Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Your December Cancer Love Horoscope

Love is the main event for the first three weeks of the month as vixen Venus cavorts through Sagittarius and your pleasure-driven fifth house from December 4 to 29. This annual transit can rev up your It factor and bring your sex appeal back with a vengeance! Make a habit of glamming up for the holiday parties and letting your frisky side out to play. That astrological cliche about Cancers being shy flies out the window as your inner performer takes the stage. Flaunt your talents AND your wits. The more that you can be authentically you, the better. Watch your fan base grow!

Meantime, energizer Mars is in Sagittarius and your healthy sixth house until January 4. If you’ve got a big wellness or fitness goal, suit up with your partner to make it more fun. And if you're single, there’s no better time to prioritize self-care. When you take care of yourself, others will be attracted to your glow! 

Just do a little check-in to make sure you’re being realistic. With “take no prisoners” Mars marching through Sagittarius and your flaw-finding sixth house, you could spiral from discerning to micromanaging to overly critical, which isn’t fun for anyone. You might be scrutinizing someone’s every word and deed without realizing it: another romance killer! 

On a related note, be careful about offering unsolicited coaching advice to your partner. Even if you “know” what's best for them, wait until they ask for your feedback before you foist it on them. You’ve got a much better chance of it hitting the mark if your input is requested. 

That “medicine” will go down a lot smoother after December 29, when gracious Venus moves into Sagittarius until January 23. But with Venus here, you’ll probably be far more interested in doing fun, outdoorsy things with your love interest (skiing or snowboarding—or snuggling around a roaring fire) than critiquing their New Year’s Eve charcuterie board or reminding them how much tinsel is still left in your flokati rug. Get out and have some fresh-air frisky fun. The couple that plays together stays together!

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