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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Back in command: The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22

Well, that was fun! The hedonism of Scorpio season gives way to healthy pursuits once Sagittarius season begins on November 22, launching the Sun’s monthlong visit to your sixth house of wellness and work. With action planet Mars joining the Sagittarius party on November 24, the rest of the year could be active, task-driven and all about getting ‘er done. In between holiday festivities, you might use the downtime to complete a renovation or put the finishing touches on a home decor project. 
Although Mars in Scorpio will definitely ramp up your hedonistic side until mid-December, these disciplined sixth-house vibes help you stay balanced as cocktail-and-cookie season rolls around. Hosting or attending a gathering? Try to incorporate more veg-friendly recipes into the celebrations. Who says your feast has to end in a food coma? 
With disciplined Saturn forming a speed-checking square to both the Sun and Mars upon arrival in Sagittarius, think “healthy indulgence.” Deprivation never works, especially not for your creature-comfort-loving sign. Find that balance, whether that means substituting a few ingredients in the cookie dough, popping a “hangover helper” natural supplement after cocktails or meeting friends for a fun workout or a walk instead of for food and drinks.
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