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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Your December Taurus Money Horoscope

Bull’s-eye! December's stars could find you signing on the dotted line, with the Sagittarius Sun heating up your eighth house of joint ventures and long-term wealth until December 21. With driven Mars also here until January 4, turn your attention to things that will pay off in a big way. Joint ventures also fall under the eighth-house domain, making this an exciting time to share resources and combine your superpowers.

But don't rush into anything binding without poring over the fine print (or running it past a lawyer). Communication planet Mercury is spinning retrograde from December 13 to January 1, meaning you need to give all contracts extra scrutiny and review every detail with vigilance. 

With Mercury backing through Sagittarius and your detailed eighth house starting on December 23, it’ll be easy for vital elements to slip past your watchful eye. Perform any necessary background checks and do your research—then move forward if you get the all-clear signal after the retrograde ends. A large expense could stress you out, so don't go crazy with holiday gifting, especially if you're tempted to put a lot on credit cards. Even if you do have the funds, be sure to check your receipts and statements since Mercury retrograde in this fiscal zone could signal an error.

On December 21, the Sun glides into Capricorn and your risk-taking ninth house. You should get the cosmic green light soon, and possibly even a bigger and better offer that makes you glad you waited.

But the real moment du jour happens on December 30, when lucky Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in Taurus and bolts through the 2024 starting gates, lighting up your luck all the way until May 25. Talk about a head start!

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