Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Your June Cancer Love Horoscope

Stability is sexy this month—and the planets agree! Cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars both spend nearly the entire month of June in Leo and your sensual yet sensible second house. Mars has been in Leo since May 20, staying until July 10. Coupled Crabs should think “quality over quantity” with your partner and treat yourself to a couple of decadent date nights during this luxurious double transit. (Early birthday gift anyone…?)
A word of warning: Anxious Mars in Leo can make you a little obsessive about locking down a commitment. Couples experiencing financial stress might find themselves arguing more. While it's fair game to talk about money, the future and important topics, set some ground rules and if things get heated, call a timeout. On June 26, Mars and Uranus lock into a volatile 90-degree square, which could cause a blowup that won’t be easy to clean up. Hold off on the “difficult talks” for another day please!
For the first four days of the month, romantic Venus is lingering in your sign, which is always a lovely occasion (it happens for about a month every year). Adorn yourself with a new fragrance, accessories or a chic summer wardrobe staple that you’ll love wearing all season. Let yourself be flirty and free—and prioritize your desires!
On June 5, Venus joins Mars in Leo, settling into your second house of practical luxury for an extended visit until October 8. This is a mixed blessing because Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3, a time that can challenge even the strongest relationships. But for this month, you can enjoy the pleasures of slow living and slow loving…just being in the moment and finding gratitude for life no matter where you are in your journey.
The first day of Venus in Leo, June 5, won’t be an easy one for love, though. Venus will immediately oppose shadowy Pluto in Aquarius and your intimate eighth house. Old issues of trust, jealousy and fear could surface—and you may project those onto the person closest to you. If you’re single, you could feel pessimistic about love, projecting your past experiences onto the future. Do something soothing to regain your perspective, Crab, and know that this is a passing mood. 

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