Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Your February Leo Love Horoscope

February is divided pretty neatly in two, with amorous Venus and libidinous Mars splitting their time between Capricorn and Aquarius. In the first half of February, this planetary pair will twirl through Capricorn and your analytical, helpful sixth house (Mars until February 13 and Venus until February 16). You’re likely to take a practical approach to relationships during this time that these luminous lovebirds are in such a sensible part of your chart.
This placement can be a bit of an ice bath for ardent Venus and red-hot Mars. You’re looking under the hood of your dating experiences or close bonds and are eager to make any necessary repairs. “Acts of service” may be your love language for the next several weeks. All of this may not sound very sexy to you heart-centered Leos, but a willingness to work on your relationship and support each other can be surprisingly attractive!
Coupled Lions might want to tackle a home-improvement project together or get a jumpstart on your spring training. Moving your bodies in tandem will get the endorphins and sultry vibes flowing, so start working out as a duo. The couple that sweats together stays together. Unattached? You could meet someone while out and about—walking the dog or heading to HIIT class.
The cosmic copilots soar into your commitment corner midmonth (Mars will be there from February 13 to March 22 and Venus from February 16 to March 11). Now you can get on the same page with your sweetie or savor sparks with a serious prospect. There’s just one caveat: Mars can add spice and stress in equal measure, so you might find yourself fighting…and then making up just as quickly. Drama-loving Lions might be okay with that!
Valentine’s Day (and week) could generate exciting waves of passion or turbulence that triggers the “fasten seatbelt” sign. As Mars melds with overpowering Pluto in your relationship realm on February 14 and then Venus makes the same move on February 16, the green-eyed monster could pay an unwelcome visit. These alignments can make you feel intensely jealous, but even if your S.O. or crush IS behaving strangely, don’t jump to conclusions. Ask direct questions and listen with an open mind. No snooping allowed! They might be planning a surprise for you, and imagine how you’ll feel if you spoil it.
If V-Day was a big nothing-burger, Cupid could very well make it up to you on February 22 when Venus and Mars embrace in Aquarius—under the angel number 2-22 no less! Without shadowy Pluto messing with their mojo, you can get back in sync with a special someone or follow up on that spark you felt without worrying that the chemistry will combust!
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