Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2024 - Page 4

With expansive Jupiter and unconventional Uranus both in Taurus, befriending someone who’s different from your usual “type” could bring amazing new energy into your life. Cast a wider net. Make an effort to meet people, ask what they're up to and share about yourself. Bonus: A friend could end up introducing you to a valuable new client or contact. You never know! 
The tricky part of April? Finding that restorative downtime in your “shell” that Cancers need. You love people, but you also savor time alone. You may need to schedule those solo moments the same way you would a staff meeting or a salon appointment. Do whatever it takes to stay balanced, and be sure to let your people know so they can support you. 
Passion fills the picture frame on April 23 as the Scorpio full moon beams into your fifth house of joyful self-expression, love and creativity. Come out, come out, Cancer! The spotlight could find you, drawing attention (hopefully the good kind) your way. 
You might issue (or hear) a heartfelt declaration of love or just feel the "spring awakening" of your slumbering libido awakening from winter hibernation. Rrowr! And don't be surprised if others notice your flirty, frisky energy. 
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