Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Your October Leo Love Horoscope

Well…THAT was interesting. For the past four months (since June 5), you’ve been hosting love planet Venus in your sign—an extended trip since Venus typically only hangs out for about a month. Sounds dreamy? Alas, not so much. From July 22 to September 3, Venus was retrograde (backward), disrupting harmony and complicating matters for many Leos in love, friendship and all around ease. Venus has been doing her best to make it up to you for the past month since returning to direct (forward) motion in Leo. But it might have been too little, too late. So…let’s try this again next year, Venus? 
On October 8, Venus move on to Virgo. As the love goddess decamps to your stable second house until November 8, she’ll whet your appetite for luxury and stability. Now you’ll settle into a more grounded romantic groove. 
With Venus heating up your earthy second house, you’ll be attracted to reliable people who might have seemed “boring” at another time. For single Leos, sparks could fly with a coworker or someone you meet at an industry event. This realm rules your finances, so couples may need to smooth over any tension around money (luckily, peacemaker Venus is here to help). Whether your “security issues” are fiscal or emotional, talk them through and remember, you’re on the same team here. 
Meanwhile, Mars is charging through Libra until October 12, energizing your third house of communication and kindred spirits. You won’t be at a loss for meeting people now! You could meet someone who sweeps you off your suede booties when you least expect it. Pay attention to friends who insist they know the “perfect” person for you. For once, they might be right! 
Couples will appreciate having a chance to step out of any stressful circular conversations and just enjoy each other’s company. Organize some casual gatherings with mutual friends, like concerts or comedy shows. Variety can’t help but bring some sizzle to your shared life!
Home is where the HEAT is once restless Mars grooves into Scorpio and your domestic sector from October 12 until November 24. No need to wait until the official holiday season to feather your nest or turn your place into a love den. If you're a Leo who loves to entertain like La Martha herself, Mars will create a lively—and sexy—vibe for any get-togethers you might throw. 
Caution: demanding roomates and relatives could add friction (and not the good kind) to your household with intensifier Mars in Scorpio. Perhaps it's time to reconfigure your layouts, creating more privacy for yourself. Is WFH life making it hard to unwind into a sensual groove after hours. Follow Virginia Woolf's directive and find "a room of one's own"—or a charming cafe—to do work outside your house.
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