What Venus in Gemini/the 3rd House Reveals about Your Chart

You’ve got game! If you were born with Venus in Gemini or the curious, communicative third house, you’re a pro-level flirt who needs tons of variety to stay interested.

Traits of Venus in Gemini

The perfect partner for Venus in Gemini must be a multidimensional romantic who has major range and interests outside the relationship. By the same token, your S.O. must be available for frequent texting and emoji-laced responses to your social media posts. Digital connections are still plenty strong for you—and because of this, a long-distance relationship could actually work out just fine.  

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Venus in Gemini is the renaissance romantic 

With this dualistic placement directing your love zone, your feelings run hot and cold—and can fluctuate by the second! Even when you find your “twin flame,” you may have moments of repulsion to match the extreme magnetic pull. Settling down ain’t easy for Venus in Gemini—not necessarily because you’re a player, but simply because you can find something fascinating to adore (and explore) in just about everyone you meet. 

A sexy raconteur, you keep your “targets” spellbound with witty banter, fascinating stories and even a few head games. The pick-up artists have a technique they call, “neg-ing,” where you teasingly insult the person you’re attracted to.

While moves like these can be manipulative, you know how to keep an attraction dynamic by interrupting lazy habits that can dull the sexual tension. Gemini (and the 3rd house) rules the hands. Whether you’re furiously typing messages to bae, or enjoying some manual stimulation, you bring new meaning to “digital dating.” Dating apps were made for your variety-loving Venus, even if you’re just scanning profiles “for the fun of it.”  

Personal style of Venus in Gemini

With your ever-fluctuating tastes, you can easily bore of clothes and home décor. Invest in basics: jeans, sneakers, boots, then pop it all out with fashion-forward pieces and statement accessories that you can swap after you’ve Instagrammed yourself in them twice.

Ideally, you’d make changes to your living space season by season to reflect your current mood, so think in terms of collections. The summer might be time to bust out the inflatable hot pink couch; winter, your Moroccan wedding pillow collection on an oversized shag rug. Eclectic prints, vintage signs, and vision boards may crowd your walls—fascinating conversation pieces for all the glittery intellectuals in your friend circle to discuss…that is, if you’re home long enough to entertain them!

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