisces season starts on February 18, group gatherings and friendships take the stage. With good company and fun events to look forward to, May 16 will be here before you know it. First, we’ll have some adjusting to do in March, though, when two major planets, Saturn and Pluto, make moves they haven’t performed in decades (centuries in the latter’s case). Your professional path should take a turn for the better—and the intriguing—when that happens. But we’ll save that for your March horoscope, Bull. Right now, more than ever, your invitation is to take life one moment at a time.

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It’s Aquarius season until February 18

Time to make a calculated move,? The Sun is marching through Aquarius and your tenth house of achievement until February 18, activating your ambition. Even though the universe is still firmly in charge of most decisions—and will happily remind you of that—you’re far from helpless. 

The key this year? Commit to your goals, but don’t force them. Your sign often starts with the outcome in mind. With your heightened sensory powers, you can practically touch, see, hear, even smell what it will be like when you reach your goal. So like any Bull would, you put your horns down and charge after it.

This Aquarius season, that formula won’t work. You’ll need to be willing to change course without warning, even if you weren’t astrologically designed to be that nimble. We acknowledge and applaud you for taking on this challenge, Taurus. The universe has tested you, and we promise—your reward is coming. 

But a funny thing might happen on the way to…well, wherever the heck you’re going. You may discover an entirely new passion or path. Even better? One might discover YOU! That’s what happens when you dial down the take-charge Taurus energy and put your agenda aside.

Take small actions every day that help you build both character and sustainable security as best as you can. What are your priorities, and are you spending enough time on them? We’re not suggesting you go back to pre-pandemic hustle culture. In fact, quite the opposite. Look for ways you can do less of the ineffective stuff and more of what moves the needle on your dreams.

The February 5 Leo full moon spotlights your personal life

Take a break from crushing your goals on February 5, when the year’s only Leo full moon illuminates your fourth house of home and family, cranking up the cozy vibes. With the spotlight on Chateau Toro, a domestic matter could capture your attention. 

Caution: This full moon could come with an extra side of Leo drama. A harsh T-square between the Sun, the full moon and erratic Uranus in Taurus could find you pulled between home, work demands and your own individual needs. If you’ve been suppressing your concerns to take care of everyone and everything else, frustration could flare under this dramatic full moon. 

Thinking of making a change to your living situation? This lunation could bring a real estate opportunity, a change of roommates or some other transition on your turf. The fourth house rules mothers and children, so pay close attention to those relationships under these bonding beams. Missing your loved ones? This full moon falls on a Sunday. Gather your inner circle for brunch and an epic catchup or a home-cooked dinner. Nostalgia will be flowing. For some Bulls, unexpected pregnancy news (yours or from someone close to you) could be in the cards.

Valentine’s Day outlook: a sexy escape?

Feel the smolder! V-Day 2023 will feature the moon in Sagittarius and your erotic eighth house. If you've got a willing partner, this could make for one steamy celebration, Cupid-style. Don’t turn down the opportunity to celebrate with friends, at least for part of the time. Romantic Venus and enchanting Neptune will make a close connection in Pisces and your social eleventh house. You’ll feel the unconditional love (and lighten up a little) being around people. 

But if plans get too complicated, keep the guest list small. For example, you might want ambience and privacy while a date or friends are looking for a big, flashy blowout. The key is remaining flexible. Even if you DO dress up and navigate the crowds or make a gourmet candlelight dinner that (hopefully) leads to the bedroom, keep your sense of humor intact. The best-laid plans are likely to need adjustment. Play it safe and avoid booking anything that necessitates rushing home early to get ready.

Reality check: the annual Sun-Saturn conjunction February 16 

Finding some holes in your goals? Your dreams could benefit from a dose of pragmatism today as the driven Sun makes its once-a-year meetup with pragmatic Saturn in your achievement zone. Before you hit the ground running on that ambitious agenda, make sure you’ve got a rock-solid game plan in place. Also, be realistic about your bandwidth. Do you really have the time to take on additional work? 

Saturn rules experts, mentors and certifications. Maybe you need to get some extra training or to hire an experienced professional to bring everything up to code. Perhaps the gap between your destination and your current knowledge base is too vast to fill alone. Reach out to a seasoned insider who can help you. But don’t expect them to do all the heavy lifting—you’ll have to show them that you’re a good horse to bet on before you ask them to open any doors.

Pisces season starts February 18 and Pisces new moon February 20

On February 18, the Sun moves into Pisces and your eleventh house of group activity, lightening the mood. While you'll still be focused on your grand ambitions, you can now weave them into your social life. Spend more time attending industry events and networking over coffee and drinks. Leave your agenda at the door and keep it real, with a focus on what truly matters to you. Others will find your authenticity refreshing, so let your candid side come out. Collaborate on cutting-edge ideas, especially ones that stand to improve society. There's power in numbers, Taurus, so choose your teammates wisely. 

Friendships and associations are up for evaluation on February 20, when the year’s only Pisces new moon refreshes your contact list. It's a great day to make a necessary change to your inner circle…or just to let the universe play matchmaker. Maybe you'll go out on a whim and stumble into a great party and meet a new set of kindred spirits. Or you might realize it's time to extricate yourself from a certain crowd that's felt out of sync with the person you're becoming. 

New moons are the perfect time to plant seeds, so brainstorm an epic collaboration, possibly one with a world-changing mission. Whatever the case, think carefully about who it is you're associating with since it will begin to have a ripple effect on your entire life now.

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