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April 2021 Leo Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Widen your viewfinder, Leo! The new month puts you in adventurous spirits as the Sun visits Aries and your ninth house of expansion and exploration until April 19. While you may not be able to travel unrestricted, there are plenty of ways you can broaden your horizons within city limits.
From tackling a new topic of study to launching an indie business venture to publishing your ideas, you’ve got the urge to share and connect. And if you CAN find a way to safely vacation, even with a day trip or an Airbnb rental, Aries season would be an ideal time.
You’ll have no trouble finding a few curious companions to join you while go-getter Mars is in Gemini and your friendship zone until April 23. Teaming up with a cutting-edge collaborator on a project could also yield ingenious results.
Things settle into a more grounded groove starting April 19, when the Sun slips into Taurus and your tenth house of career, long-term goals and structure for a month. It’s an ambitious cycle, but also a time to regulate your energy starting April 23, when energizer Mars powers down for six weeks in Cancer and your restful twelfth house. Prioritize and conserve your resources for the stuff that matters! When you’re not busy taking over the world, indulge in exquisite self-care and indulgent breaks, ideally near water.

Week 1: April 1-11
Get growing

Keep going big—and even bigger—for the first week and a half of April. Aries season is helping you see things from the most expansive angle possible, so let yourself explore new ideas before dismissing any. As the saying goes, throw some spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks. (Pardon the too-terrible-to-resist pun about “pasta-bilities”…but seriously, Leo, no concept is too out-there for you to spend at least five or ten minutes thinking through!)
On Sunday, April 11, the year’s only Aries new moon could really inspire an epiphany. You may suddenly see things from a perspective that wasn’t even in your realm of thinking before. An opportunity to travel, publish your ideas or be part of an exciting startup could arise. No need to rush, Leo. Even small steps embarked on today will unfold between now and the October 20 Aries full moon.
Watch out for a tricky square between pushy Mars and foggy Neptune on Friday, April 9. You can get easily distracted and wrapped up in your tunnel-vision thoughts, which could make you prickly or accident-prone. It doesn’t help that the moon is in its cranky balsamic phase, so you may not have your wits about you.
You might suspect a friend or colleague has been talking behind your back or even that someone has betrayed you. Before you voice those concerns aloud, make sure you have all the facts. The Mars-Neptune square can make you more than a little bit paranoid today, and you don’t want to clean up a mess that comes from hurling an unfounded accusation. Even if you DO confirm that your worst fears are true, you’ll still want to be strategic about how you handle this (pro tip: best NOT to do it from a place of hurt feelings and heated emotions).

Week 2: April 12-18
Look before you leap

The week begins in the inspired wake of the Aries new moon, so you’re likely brimming with energy and eager to get started on an exciting new project. But on Saturday, April 17, two planetary alignments flag some important points to consider before you barrel ahead.
First, the Sun makes its semiannual square to powermonger Pluto, which is your analytical and detail-oriented sixth house. Have you bitten off more than you can chew with an ambitious endeavor? This is your cue to stop, assess and take stock of schedules, budgets and all the “boring” yet essential facets that can spell the difference between success and failure.
A Sun-Pluto square can be intense, pushing us to confront our shadow natures and overcome limiting beliefs. You could see how your own inner micromanager sabotages your dreams or how perfectionism holds you back. It won’t be easy to admit, but it will certainly be liberating! Watch out for ego battles and power struggles under this aspect. Caught in a fierce war of two people trying to be right? Employ the magic phrases “You’re right” or “I’m sorry” (even if it eats you up inside to say it!), and the other party will lay down their sword, too.  
Your reward? A friendship or relationship could rocket to incredible new levels this Saturday. Action planet Mars and expansive Jupiter will unite in a harmonious trine in the partnership zones of your chart. With generosity, openhearted honesty and direct communication, you could gain enough confidence in your bond to make a dynamic duo official, and maybe even to transform a foe into an ally! 

Week 3: April 19-25
Goal makeover

Time to recalibrate your goals, Leo! Start the week on a mission as the Sun marches into Taurus and your ambitious, success-driven tenth house on Monday, April 19. Many Leos will be in heavy career (or job-hunting) mode for the next month, hyper-focused on your responsibilities.
Set some grand milestones that you’d like to reach and start working toward them one step at a time. You could very soon find yourself on the receiving end of meaningful positive attention—or even get dubbed with an impressive-sounding new job title. Not sure which path to pursue? Tap a coach or mentor to help you gain more clarity. The next six weeks are a great time to explore all kinds of options, including creative and spiritual ones.
Plan for some peaceful me-time on Friday, April 23, and beyond, as energizer Mars downshifts into empathic Cancer, settling into your twelfth house of healing, release and the imagination until June 11. During this time, you could do some deep soul-searching, perhaps mourning or releasing a part of your life that you’ve outgrown. Cancerian energy tends to be nostalgic and can take on guilt feelings—so go easy on yourself when it comes to past “mistakes.”
Don’t force yourself to define a new path just yet, either: On June 11, when Mars moves into Leo, you’ll be ready to take all those sensitive musings and roar into action.

Week 4: April 26-30
Home and career get a boost

Set your sights on personal matters as the week begins. On Monday, April 26, the annual Scorpio full moon beams into your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Are you looking to make a change to your living situation? Since full moons can bring endings and transitions, you might be ready to bid adieu to one address and start packing the moving truck for another. This lunar light could also portend a renovation project, new roommates or a person leaving your household.
Have your loved ones been hankering for your undivided attention? Set aside your many projects early this week and connect. Nothing warms a Leo’s heart more than cozy family time anyway, so gather with your clan safely (here’s hoping vaccinations or other precautions make that possible IRL).

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got in motion. You’ll feel this strongest around home, family and relationships—key areas—as this full moon pushes you to bring more balance to the most important parts of your life.
Tune in to your body with extra care starting Tuesday, April 27, when secretive Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your sixth house of health and wellness. Between now and October 6, pay attention to the mind-body-spirit connection, and don’t ignore any nagging aches and pains. We’re not saying they’re anything, but since Pluto can rule things that are hidden from our view, it’s always best to check with a doctor if you sense that something is off.
With transformational Pluto in the zone of your chart that rules digestion, do some work to strengthen your gut health, from a microbiome test to popping a daily probiotic to drinking more water. The gut has been called the “second brain,” and keeping yours in good shape can be beneficial to your energy levels.
The week ends with a 180-degree turnabout on Friday, April 30, as the bold Sun and changemaker Uranus make their annual conjunction (meetup) in Taurus. This dynamite duo will shake up your tenth house of career and long-term goals, possibly bringing a job offer or change of professional path out of the blue. 

You may be inspired to break out of a confining role, even if you don’t necessarily have your next move lined up. This is a day when shocking moves or unexpected news can happen. But with the confident Sun in your corner, you’ll quickly turn any lemons into lucrative lemonade!

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