What Venus in Cancer/the 4th House Reveals about Your Chart

Can you say, hot mama? With Venus in Cancer or the nurturing 4th house, you’re equal parts caretaker and coquette.

Traits of Venus in Cancer

When a prospective lover shows interest, you might demur or throw up a tough outer shell. This is likely a self-protective measure, because once you open your heart, you go “all in.” If you had your preference, you’d mate for life; and many a Venus in Cancer weds early, even to a childhood sweetheart. With your tender underbelly, it can take you years to get over a breakup or so-called rejection.  

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Heartbreak must be risked for a Venus in Cancer

But here’s something that’s especially important to remember: Finding true love also requires you to risk heartbreak. And it may be hard to believe this but playing it safe can even prevent you from finding your soulmate. Everything changes for the better once you embrace the learning curve of dating instead of trying to nail every love connection. Be gentle with yourself through the “mistakes” that you’ll invariably make. For you, even a coffee date can trigger a flurry of unresolved emotions. Processing is part of the process! 

When you inevitably do find “The One,” you’ll take care of them in every way possible. Blankets and pillows on the couch? Check. Cookies and milk for a snack, while dinner slow roasts in the oven? Check. Endless hugs, cuddles, kisses, and devoted affection? Yup, that too. Nesting with your S.O. can be pure paradise, whether you’re building a family or your dream home (or both).

Venus in Cancer style

Chateau Cancer will be a cozy and well-appointed palace with overstuffed sofas and sentimental objects like souvenirs, family albums and framed photos. The kitchen is likely to be the heart of your home. Since you love to eat (and maybe cook), your ginormous fridge will always be filled.  

Hold the PDA! Deeply private, you’re modest in the streets and a tiger in the sheets. Cancer rules the chest area so you may tease with an open button or low neckline that shows off your chiseled pecs or décolletage. Fill your lingerie drawer with sexy little numbers and trot them out for an erotic fashion show: your idea of foreplay. You’re a natural mother, so kids may figure into your long-range plans—at least fur babies. And hey, since you have SO much love to give (and maybe more than one adult human can handle), getting a pet can be a great outlet for some of your warm-fuzzy TLC.


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