Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

March 2023 Leo Love Horoscope

With the love planets parading through your most liberated houses for the first half of the month, you won’t relish being told what to do, who to love or where to be! Venus is making her annual tour of Aries and your indie-spirited ninth house until March 16, attracting you to people who are wildly different than your usual type. You could meet someone while traveling or feel sparks with a person from a very different background than yours.

Meanwhile Mars is trooping through Gemini and your eclectic eleventh house, rounding out an extended seven-month tour that began August 20, 2022. Your greatest turn-ons are freedom and authentic people who allow—and encourage!—you to fully be yourself. The last thing you want is anyone holding you back or cramping your style. Mars will complete this long tour on March 25, but until then, your viewfinder is on the widest possible setting!

Have we mentioned that Saturn, the astrological albatross, will finally exit your seventh house of committed partnerships on March 7 after three long years? Of course, Saturn’s next move into Pisces could turn your bonds even MORE serious. Still, having Saturn opposite your Sun while in Aquarius threw its fair share of challenges into your love life. At times, it made you feel like you had to settle or compromise or sacrifice, which isn’t how Leos like to roll. In some cases (cue Bennifer 2.0), Leos emerged from harder lessons stronger than ever, but not without doing the work. Anyone NOT up to the challenge of a real-deal relationship has most likely fallen away.
Whether you’re nurturing a new connection or nursing a heartbreak, a change of scene could do wonders in the first half of March. Since the ninth house also rules travel, booking a trip, even for a few nights, would do your soul a world of good. Can’t get away just now? Just having that trip to look forward to will get the juices flowing. March 2—when Venus unites with expansive Jupiter—is THE day for getting new possibilities off the ground. If you're feeling bored with the current prospects or a relationship plateau, mix it up and do something totally new.
In the second half of the month, the energy makes a sharp turn in a new direction. From March 16 to April 11, Venus will be trotting through sensual Taurus and your future-oriented tenth house. Now you’re suddenly in the mood to explore where things could go and to talk about those #couplegoals without feeling limited or trapped. The March 30 Venus-Uranus conjunction could bring sparks with someone you meet through business or an unexpected (and exciting!) talk about your shared future together.

On March 25, Mars will move into Cancer and your introspective, fantasy-fueled twelfth house, ending its long run through Gemini. Get ready for a total change of scene between now and May 20! You’ll be in the mood to settle into something more traditional and romantic, focusing on nurturing your desires instead of exploring the world at large.
With Mars in this closure-driven sector, some Leos will summon the courage to finally deal with unhealed pain or face a tough issue in your relationship. If you've been burying your head in the sand, Mars could snap you out of denial, pushing you to get the help you need. In the long run, this will serve your love life much more than pining for the past or pretending something isn't a problem when it is.

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