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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Your November Leo Money Horoscope

Work-life balance? Not really on the agenda this month. With activator Mars in Scorpio heating up your domestic zone until November 24, you could find yourself most inspired in your own quarters. The opportunity to start a home-based business or work remotely (if you don’t already) could pop up near the November 4 Scorpio new moon. 
Caution: Chez Leo could get a bit overloaded with all the energy of your many projects, so make sure you carve out a dedicated workspace—and don’t let it spill into the areas where you relax. Your creativity will hit peak levels from November 24 onward, when Mars moves into Sagittarius and your artistic, expressive fifth house. You’ve hereby been appointed Santa Claus, so spread cheer and give a few memorable gifts to the people who’ve been there for you the most this year.
Has a large expense been looming since this summer? Good news. When tough Saturn ends its nearly five-month retrograde in Pisces and your eighth house of investments this November 4, you should get some breathing room. If you’ve been chipping away at debt or a large tax bill, for example, you may have had to weather some austerity that’s less than befitting to your royal Leo style. Has a real estate venture or another investment stalled? Things could pick up slowly but steadily.

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