Today's Cancer Horoscope for February 27, 2021 - February 28, 2021 TODAY

Curiosity: rising! You’re on a search for new people, vistas and venues, and Saturday’s illuminating Virgo full moon can attract ‘em all! Because it falls in your social third house, you may widen your inner circle and find new thrills close to home, like hiking trails you never realized existed in your zip code. Since this full moon rules short trips, map out a journey and hit the road with someone in your pandemic bubble. Stop for a roadside picnic and scout out a scenic overlook for watching the sunset. There’s a reason you have a variety of people to do different things with. Early Sunday, while the moon is still in your social third house, enjoy that diversity! Reach out to a few different connections to catch up and maybe take a socially distanced stroll. Later in the day, Chez Cancer is where it’s at. Head home and kick your feet up for some unapologetic binge-watching.

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