Cancer Daily Horoscope

Today's Cancer Horoscope for September 30, 2023 - October 1, 2023

If there’s one place NOT to go this Saturday it’s “the usual place,” Cancer. Buzzy Mercury gets in cahoots with spontaneous Uranus, whetting your appetite for novelty and adventure. Scan listings on all the cultural calendars in your area. If events are sold out, just post an “In search of” on social media. With so much luck on your side, a friend with insider perks might just hook you up with a free pass! Be far more selective about your company on Sunday as the Sun dances into an awkward angle with your ruler, the moon. Ideally, you could slip off to your private bubble to do some creative problem-solving or attack a looming deadline. Yet a parade of personal interruptions might make it impossible to concentrate. You don’t want to be rude or uncaring, but wasting precious time talking your drama-queen friend off the ledge (again) isn’t going to do either of you any good. This is what “Do Not Disturb” mode was invented for.

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