Is Mercury in Retrograde Right Now? Find Out!

Is the planet of communication, technology and travel, in a messy Mercury retrograde cycle today?

Is Mercury retrograde right now?

NO: Sorry, it must be something else! Have you checked your daily horoscope?

When is Mercury in retrograde next?

All the Mercury retrogrades in 2024

Mercury retrogradesPin

In Capricorn and Sagittarius: December 13, 2023-January 1, 2024

Wait a few days before making that 2024 vision board! (Or save creative tasks for the Capricorn new moon on January 11, when you’re ready to set fresh intentions without a retrograde interfering.) Until 10:08 PM EST this New Year’s Day, Mercury lingers in a retrograde that began in traditional Capricorn on December 13, 2023, then slipped back into worldly Sagittarius on December 23. Before the backspin officially ends on January 1, kick off the year by reconnecting with long-distance friends and loved ones. You might just hatch a travel plan over WhatsApp!

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In ARIES: April 1-25, 2024

Who’s in charge around here? Hands are raised and no one’s backing down while Mercury blusters backwards through dominating Aries. You may feel impatient and ready to spring into action, yet the battle plan remains unclear. Hold your fire between April 1 and 25 and use this three-week cycle to proactively research options, review documentation and reconnect to helpful allies.

Mercury Retrograde In Aries Fires Up Tempers In April 2024 (How To Chill)

When Mercury Retrograde Is Over (In Aries): The One Thing Every Sign Should Do First

In Virgo: August 5-14, 2024
In Leo: August 14-28, 2024

The margin for error is great now, so review everything on the finest setting while Mercury backs up through finicky Virgo until August 14. Careful when offering feedback! Your helpful hints could sound more like harsh critiques that end up causing friction. Egos will be especially fragile once Mercury retreats into Leo from August 14 to 28—and no one’s feeling generous with compliments or validation. Romantic situations could go sideways temporarily. Turn your pain into cathartic art.

In Sagittarius: November 25-December 15, 2024

It’s beginning to look a lot like the Grinch’s version of Christmas, as Mercury spins retrograde in impatient Sagittarius and makes tempers short. Guard against this! Ideological family feuds could overtake dinner conversations if you’re not careful. Messenger Mercury rules the mail and this retrograde could cause mayhem with holiday deliveries. You’d be wise to insure your packages, or, if possible, pick gifts up from the brick-and-mortar store yourself. Early holiday visits could also be impacted, as both Mercury and Sagittarius are associated with travel. Truth may be stranger than fiction now, but don’t believe everything you read.

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What happens when Mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year wreaking havoc on our:

  • interpersonal communication (omg did I send that text to the wrong person?!)
  • travel plans (it’s not considered obsessive to triple check itineraries during Mercury retrograde)
  • the fine print (is my ticket for tonight’s Harry Styles show or tomorrow’s?)

Basically anything that ordinarily feels “easy” takes extra effort during a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde. These are the main Mercury retrograde symptoms.

You’ve likely experienced the effects of Mercury retrograde, maybe without even realizing it!

Basically anything that ordinarily feels “easy” takes extra effort during a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde. These are the main Mercury retrograde symptoms.

You’ve likely experienced the effects of Mercury retrograde, maybe without even realizing it!

Mercury retrograde meaning

Messenger planet Mercury is the ruler of information, communication and our intellectual processes.

The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury orbits all year long through each zodiac sign, staying in each one for approximately three weeks. These cycles shape our cultural interests. From the topics we buzz about to the ways we communicate, whatever sign Mercury is occupying plays a role.

Mercury retrograde facts:

• Mercury turns retrograde for three or four cycles each year

• During a Mercury retrograde, the planet appears to travel backward through the sky and it moves backward through the zodiac

• On Mercury’s reverse commutes, it lingers in one or two zodiac signs for approximately 10 weeks

What is Mercury retrograde spiritual meaning? In short, the flow of energy is reversed.

What can I do if the answer is yes to “is Mercury in retrograde?”

Is Mercury in retrograde? If so, there’s no need to panic! But pace yourself during these data-skewing, three-week cycles.

While the scrambled signals can be agonizing, we have a chance to dive into deeper discourse. People from the past may reappear, like old friends, estranged relatives and exes with unfinished business.

Is there a magic 8-ball to tell me what to do if Mercury is in retrograde?

We wish! But not really, although we ourselves may have turned over a magic 8 ball for fun, asking it to answer “yes or no?” to a burning question during a Mercury retrograde! But you’re better off going with what you can control. For example, try to focus on all things with the prefix “re” such as:

  • revising
  • reviewing
  • redesigning
  • reconsidering

Pay closer attention to your inner world and get in touch with your thoughts, which signal all your feelings. Is it time to update certain beliefs? Mercury retrograde can help!

Check out our article Mercury Retrograde: How to Survive a Three-Week Communication Crisis

What sign is Mercury in right now?

Head over to our friends at for up-to-the minute info on what sign Mercury is transiting through. Remember, Mercury changes zodiac signs every one to three weeks.

So there’s more to knowing “is Mercury in retrograde?”—where is Mercury today?!

See Astro-Seek’s Today’s Current Planets positions and transits chart

What is Mercury retroshade?

So you think Mercury retrograde just ends? Guess again! Astrologers (including us) believe there is a shadow period before and after Mercury’s backspin. We coined the now-popular phrase retroshade to describe the two weeks before and the two weeks after Mercury retrograde.

It’s during retroshade that we feel the effects of Mercury, not just during the retrograde.

Was I born during Mercury retrograde?

Check your birth chart to see if you were born during a Mercury retrograde. If you don’t have a birth chart, you can do a free birth chart here by entering your time and place of birth.

Or if you need a refresher where Mercury is in your chart, just enter your details in our Was I Born During Mercury Retrograde Cosmic Calculator which includes links to explanations about where Mercury is in your birth chart.

Do other planets go retrograde?

Yes they do! Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde and can create hiccups in your daily movements. When things seem “off” ask yourself not only is Mercury in retrograde but what other planets are in retrograde.

Read what it means when other planets are retrograde in our article: Retrogrades in Astrology: What It Means When Planets Go “Backward”

So next time things are feeling a little off, your question after “is Mercury in retrograde?” might be “which other planets are in retrograde?” Always check your horoscope!


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