Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Your March Taurus Love Horoscope

Power couple status: achieved? Since right around Valentine’s Day, love planets Venus and Mars have been in Aquarius and your tenth house of long-term plans, status and sophistication. Venus is here until March 11 and Mars until March 22, putting you in the mood to define a relationship and pursue some lofty #couplegoals.
This is hardly off-brand for you, Taurus. Your sign ultimately prefers to team up with a rock-solid companion who’s worth the long-term investment. You won’t take yourself “off the market” for just anyone! You take pride in your discerning taste, and that goes for the people you love too.
As the month progresses, however, you might find yourself itching for a little more room to roam. Venus and Mars will shift into Pisces and your nomadic eleventh house of fun and friendship. Romantic Venus (your ruler) enters Pisces from March 11 (staying till April 5), infusing your love life with lightness and levity.
If you're attached, the couple bubble might make you feel a bit claustrophobic, upping your craving for more independence. But rather than make that a challenge for the relationship, open up a little more space to put the petty stuff in perspective and let your hearts grow fonder. 
Single? Don't push for commitment just because you’re not comfortable with uncertainty. Keep things casual and enjoy this flirty phase! Have those swiping fingers at the ready and let yourself enjoy getting to know people. With Venus in your tech-savvy, communal eleventh house, you could meet someone great on the dating apps or through mutual friends. 
Once sizzling Mars jumps into Pisces (March 22 to April 30), your prospects get even hotter—all the more reason not to rush into a serious commitment before it’s time. Bear that in mind while Mars is in Aquarius and your goal-getter tenth house for the first part of March. Establishing a formal commitment too soon could lead to serious FOMO and second thoughts later in the month. 
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