Was I Born During Mercury Retrograde?

How do I know if I was born during a Mercury retrograde?

At your moment of birth, Mercury was either retrograde (backward) or direct (forward). Enter your details to find out if you have Mercury retrograde in your astrology chart!

Mercury governs communication, technology, transportation, and travel. In a chart where Mercury is retrograde, these may be areas where you have to work harder or concentrate. 

If you were born in Mercury retrograde

If you were born during Mercury retrograde, you may have to overcome some issues around shyness, clear communication, and absorbing information. Your “inner editor” is always on high alert, questioning, “Should I have said that?” Through dedicated work, you can become a consummate writer or speaker—because you’ve paid the dues.

Retrograde planets in the chart can serve up extra lessons. In fact, the retrograde symbol looks like an Rx—and this “prescription” is its own form of medicine. If you take the right dose, you can achieve mastery over an area that was once a struggle for you. You might even teach others how to heal their own issues around confidence and speaking up.

If you were born with Mercury direct

If you were born with Mercury direct (forward), communication can be a bit easier for you than retrograde people. You can say what you mean, and mean what you say. This doesn’t necessarily make you a consummate speaker or tech whiz, though. In fact, you may miss a few of the social cues that Mercury retrograde people have learned.

Still, you’re less likely than Mercury retrograde people to second-guess your words or doubt your ideas. But you may speak (or post) without thinking. There are moments when you might actually benefit from some self-imposed “retrograde” energy. Pause to edit your words before sharing. Filters, please?

Embrace the Mercury you were born with, as it’s here to teach you lessons for your soul’s evolution in this lifetime.

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