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Leo Daily Horoscope

Today's Leo Horoscope for June 15, 2024 - June 16, 2024

Let group activities lure you out of your cave this weekend, but be selective! With the moon in Libra both days stoking your social, community-oriented third house, you’ll have more invitations than you can RSVP to in short order. Amicable Venus is waltzing through your collaborative eleventh house, a time when the more’s generally the merrier for you. But on Sunday, the whirling social dervish locks into a speed-checking square with Neptune in your intimacy sector and fires off a warning salvo. It also happens to be Father’s Day, so if you’re celebrating, regulate your energy. You don’t have to commit to an entire day together if you find time with certain relatives to be draining or triggering. Or if you’re longing for some quality bonding time with the dads in your life, don’t overbook yourself! It might be hard to get that one-on-one time today, though. How about gifting this special guy a restaurant meal or tickets for just the two of you another day, when everyone else isn’t vying for his attention. If this is a day that brings up painful memories, find a way to take extra-good care of yourself. Get support if you need to process any complicated emotions.

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