Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Tension at the Mars-Uranus square and magic a week later

Is everyone on Team Crab aligned? Getting on the same page could be challenging under a tough Mars-Uranus square (90-degree angle) on March 9. Hotheaded Mars in Aquarius and your intense eighth house will wrestle with volatile Uranus in Taurus and your group-activities sector. Jealousy and simmering resentments can cause people to dig in their heels rather than compromise. Your own intensified emotions could prevent you from playing well with others—perhaps you’re even relishing the power trip a touch. 
At the heart of it? The social and group-oriented vibes from Uranus in your communal eleventh house are totally at odds with Mars in your intense, privacy-seeking eighth house. If there’s any day to crawl into your Crab shell and lock it shut—with a “do not disturb” sign hung prominently—this might be it. 
The days before a new moon, known as the balsamic moon phase, can be filled with little irritations that bring out your cranky or acerbic side. Better to get whatever alone time you can than take out your frustrations on people you need to keep as allies. Resist the temptation to people-please. Don’t sacrifice your need for solo time, Crab!
A day when your imagination hits an all-time high arrives on March 17, the annual meetup of the bold Sun and creative, spiritual Neptune. No vision feels too “out there” or impossible for you today, nor should it. Let any self-imposed limitations melt away as you connect to divine inspiration.
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