What Venus in Capricorn/the 10th House Reveals about Your Chart

If you were born with Venus in Capricorn or the sensible tenth house, you play the long game in love.

Traits of Venus in Capricorn

Relationships are an investment, as far as Venus in Capricorn is concerned, and you aren’t into betting against the odds. You’re looking for a partner who wants to build something stable and fruitful together. No, that doesn’t come along every day. As such, your vetting process is strict and thorough. You’ll wait patiently as your potential S.O. reveals their every dimension—including their invariable shadow side. Hey, you’re as much a realist as you are a romantic.

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Venus in Capricorn is the ambitious amorist

While you know that there’s no such thing as perfection, you aren’t looking to play psychologist to the tragically flawed. You’d rather be skiing the Black Diamond together, or creating a family of overachieving kids that you can brag about at family dinners. Once the object of your affections passes your tests, you’re all in, shopping for housewares at Crate and Barrel, picking iconic engagement rings, scouting out hillside mansions for your wedding ceremony, and figuring out which grandparent you’ll name the first kid after.  

Although you might not admit it out loud, you’re a sucker for status. An accomplished mate is a must—and if they have the money to show for it, no complaints from you. That said, Venus in Capricorn gives you a strong “provider” instinct. If you’re the breadwinner, you’ll share generously with your mate. With this career-driven Venus directing your love zones, you might even be married to your job for periods of time—so much so that marriage springs from an office romance.  

Some people with this Venus placement might actually swoon at the notion of co-creating a business. What could be more satisfying than being able to sit back with your S.O. and witness all that you’ve built together? At times, you may strike others as austere, reserved…even cold! But that’s only because you’re deeply private with your emotions—and you need to know that people are dependable and wise before you’ll share your vulnerability. 

Personal style of Venus in Capricorn

With this earthy energy connected to your creative impulses, you get inspired in nature. You may bring the outdoors in, decorating with lush houseplants, crystals, stone floors and reclaimed wood floors. Venus in legacy-builder Capricorn also favors classic “grandfather” décor: large clocks, leather sofas, wood cabinetry…even taxidermy.

Hunter green, navy, and brown are your go-to hues, and you might need to add fresh flowers or white linens to keep rooms bright. A well-appointed home office is vital since you’ll spend lots of time at your desk!


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