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March 2023 Leo Overview Horoscope

We’re not gonna lie, Leo: Even for a fierce and full-bodied sign like yours, March is gonna be a lot. It’s the busiest month in the skies of 2023, with two major, slow-moving outer planets—Saturn and Pluto—returning to zodiac signs they haven’t visited since 1996 and 1798 respectively! 

These momentous transits will happen a mere two weeks apart from each other. On March 7, in the glow of the Virgo full moon, structured Saturn will exit Aquarius and your relationship house after three years. Then alchemical Pluto picks up the baton and moves into Aquarius (its first sign change since 2008!) from March 23 to June 11, a sneak preview of Pluto’s upcoming 20-year transit through this sign that starts in earnest in November 2024. From then until 2044, which feels unimaginable at this point, relationships will continue to be a powerful wellspring of transformation for you. 

Who you partner with and how you do it can take you to the lowest depths of codependence or the heights of soulmate ecstasy. (Pluto traffics in extremes, Leo.) And that will be reinforced by Saturn’s next move into Pisces and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and long-term wealth. From March 7, 2023, until February 13, 2026, you’re enrolled in Saturn’s boot camp, where you’ll slowly and steadily gain new skills and habits in these areas. While the Sun is in Pisces until March 20, you have extra cosmic reinforcement to usher you into this new Saturn era. Who will be the most loyal, long-term members of Team Leo? You’re sure to find out.

Take a few breaks from all the interpersonal stuff starting March 20, when the Sun soars into Aries and your adventurous, visionary ninth house for a month. Your big goals and dreams get a spring awakening, buoyed by the March 21 new moon, curious Mercury AND lucky Jupiter all in Aries. You love nothing more than a good round of blue-sky brainstorming and basking in possibilities. Use the next four weeks to do this!

Need a break from a draining situation that isn’t reaching a resolution? Carve time to put your batteries into “rest” mode on March 25, when energy planet Mars starts a two-month visit to Cancer and your twelfth house of rest, endings and healing. You can work hard and play hard all you want this month, as long as you balance it with an equal amount of rest. 

Since late last Leo season (August 20, 2022), Mars has been in Gemini and your social eleventh house, a busy and exciting time for teamwork and collaborations. Now Mars takes its biennial sabbatical (two months in Cancer) until May 20, when it will move into Leo and power up your passions (and passion projects) until July 10. Until then, conserve your energy and complete all those unfinished items so you can be ready to greet this opportune cycle!

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It’s Pisces season until March 20

Privacy please! Even if March comes in like your signature totem animal, you're more likely to be found deep in your lair rather than pouncing on prey or preening on a sun-dappled rock. With the Sun in Pisces and your eighth house of intimacy, merging and deep emotional reflection, you're in "focus mode." A project or relationship could take up the, er, lion's share of your attention until March 20.

With the Sun in this psychic sector, your perceptions will be especially keen. Use this time for research and sleuthing or to do some deep inner work. You’ll crave more time with your innermost circle, particularly one special person, so use Pisces season to catch up on quality time with your top-tier loved ones. You just won’t have the emotional energy for small talk and superficial encounters. Shield your field since this intuitive time makes you prone to absorbing people’s emotions. You don’t need to carry their excess baggage, Leo! 

The March 7 Virgo full moon highlights security and money

What does security feel like to you? You’ll have a moment of illumination on this very subject when the March 7 full moon arrives in Virgo and your stabilizing second house. This lunar lift gives you a blast of confidence as it plants your paws on solid ground and reminds you of your highest values. What do you stand for, Leo? It's a worthwhile experiment to question that, but today's full moon can reconnect you to those core principles that have always guided you. Let them be your compass, even if you're reinventing your life with a new career path, a relationship change or some other shift that’s bumped you out of your comfort zone.

Ready to pivot into the profit zone? These manifesting moonbeams in your second house of work and money shine a spotlight on how you earn. Around this day, you could get a bump in pay, a job offer or a promotion. The full moon will form a fast-moving trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, in your career sector. Translation: Expect the unexpected when it comes to your work today. Another company could entice you away from your current gig with a sweet deal. Or you might connect with someone, perhaps through friendly DMs or an introduction by a mutual colleague, and feel surprising synergy!

A reminder that the real riches lie within you, Leo: Do you value yourself enough to know that you’re worth a proper asking price? Or do you habitually undercharge and undersell what you’re offering? This full moon is your chance to take inventory and correct course as needed.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7

Going deep! An intense and intimate cycle begins this March 7, when heavyweight Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time this century, starting a three-year march through your eighth house of merged energies, shared property and joint ventures. Between now and 2026, you’ll be learning important lessons about how you combine your resources with other people. 

Certain relationships will go the distance while others might need structural repair to survive. During this Saturn cycle, you may go through couple’s therapy, a legal process or some formal program to help you gain new skills. If you’ve got debt, Saturn in this wealth-savvy zone can help you slowly pay it off. You could make an investment or buy property—but take care with that. Restrictive Saturn will ask you to play the long game, meaning you may not see returns for several years. There won’t be any overnight wealth here, so avoid any get-rich-quick offers like the plague. 

This cycle is something of a cosmic paradox: Saturn is the ruler of boundaries, but the eighth house is all about “becoming one” with another person. Much of this cycle will be about untangling what’s yours and what’s theirs, be that property or emotional baggage. 

Are you carrying too much of the load in a relationship? As much as you’d like to change someone or even lift their burden, Saturn sounds the call for healthy detachment. We’re not saying you should let a loved one suffer or fall apart. But there’s a point where people have to do the work and learn their own lessons. By interfering, you do them a disservice and prevent them from learning crucial survival skills. (A question: What might YOU be avoiding in your own life by trying to manage someone else’s affairs?) If you’ve been rushing in for the save with a business partner or bailing someone out financially, this Saturn cycle will impart similar lessons. 

Saturn was last in Pisces from May 21, 1993, to April 7, 1996. If you’re old enough to remember that time, look back for clues of what might resurface now. (And if you were born then, welcome to your very first Saturn return!

Overall, you’re in a six-year stretch of maturity and growth around relationships. Saturn entered Aquarius and your committed partnership house on March 21, 2020, right as the first pandemic lockdowns started in the United States. Since then, you’ve taken a more “grownup” approach to your dynamic duos. (Cue the 2.0 round of Leo-Leo couple Bennifer that resulted in a wedding and blended families.) 

Tough lessons have come with this, but it’s nothing your devoted and dutiful sign can’t handle if you approach this next chapter with humility and take pride in facing any shortcomings, challenges or personal demons. That starts with admitting that you don’t have all the answers, and knowing that’s okay. Saturn is a wise teacher, and his curriculum is life experience. Surrender, be vulnerable and this process will be a whole lot easier. Allow the mystery to unfold. Instead of asking “why me?” in a victim-y way, ask “why NOT me?” and step into your power from there.

Final Mars-Neptune square on March 14

Not all secrets are meant to be shared, Leo. While you might consider yourself an open book with nothing to hide, the March 14 square between outspoken Mars and mysterious Neptune challenges you to keep certain things in the vault. This is the third of three recent clashes between these planets (the other two were on October 12 and November 19 last year), which may have served up some painful lessons about trusting too readily.

As Mars in Gemini and your groups sector clashes with foggy Neptune in your intimacy zone, you might realize that a bestie is veering into frenemy terrain—or at least hasn’t been keeping your confidences as loyally as you’d hope. Are you the one sharing another person’s sensitive intel? It could come back around to you. Under this starmap, seemingly incriminating data could surface on someone’s phone or social feeds. Don’t go looking if you don’t want to find…and similarly, think twice about what YOU post or text! At the same time, rushing to conclusions with foggy Neptune and hotheaded Mars entangled is a recipe for needless drama.

Strengthen your passwords and guard against identity theft since Neptune is also muddling your long-term finances and investments. We don’t want to scare you—this is important to do on a regular basis no matter how the stars align. But things can slip through the cracks under a difficult Neptune aspect, making it a good time to exercise additional caution.

Aries season starts March 20 and Aries new moon is March 21

You can pull yourself out of tunnel vision starting March 20, when the Sun enters Aries and your optimistic, adventurous ninth house, turning your focus to the big picture. Whatever you were obsessing about will suddenly seem less fraught. As your fixated spell wears off, you'll see a world of new (and probably much better) options. 

Don’t sit around waiting for that to happen, though, Leo: Get out and change the channel. With el Sol in your globetrotting ninth house, it's time to use a few vacation days or get busy planning a bucket-list trip. Can't get away? Expand your horizons with a class or workshop. Start sketching the outline of an indie business venture or drafting a thought-provoking social media post that could be the inspo for your own blog. 
A great day to follow your bliss is March 21, when the Aries new moon kicks off an adventurous new cycle. With worldly Jupiter AND expressive Mercury both in Aries today, there’s no limits on how far or wide your big ideas might travel. Plant the seeds for those supersized dreams. Need more incentive? A month from now, on April 20, the skies will serve up a rare second Aries new moon, which will also be a potent solar eclipse. 

Something big is coming, Leo, so open the channels! Start laying the foundation now by shifting to an optimistic mindset. Silly as it might feel, saying a mantra to yourself in the mirror like “I’m open to new possibilities” will give the universe the green light signal to start sending cosmic abundance in your direction. 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23

Relationship school is in session, and this curriculum is even longer than a K-12 stretch! On March 23, transformational Pluto picks up the baton from Saturn, moving into Aquarius until June 11—the first leg of a longer visit that will last from November 2024 to January 2044. 

You learned from hosting Saturn in Aquarius from March 21, 2020, to March 7, 2023, that the company you keep really does impact how far you can go and grow. Now Pluto takes a deeper cut on those lessons. As the saying goes, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” In the next three months, you’ll become keenly aware of subtle relationship dynamics as well as how the people around you might be mirroring different parts of yourself. 

If you keep attracting the “same” troubling person or dynamic, Pluto will help you unearth how they’re a vibrational match for an unhealed part of yourself. Rather than shun the messenger, look at everyone in your life as a helpful guide, pointing the way to where you can grow.

Pluto was last in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, so nobody REALLY knows what it will spin up this go-round. Yes, we saw the birth of the USA and the French Revolution—and since transformational Pluto’s in Aquarius, the sign of society, it would be fair to expect some deep systemic changes ahead. 

But the more helpful inquiry would be to ask: What revolutions will be happening within YOU? With Pluto in Aquarius, you’re getting a view of who you could be for other people as a leader, partner and ally.

Since January 2008, Pluto’s been in Capricorn and your sixth house of health, organization and helpful people. You’ve been learning powerful (and sometimes painful) lessons about micromanaging and delegating, as well as managing your own energy levels. As Pluto weaves between Capricorn and Aquarius between June 2023 and November 2024, you can start applying the important things you’ve learned about self-care, stress, burnout and perfectionism in these past 15 years. Could you help others avoid these pitfalls, or perhaps champion healthy relationships from your own experiences? You’ll get a peek at future possibilities from Pluto this spring.

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