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June 2021 Leo Overview Horoscope

Your June Horoscope at a Glance 

Downshift, Leo! As June gets underway, you’ll feel energized and social—but with Mercury retrograde, you’ll need to pace yourself so you don’t burn out. You’ve got places to go and people to see, and you’ll pack as much as you can in for the first three weeks of the month. Just know that you (and everyone) may be struggling a bit with crossed wires and mixed signals. Midmonth, the second of 2021’s three Saturn-Uranus squares could challenge your work schedule and find you juggling way more projects and deadlines than you expected. The energy downshifts considerably after June 20, when the Sun sinks into Cancer and your twelfth house of rest, putting you in a nostalgic, introspective mood. Treat yourself to some extra rest, check your self-care routines and choose ease over hustle. It’s all in preparation for your grand reentry when Leo season (and your birthday) arrive with a roar next month.

The Sun is in Gemini until June 20

With the Sun in chatty multitasker Gemini and your eleventh house of groups and friends until Sunday, June 20, leave plenty of time to step away from the grind and go mingle safely. All your group efforts and collaborations will enjoy a nice boost. That will kick into even higher gear when energizer Mars moves into your sign on Friday, June 11. Impatient Mars might make it hard for you to relax, so make sure to balance your rest and “go” time.
With communicator Mercury retrograde for most of the month, you’ll risk scrambled signals and frustrating do-overs if you try too hard to push your ideas and plans now. Update your passwords (and make sure you safely stash the new ones!), back up your work and hold off on any big purchases for now. Instead, do a quick scan to see if you have any unfinished business you can wrap up, which is always a good workaround when Mercury’s in a backspin.

Mars and Pluto get heated on June 5

You’ve been letting go of a lot of inner baggage, Leo—in some instances because you had no choice but to do so! With action planet Mars in Cancer and your subconscious twelfth house, healing, endings and transitions have been accelerated since April 23. Mars is here until June 11, then the red planet will blaze into your sign, prompting some rapid fresh starts. Amen to that!
But on June 5, Mars will deliver a parting shot when he opposes Pluto, the planet of hidden phenomena and the unconscious, in your micromanaging sixth house. This could be a volatile face-off that brings up old resentments, anger and fear—along with an impulse to project those onto another person through harsh criticism.
Watch those judgmental words, Leo. Lashing out could lead to an unpleasant verbal counterattack. Examine your own psychological motives, especially around control and denial. A powerful breakthrough might be on its way if you can set your ego aside. Control freak alert! You may discover that you’re causing yourself to suffer unnecessarily by refusing to surrender or accept support.
If you're dealing with a health or medical issue, this Mars opposition calls for the right balance of traditional techniques and holistic remedies (Reiki, acupuncture, et al.). “As within, so without” is your mantra during this turbulent transit.

The June 10 Gemini solar eclipse brings a fresh start to collaborations

Better together? While you’re perfectly fine commanding the spotlight or helming a leadership post, imagine combining your superpowers with a dream team, Leo. That possibility becomes potently real on June 10, when the annual Gemini new moon rides in as a supercharged solar eclipse. A new synergy could spark, or you may get an opportunity to join forces with an avant-garde group, particularly around a common cause. This experimental lunar lift also spotlights technology and innovation. You might launch the beta version of a website, app or digital endeavor—or plant the seeds for one you can develop between now and the December 18 Gemini full moon. 

Exciting as it all is, know that the eclipse will be in close proximity to Mercury retrograde and in a loose 90-degree square to deceptive Neptune. So go ahead and field offers or take a toe-in-the-water approach with a trial collaboration. But unless you have a rock-solid offer in place, avoid signing on ANY dotted lines until June 22, and preferably even until the next new moon, which is on July 9.

Saturn and Uranus clash again on June 14

Midmonth could find you pulled between your key relationships and career goals as Saturn and Uranus square off in their second of 2021’s three challenging duels (https://astrostyle.com/aspects/square). Even your natural juggling skills can’t hold up an arrangement that lacks adequate support, infrastructure and other crucial elements.

As rules-driven Saturn in your relationship house wrestles disruptive Uranus in your career zone, temporary chaos could force you to recalibrate your goals, agreements and contracts. Are you carrying too much of the weight in some area? Do you have unfinished projects, unfulfilled commitments or something you signed up for that you’re just not feeling? Whether it’s a romance, friendship or business arrangement, you may decide to exit or change the terms up radically. It’s only fair—if it doesn’t work for one of you, then it doesn’t work for either of you. 

Look back to February 17, the first of these Saturn-Uranus squares, then ahead to December 24, when a third one will arrive to help sort out what you begin addressing today. Have you been dimming your light so they can shine? It’s time for radical honesty. Perhaps you’ve allowed a close person to lean too heavily on your strength and resources. Addressing it authentically will be crucial if you hope to forge middle ground.

It’s Cancer season (and summer solstice) starting June 20

Once homey Cancer season arrives on Sunday, June 20 (and Mercury ends its retrograde on June 22), your energy will shift significantly. As the Sun sinks into your twelfth house of self-care and endings, you can spend the next month tying up loose ends before Leo (and birthday) season arrive. It’s a nice day for a change of pace. This year, June 20 also happens to be the summer solstice (https://astrostyle.com/summer-solstice/) AND Father’s Day. Enjoy 2021’s longest sunlit hours in the northern hemisphere by paying extra attention to your home and loved ones. Since the Sun will be lighting up your zone of rest and introspection, make sure you have lots of quiet time built into your schedule to process the past and ponder the future. Distance yourself from any draining people though, as you just won’t have the time and energy for drama!

But Jupiter also goes retrograde on June 20

From June 20 to October 18, the planet of growth and risk-taking will backspin in its annual four-month retrograde, splitting its time between Pisces and Aquarius, the two signs that rule your most deeply committed relationship zones. As optimistic Jupiter slows down, be careful who you get into bed with—literally and figuratively—especially while Jupiter reverses through Pisces until July 28. The eighth house rules sex and intimacy, and over the next month, you could have second thoughts about a recent steamy affair, or it may progress at a slower pace than you’d like. Couples may hit a familiar stumbling block around trust issues. A tempting but toxic ex could also resurface.
Perhaps you never fully resolved a trust issue, Leo, or you’re hanging on to an old wound. This retrograde cycle is your chance to plumb the emotional depths and transform that. Maybe you need to get vulnerable in ways that aren’t comfortable for you. Don’t shy away from seeking professional support (coaching, therapy) if a business or romantic relationship hits a wall. Warning: Treating your friends like amateur therapists will backfire now, so don’t burden them with your troubles.

Mercury retrograde is OVER June 22

At last! The three weeks of technology, communication and plan-making mixups, courtesy of Mercury retrograde, are over. While you may still feel some “retroshade” from Mercury’s shadow period (https://astrostyle.com/stationing-planets/) until July 7, the double dose of tech troubles and friend drama that Mercury’s been trying to serve you can be sent back with a polite but firm “no thank you.”

Close the deal at the June 24 Capricorn full moon

When the organized Capricorn full moon lights up your sixth house of health, routine and service on Thursday, June 24, it’s prime time to kick off your summer fitness plans. Should you switch up your eating habits, try a new fitness modality or join a morning boot camp? Look back to the January 13 Capricorn new moon for clues about what you might be ready to manifest now. The sixth house rules gut health, so this is a good moment to pay attention to your digestion and which foods agree with you. Feeling like a seasonal detox or short cleanse? Check with your doctor (and while you’re at it, schedule any overdue checkups) or a naturopath about any programs or supplements that might be beneficial for you.

One more retrograde (Neptune) starts June 25 (total of 4 planets)

Happily ever after: interrupted? On June 25, hazy Neptune will turn retrograde, making its annual five-month backspin until December 1. With Neptune reversing through your intimate and introspective eighth house, you may have second thoughts about a relationship or emotional entanglement. Do you need to unknot a few codependent cords? If you've gotten too consumed by someone else, this is time to pull back a little and tend to your own life.
Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto are also retrograde, and the first two are backsliding through relationship zones of your chart. This indicates that an important decision (or lots of indecision) in a key partnership is possible over the summer. If you’ve been short on quality time with your favorite people (from the pandemic, a busy schedule or both), use this “high retrograde season” to deepen your bond.
If you’re pondering an investment or joint business venture, you may need to do more research before making a binding decision. A property matter could be on the table: Should you move, rent, sell? Neptune retrograde could actually lift some of the fog and confusion, allowing puzzle pieces you've overlooked to fall into place. Take your time—and question everything. Pause and notice whether old fears are causing you to project anxiety onto others or behave in a controlling manner.

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