Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

July 2022 Cancer Love Horoscope

Friendly fire? Lusty Mars is in Taurus and your eleventh house of casual connections and technology from July 5 until August 20. An online attraction can heat up, so single Crabs should give those swiping claws a workout! Sparks could fly with a friend, and if you're both feeling the chemistry, why not explore? Your self-protective sign takes a while to fully trust and open up. And who better to do that with than someone who's passed your loyalty tests? 

Of course, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any potential complications while flirtatious Venus is in Gemini and your twelfth house of illusions. Someone might not be telling you the whole story. Maybe they have other entanglements or some unfinished business. You might be tempted to toe the line between flirtation and friendship, starting an emotional thread with a person you can’t follow through on. 

What’s really going on, Cancer? The part of you that desires fantasy and surrender—your inner siren—is begging to be seen. Find a healthy, non-destructive way to indulge that bodice-ripping creature that lives in every one of us. Free your imagination…and hopefully the rest will follow!

On July 17, charm magnet Venus sails into YOUR sign, and you'll get your playful friskiness back. Venus is here until August 11, bringing some peak summer moments for love! Go ahead and glam up or indulge any beautification projects that help you feel gorgeous and confident. While looking and feeling good about yourself is more than skin-deep, Venus encourages your pragmatic sign to get a little more decadent than you usually do. The unapologetic pursuit of pleasure will make you a magnet for everything from prosperity to a hot new admirer or three. Single Cancers could meet someone who shares your values while still stoking your adventurous spirit. Coupled Crabs might find they need a little more breathing room than usual, but autonomy makes the heart grow fonder!

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