Venus Astrology: The Ultimate Planet Guide

Swoon! Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Who will you fall for…and how? The zodiac sign and house Venus was orbiting through when you were born reveal your seductive secrets—and how you like to be seduced! This planet sets the stage for romance and indulges in Cupid’s offerings liberally. You won’t have the best boundaries where Venus lands in your chart, but you sure will enjoy some pleasurable (and hot!) moments.

What Venus means in astrology

Known as Earth’s “sister planet” due to their similar size, Venus is the only planet in the solar system named after a female goddess. Like the moon, Venus represents many of the classically feminine traits.

Glowing, gorgeous Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky. Only the moon (not a planet per se) shines brighter, in fact. Along with rosy Jupiter, she is one of the “great benefics”: a planet that astrologically speaking, bring a primarily positive affect. In Roman mythology, she is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, pleasure, and what—and who—we treasure.

Although Venus orbits the Sun in 225 days, she spins very slowly on her axis. One day on Venus is longer an entire YEAR on Earth! Venus hangs in a sign for three to five weeks on average. Every 18 months, however, she will turn retrograde and can linger in a single zodiac sign (or pivot between a pair of them) for up to four months.

Venus—and her cosmic copilot Mars—are the lovebirds of the solar system.

Real talk: This planet knows how to luxuriate. She governs our senses and refines our sensibilities, reminding us to pause and deeply inhale those roses. Your Venus sign in your chart reveals your dating style, how you like to be romanced and what will visually attract you.

While the moon governs our emotional security, Venus is more about the wining and dining.

What is the effect of Venus in astrology?

Venus’ position in your chart reveals your divine feminine energy, a trait every human carries, no matter your physical gender. If you were born with Venus in assertive Aries you may be a warrior woman, delighting with your daring moves and radiant heat. Venus in future-forward Aquarius may be more of an “Athena” archetype wooing with a keen, strategic and logical mind. For women, Venus shows what traits you want to be appreciated for in relationships. If women are your dating preference, your Venus sign gives clues about the type of lady who could win your heart (or at least your lust).

While the moon governs our emotional security, Venus is more about the wining and dining. People born with Venus in sensitive Pisces could swoon for poetic words, candlelight dinners and custom curated playlists. Someone with Venus in structured Capricorn would be far more practical, preferring a provider type who brings home the bacon and loads up the household savings account with cash.

Venus in Taurus people may prefer practical luxury, saving up for pricey, yet well made, items from classic brands. They may be slower, but steadier, in their seduction approach, preferring to let relationships build organically. Affection and physical touch will be important here. Those born with Venus in chatty Gemini, on the other hand, can burn through paychecks chasing the latest trends. Variety is their favorite spice; dating apps were designed just for them!

If you’re hosting a party or decorating your home, look to Venus for cues. The food, music and colors we prefer can all fall under this planet’s domain. Like meticulous Mercury, Venus also governs the ways we socialize and how we share our possessions. But while Mercury never minds a debate, pleasant and peace-seeking Venus wants harmony. Can’t we all just get along? Venus says: yes, please!

What does your Venus sign say about you?

As the astrological aesthete, Venus directs your personal style, from your taste in clothes and decor to what you find visually appealing. Here’s where you’re creative, indulgent and romantic. You may have greater ease receiving gifts and support in the realms your Venus sign rules. 

As the zodiac’s peacekeeping diplomat, Venus helps you negotiate compromises. Just beware the “nice disease” in the area of life your Venus placement rules. This conflict-averse planet can also make you a bit too quick to settle or accept peace at any price. You may need to strengthen your backbone a bit, so that you don’t wind up saying “maybe,” when you mean “no.”

All about your Venus sign or natal Venus

Whatever zodiac sign and house Venus was orbiting through at your time of birth determines your “natal Venus” or “Venus sign.” More specifically, this will guide you in the following ways:

  • Beauty: What (and who) you’re attracted to; your aesthetic preferences
  • Romance: How you like to be wooed; what gets you in the mood
  • Seduction: Your seductive style and powers of attraction
  • Values: What you’ll spend money on and cherish
  • Luxury: Your high-end desires
  • Peace: Where you need harmony and serenity
  • Fashion: Personal style; how you dress and decorate 
  • Justice: Your sense of fairness; who you’ll stick up for

Venus is one of the inner planets, along with Mercury and Mars. Because of its closer proximity to the Sun, it floats through all twelve zodiac signs in 225 days, spending an average of 3-5 weeks in each zodiac sign. 

What is Your Venus Sign? 

Use our cosmic calculator to discover what zodiac sign and house Venus was in when you were born. To accurately determine the house, you will need to know your birth time.

What if the zodiac sign and house are different?

This is common! Read both the sign and house description below. Do these interpretations pull you in two different directions? That’s not unusual. We human beings have range. Astrology is an interpretive dance, a tool which provides a fascinating layer of self-discovery. Do some “astro mixology.” Reflect on how you can work with both energies to enhance your life.

Find your Venus Sign

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Venus astrology facts

Planetary Stats: Venus

  • Changes Zodiac Signs: Every 3-5 weeks
  • Zodiac Sign It Rules: Taurus & Libra
  • Day of the Week: Friday

What does Venus govern?

  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Fashion & Aesthetics
  • Dating & Romance
  • Creativity
  • Divine feminine energy

What zodiac sign is ruled by Venus?

Every planet has rulership over a zodiac sign, and in Venus’ case, there are two: sensual Taurus and harmonious Libra. Through the Libra aspect, Venus reveals her more yang, or masculine, moves. This is the outward expression of Venus: our fashion sense, material urges (and splurges), aesthetic preferences, and how we romance the ones we adore.

Through earthy, grounded Taurus, Venus expresses her yin, or feminine, qualities. Said another way, this is the aspect of Venus that rules our receptivity. What do we need in order to feel happy, fulfilled and loved?

What are the special positions of Venus


Venus turns retrograde every 18 months for six weeks, so it’s not unusual to be born with this planet in reverse. You may have to work harder to muscle through its lessons, but once you nail this planet’s energy, your additional effort may actually lead to a rock-solid mastery of working with Venus in your life. 

Domicile: Taurus & Libra

The planet’s home base, an easy flow if placed here in the chart

Detriment: Scorpio & Aries 

Opposite sign of home base, may need to work harder to integrate the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

Exalted: Pisces 

The planet’s most powerful position; indicates ease and added fortune with using the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

Fall: Virgo 

Opposite sign to the exalted position, can indicate struggles with utilizing the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart

What does Venus represent in the houses?

The meaning of the placement of Venus in a birth chart, for each of the 12 houses

Venus in Aries or the 1st House 

If you were born with Venus in assertive Aries or the 1st house, you are a fiery and passionate lover who won’t settle for less than an all-encompassing attraction. Love at first sight is all too real for you—and you’ve probably fallen head-over-heels in a nanosecond more than once. If the click is there, you’ll jump right in, ready to race off on a romantic escape…or to the Vegas chapel! But wait…who IS that person with whom you’re so smitten? Pacing yourself is an art form to learn.  

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Venus in Taurus or the 2nd House 

The planet of love and beauty is literally at home (domicile) in decadent Taurus, one of the two zodiac signs Venus rules. (Libra is the other.) If you were born with Venus in Taurus or the 2nd house, consider yourself lucky! You’re one of Cupid’s darlings and, whether you care to admit it or not, a hopeless romantic to the core. Let the slow jams pipe softly through your speakers and the vintage Pinot breathe alongside a pair of glasses on your counter. You woo at a prolonged pace and don’t want to miss out on a single courtship ritual.

That said, you don’t wait TOO long for a home visit. You need to see how the object-of-your-affections will jive with your everyday environment—and how much they’ll appreciate your gourmet-level kitchen skills, your elegant dĂ©cor and your collection of tasteful films.  

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Venus in Gemini or the 3rd House 

You’ve got game! If you were born with Venus in curious, communicative Gemini or the 3rd house, you’re a pro-level flirt who needs tons of variety to stay interested. The perfect partner for you must be a multidimensional “renaissance romantic” who has major range and interests outside the relationship. By the same token, your S.O. must be available for frequent texting and emoji-laced responses to your social media posts. Digital connections are still plenty strong for you—and because of this, a long-distance relationship could actually work out just fine.  

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Venus in Cancer or the 4th House 

Can you say, “hot mama?” With Venus in nurturing Cancer or the 4th house, you’re equal parts caretaker and coquette. When a prospective lover shows interest, you might demur or throw up a tough outer shell. This is likely a self-protective measure, because once you open your heart, you go “all in.” If you had your preference, you’d mate for life; and many a Venus in Cancer weds early, even to a childhood sweetheart. With your tender underbelly, it can take you years to get over a breakup or so-called rejection.  

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Venus in Leo or the 5th House 

Curtains up! Romance is like a theatrical performance for those born with Venus in dramatic Leo or the 5th house. If you’re not working the room like a runway star, you’re probably writing a cinematic narrative in your head about all the ups and downs of your love life. Hey, if it’s not a page-turner, it’s probably not for you! Naturally creative, you’re fine going “off-script,” too; in fact, some of your most heart-opening moments may be the ones that you ad-lib when you throw caution to the wind.

Venus in fiery, flamboyant Leo makes you a passionate soul. You’ll take your sentiments super-sized, thanks. What starts as a right-swiped, “let’s meet-up for drinks” thing could evolve into a 24-hour date that takes you from karaoke to after-hours bar to the bedroom to brunch—and maybe a burlesque show in between.  

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Venus in Virgo or the 6th House 

Wanted: A pure heart and noble character. People born with Venus in practical Virgo or the 6th house swoon for the spirit of selfless service. A discerning dater, you would rather be single than waste time on someone whose values you don’t respect. Great hygiene and grooming are also a must! This Venus placement is wellness obsessed. You’re also a bit of a germaphobe, and you can be unforgiving of stray hairs, wrinkled fabrics and cheap colognes. 

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Venus in Libra or the 7th House 

If you were born with Venus in harmonious Libra or the 7th house, romance is your raisĂłn d’etre! Since the planet of love and beauty reigns supreme here, this placement blesses you with extra charm in the love department. You’ll revel in every season of relationships, from the courtship dance to planning the wedding (obsessed!) to picking out the perfect warm-weather retirement community for your sunset years. Although you can take your time to commit, you believe in love at first sight. The chemistry’s gotta be bubbling like a freshly corked Veuve!  

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Venus in Scorpio or the 8th House 

If you were born with Venus in secretive Scorpio or the 8th house, your approach to love is seductive, soulful and intense. Casual dating is so NOT your jam. You prefer to plunge into the depths of intimacy and find out every one of your lover’s secrets. Sharing your own, however, may take years. Deeply private and mysterious, you hate to feel vulnerable or exposed. Since trust does not come easily with this Venus placement, you might choose a partner who is an open book and knows how to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to bare your soul.  

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Venus in Sagittarius or the 9th House 

With Venus in broad-spectrum Sagittarius or the 9th house you love without limits. This can make you wildly adventurous (read: generally non-monogamous) or endlessly devoted to your mate. A relationship must feel like a growth opportunity in order for you to sign on. Can the two of you build something world-changing together? Expand, evolve and learn into your sunset years? If you sense endless possibilities from a merger, you’ll cliff-dive right in—even if you have no tangible proof of concept (and have known each other for like, a week).

Hope springs eternal for those born with Venus in Sagittarius; you’re a gambler in the game of love. With this lucky sign shielding your heart, you understand that fortune favors the bold. And if it doesn’t work out? Well, you’ll follow the Mae West principle: The best way to get over one (person) is to get under another.  

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Venus in Capricorn or the 10th House 

If you were born with Venus in sensible Capricorn or the 10th House, you play the long game in love. Relationships are an investment, as far as you’re concerned, and you aren’t into betting against the odds. You’re looking for a partner who wants to build something stable and fruitful together. No, that doesn’t come along every day. As such, your vetting process is strict and thorough. You’ll wait patiently as your potential S.O. reveals their every dimension—including their invariable shadow side. Hey, you’re as much a realist as you are a romantic.

While you know that there’s no such thing as perfection, you aren’t looking to play psychologist to the tragically flawed. You’d rather be skiing the Black Diamond together, or creating a family of overachieving kids that you can brag about at family dinners. Once the object of your affections passes your tests, you’re all in, shopping for housewares at Crate and Barrel, Pinning iconic engagement rings, scouting out hillside mansions for your wedding ceremony, and figuring out which grandparent you’ll name the first kid after.  

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Venus in Aquarius or the 11th House 

Throw away that rulebook! If you were born with Venus in iconoclastic Aquarius or the 11th house, your approach to relationships is unconventional, if not outright rebellious. Pleasing parents falls pretty low on your list of priorities; in fact, shock value can be an aphrodisiac! You may purposely scout out partners who are “different,” and enjoy leaving jaws on the ground with your no-limits brand of loving.

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Venus in Pisces or the 12th House 

Move over, Rumi! If you were born with Venus in fantasy-fueled Pisces or the 12th house, you see the poetry in basically everything. Romance is your raisón d’etre, and you’ll take it with all the trappings: fresh-cut flowers, picnics in the park, candlelight dining and moonlit walks. Connecting over a shared love of art and music along with similar spiritual pursuits is also a must.

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