Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Taurus Love Horoscope

For the first half of May, you could be torn between fantasy and hard-boiled reality as the cosmic lovebirds, Venus and Mars, belt out very different tunes. Venus, your ruler, is taking an annual retreat in Aries and your wistful twelfth house until March 15, which can make your thoughts slightly impractical and cause you to get lost in your daydreams. Is there someone you need to forgive—or unfriend because of their toxic and draining effect? Over the next two weeks, make a bold move that will open your heart and let in more love. When Venus unites with lucky Jupiter on March 2, you could have a heart-opening moment, perhaps a night when you feel a soulmate-level connection.
Meanwhile, action planet Mars is stomping through cerebral Gemini and your grounded second house of security (AKA the “Taurus house”) until March 25. This is the end of a long, seven-month visit here, and it’s been eye-opening! Anything not solid and reliable won’t cut it for the red planet, leaving you torn between an aching attraction and the need for a firm commitment. Ask those important questions, and if you don’t get an answer (or a vibe) you’re comfortable with, take a pass. For couples, money has likely been a source of tension during this Mars transit. Rather than bicker about it, work together to get your shared expenses under control. Watch your social spending, especially when Mars squares Neptune one last time on March 14.

On March 16, the winds change direction! Venus shifts into YOUR sign until April 11, filling your charm tanks with super premium and making you irresistible. On March 25, Mars parades into Cancer your gregarious third house until May 20, gifting you with witty banter and putting you in social spirits. If you’re single, use these superpowers judiciously so you don't end up with a bunch of superficial admirers and no real options (unless, of course, you're in the mood for some no-strings spring flings).

One major day to watch is March 30. That day, Venus will make a once-a-year conjunction with changemaker Uranus—and both planets are in Taurus. There’s no telling what you’ll do under these spontaneous skies! You could declare your love for someone or you might have a sudden urge to break free. Try talking about it first, Taurus. Assertive Mars in your communication sector makes a golden trine to serious Saturn in your visionary eleventh house. Have an open discussion about what you both want for the future. If it doesn’t align, you can both be mature about it and wish each other well, perhaps moving to establish a friendship. 

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