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Leo Monthly Horoscope

It’s Scorpio season until November 22

Your annual "nesting season" has arrived, Leo—and you're oh-so-ready for a little downtime! Load up on self-care before the holidays (and Sagittarius season), when your calendar will be packed with parties, gatherings and gift shopping. 
The Sun is in Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family until November 22, a good time to prep for visitors, draft your holiday guest lists and start hanging decorations. Leo IS the sign of celebration, after all, so you hardly need this nudge from the stars. For you, Scorpio season is time to create the perfect cozy conditions that you’ll enjoy all winter. Bring out your ambient lighting, your scented candles and alpaca and cashmere throws…then snuggle up with your favorite people!
But don’t expect to get TOO hunkered down, Leo. Energizer Mars is also in Scorpio until November 24, so your home is likely to be a hub of activity. On the plus side, you could have fun family visits or feel extra motivated to tackle a renovation or launch that “cottage industry” startup. But friction can flare just as fast under your roof. Don’t book back-to-back guests or leave yourself without personal space to decompress. Hotels and Airbnbs exist for exactly this reason.
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