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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Saturn retrograde ends on November 4

Time to trust again? On November 4, structured Saturn wakes up from a four-and-a-half-month retrograde in Pisces and your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and merging. Since June 17, responsible Saturn has been offline, forcing you to take a hard look at your relationship choices and the role you play. Issues of trust may have surfaced, along with old fears and doubts.
Some Leos may have separated from a partner (either business or romantic) while others had to work through an unresolved emotional or sexual block. Issues of jealousy or control could have surfaced. Your mojo might have gone into slow motion with restrictive Saturn throttling your erotic eighth house. Debt, a legal issue or real estate challenge could also have been a source of frustration.
Hopefully you used the time for repair work instead of locking yourself into a stubborn mindset. Saturn's main quest was to help you streamline your plans and make sure they were rock-solid—as opposed to overly ambitious (read: destined to fail). Inspector Saturn isn't here to punish you, even if it feels that way. Rather, this planet acts as an astrological auditor, ensuring that you build your long-term success on a stable foundation. That means NO cutting corners on your path to power, partnership and prosperity, Leo! With mature Saturn now powering forward in Pisces—where it will remain until February 2026—you can take any hard-won lessons and apply them. The longevity of your investments, both emotional and financial, depends on it.

Beware the November 11 Mars-Uranus opposition

Be especially firm about your boundaries on November 11, when Mars in Scorpio opposes destabilizing Uranus in Taurus. You’ll be tempted to take on responsibilities that throw your life into turmoil just to save the day. Sit on your hands if you must, Leo, but don’t be so quick to raise yours and volunteer for duty! Today, let other people figure out their own issues and problems. 
Same goes for work-related “emergencies” that cut into your personal time. Say no to taking on that last-minute assignment, even if it sounds like an “interesting” challenge. (It won’t be interesting for long, trust us!) The tension between the demands of your personal life and professional duties could tip you into overwhelm, causing you to snap. Expect the unexpected, but don’t feel that you have to respond to all of it. Choose where you direct your energy today.
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