What Venus in Leo/the 5th House Reveals about Your Chart

Curtains up! Romance is like a theatrical performance for those born with Venus in  Leo or the dramatic 5th house.

Traits of Venus in Leo

If you’re not working the room like a runway star, you’re probably writing a cinematic narrative in your head about all the ups and downs of your love life. Hey, if it’s not a page-turner, it’s probably not for you!

Naturally creative, you’re fine going off-script, too; in fact, some of your most heart-opening moments may be the ones that you ad-lib when you throw caution to the wind. Venus in fiery, flamboyant Leo makes you a passionate soul. You’ll take your sentiments super-sized, thanks. What starts as a right-swiped, let’s meet-up for drinks thing could evolve into a 24-hour date that takes you from karaoke to after-hours bar to the bedroom to brunch—and maybe a burlesque show in between.  

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The passionate powerhouse of Venus in Leo

PDA? Yes, please, and plenty of it. Venus in Leo is a wildcat in the streets AND in the sheets, scratching, nipping and pulling your lover’s mane. Your bedroom may look like a high-end bordello, complete with all the accouterments needed to put on a show or even make a few home videos.

But if there’s one thing you cannot abide by, it’s being ignored! You need to be worshiped and adored. A roaming eye or an ambivalent heart are deal breakers. Your mate must be vocal in their appreciation of how gorgeous and special you are—and, during the courtship phase, quick to reach for the check after a lavish dinner—to which they’ve ideally arrived bearing an armful of roses, a hand-written card or some other token of appreciation. And lucky for them, your charismatic and generous Venus sign gives as good as you get. You’re a natural earner who loves to spoil the people in your den, from your mate to your cubs. 

Personal style of Venus in Leo

Maximalism defines your style profile. Like Queen Bey, who shares your Venus sign, you can pull off eye-popping colors and bold patterns (especially jungle prints), gem-encrusted “red soles,” cape coats, candy-colored furs (faux or no), and oversized hats that serve as your regal crown. Your home will be equally luxurious and decadent—ideally with a giant walk-in closet, a full-on party room and a mattress big enough to host an orgy.


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