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September 2021 Leo Overview Horoscope

Practical matters first! The first three weeks of September are a time to roll up the sleeves of your denim jacket and get back to business. Summer’s winding down, it’s Virgo season until September 22, and the Sun is circulating through your second house of work, money and routines. With energizer Mars also in Virgo until September 14 along with a September 6 Virgo new moon, the stars are revving up your revenue streams! A Pisces full moon on September 20 could bring a large lump sum or an investment opportunity. A relationship or joint venture could also turn uber-official. 
But don’t rush into anything binding before you’re ready! All five of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are all still in slowed-down retrograde this month. It’s a much better time to scale back and correct course before charging ahead with big plans. And with Mercury joining the retrograde brigade from September 27 to October 18, communication, technology and plans could get scrambled. You may want to hold off on any major initiatives until later in October to give yourself a chance to really think stuff through.

The Sun is in Virgo until September 22

Back to reality, Leo! September is always one of your most practical and productive months as the Sun moves through Virgo and your stabilizing second house until September 22. This year’s Leo season was especially potent because energizer Mars was in your sign for part of it. Lots of change and excitement were afoot, but now it’s time to settle into a more focused groove. This month, you can start building your birthday visions into something tangible—and potentially profitable—as back-to-school season begins.

Mars is busy in the first week of September

Hang on to your wallet—and get ready to make some money moves! Go-getter Mars is in Virgo and your second house of work and money until September 14. In the first few days of the month, the red planet will make a couple of cosmic contacts that can impact your finances.

On September 2, Mars faces off in a tense opposition to hazy Neptune in your eighth house of lump sums, which could tempt you to plunk down hard-earned moolah on a big-ticket item. Is it an investment…or a money pit? If you recently came into some unexpected funds, you might feel like cash is burning a hole in your pocket. Don't rush to spend it all in one place, Leo. Instead of leaping into a big financial commitment, do your research. Make sure this will really deliver the returns you want and that you're not being overly optimistic.

Less is more on September 6 as a powerful connection between unstoppable Mars and transformative Pluto in the grounded corners of your chart fuels your desire to clean house—literally and figuratively. Granted, this isn't a two-hour project, but taking even a few steps now can create momentum that will last for weeks. Start with the obvious material excess: What can you donate to charity or upcycle among friends? Don't be afraid to leave some spaces blank. Energetically this creates room for new opportunities. Ready to start some new, sustainable wellness habits for fall? The Mars-Pluto trine gives you the focus and grit to make that change. Approach it as an adventure and have fun with the process! Remember, Leo: Suffering is optional.

The September 6 Virgo new moon brings a fresh start to finances

The September 6 Virgo new moon shifts you into gear with practical plans as it beams into your second house of work, money and habits. You could start an exciting new assignment at work, receive a plum job offer or get a handle on your budget. Where would you like to be by the Virgo full moon on March 18, 2022? Make a step-by-step financial roadmap, or at least rough out an estimate. 

But be sure to leave room for some exciting surprises! The new moon will form a potent trine to changemaker Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and radical change, which is in Taurus and your tenth house of career and success. An offer could come out of the blue or from a totally unpredictable source. Hang onto your hat, Leo: It could be one of those things where you have to start in two days, consider relocation or some other wild-card factor. 

Mars enters Libra on September 14, revving up your social life

Power up your partnerships! From September 14 to October 30, energizer Mars will soar through Libra, a biennial blaze that dials up exciting dialogue and cranks up collaborations. You might team up on a project that stokes your creative fires or become the spokesperson championing a worthy cause. Since the third house rules neighborhoods, community action could call your name. Local politics could even be compelling to leadership-driven Lions.
Before you light any roaring fires, though, a warning: Mars can add excitement and stress in equal doses. With aggro Mars in your communication house, you can come across as pushy or combative if you’re not careful. Rather than deliver your message quite so emphatically, first see if it gets through with a slightly gentler tone. In Libra, Mars is in “detriment”, a weakened position because the warrior planet is a bit uncomfortable hanging out in the sign of peace. It could be hard to get in sync or find the right tone. Choose your battles, Leo, and try to listen and talk in equal proportions!

The Pisces full moon on September 20 brings up deep emotions

The divine is in the details! On September 20, the full moon lands in Pisces and your focused eighth house of intimacy, merging and detailed work. All the more reason to take a sharp-eyed look at the finer points instead of getting swept up in the moment. This full moon illuminates your closest ties and asks you to consider which ones can go the distance. Is there a requisite amount of trust and an equitable investment of time, energy or money? If one of you is pulling more energetic weight than the other, the full moon will demand that you address that.
Have you been considering a joint venture or a binding relationship? This extreme full moon could find you either all the way in…or totally out. An engagement, pregnancy or permanent partnership move is possible now. You might also decide to make a big investment, perhaps buying or selling property or building your portfolio. The illuminating full moon helps you inspect any important technicalities you may have overlooked before you cross the point of no return! 

Libra season starts September 22

Some lightness returns on September 22 (whew!) as the Sun moves into Libra for a month, heating up your third house of communication and community. After a month of nose-to-grindstone hard work, you could suddenly have a million tempting invitations and distractions, which you’ll willingly say “yes” to now. But try to keep things balanced (the buzzword of Libra season) and maintain a bit of white space in your calendar, especially since Mercury will turn retrograde less than a week after Libra season starts.

Mercury is retrograde in Libra on September 27

Mercury—the galactic governor of communication, technology and travel—turns retrograde in Libra until October 18. This is like having a double dose of Mercury’s mischief (and not the fun kind). Start your prevention plans earlier in the month: Back up your digital data, re-confirm any travel plans and make sure all of your collaborators are crystal-clear on instructions. Hold off on launching anything during this period and use Mercury retrograde as your test kitchen to tweak and perfect your formula. If you need to hash out a better understanding with a friend, sibling or someone you see on a regular basis, this is a fruitful time to practice “active listening” and really try to hear each other’s POV!

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