Gemini Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Freedom is calling, Gemini! As the Sun soars through fellow air sign Aquarius until February 18, your ninth house of adventure, growth and travel is ablaze. This is your time to think outside the box (hardly an issue for you) and stretch way beyond the familiar. Let your visionary side take the helm. No need to do it alone, though! With go-getter Mars in Sagittarius and your partnership house until February 16, two is definitely your magic number. Teaming up is also in your wheelhouse, setting the stage for some exciting shared victories and projects with serious potential!
Collaborations get another shot in the arm on February 9, when the year’s only Leo full moon beams into your social and media-savvy third house. If you’ve been pondering the idea of joining forces, this lunation could present the perfect project to test your chemistry in real time. The third house rules communication, which could prompt you to speak up and clear the air around an issue that’s been brewing. Have you been waiting for a project to get green-lighted or an answer to a proposal? This full moon could be the day that you finally hear back!

Valentine’s Day will find you feeling the love, and not only the romantic kind. For starters, amorous Venus is in Aries and your casual friendship zone from February 7 to March 4, which could make things more platonic than bionic. With the moon in Scorpio and your healthy, helpful sixth house, “acts of service” might be the love language you speak most fluently today. Meet up for a vegan feast or express your affection by helping someone finish a project or task. Forget the baubles and bonbons. Under these stars, nothing says “I love you” more than building that maddening Ikea bookshelf or helping someone organize their home office.
But hey, Cupid isn’t necessarily looking to dodge the boudoir. Lusty Mars is spending its final days in Sagittarius and your relationship zone, setting the stage for a sexy date night. Coupled Geminis will want to reserve at least part of V-Day for tantalizing twosome time. But after you’ve enjoyed that, go meet up with friends to hit the local pub for a laugh.
You’ll be glad you took time to bond because on February 16, your ruling planet, Mercury, makes its first retrograde of the decade. Mercury governs communication, technology and travel, and when it backspins three to four times a year, these parts of your life can go haywire. This time, it’s retrograding until March 9 and will reverse through Pisces and your career zone until March 4. For the majority of the trickster’s backward transit, professional matters will be up for reevaluation. If you’ve been pondering a new path, you might have a change of heart—or a temporary case of cold feet.
Is it fear of the unknown or a legitimate issue that’s stopping you? Use Mercury retrograde to investigate. Take extra care with any work-related contracts and negotiations. You may discover some hidden items that don’t feel equitable. Tension could flare with coworkers and clients. Since Mercury retrograde is great for reconnecting with your past, you might get an offer from a former employer, or an ex-colleague may have an intriguing opportunity. Explore, but don’t commit until you’ve conducted due diligence. Be diligent with any work-related files and electronic equipment, which will be in Mercury’s crosshairs. Back up important documents to the cloud, hold off on buying the new laptop or ink jet printer, and be extra mindful what you put into emails. Your public image falls under the tenth-house domain, so what you post or say can easily be used against you.

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When the messenger planet shifts into reverse in your professional tenth house, you could have second thoughts about your career path. Things that were starting to take off last month may suddenly wither on the vine. Use this time to reflect, review and reconsider. On March 4, Mercury will back into Aquarius and your truth-telling ninth house, a time to get honest with yourself and others about what you really want.
Also on February 16, go-getter Mars will move into Capricorn and your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures, heating up this scintillating sector until March 30. Ready to make some power moves, Gemini? This could be a time of “peak performance” in both the bedroom AND the boardroom as the red planet joins lucky Jupiter, structured Saturn AND potent Pluto in Capricorn for a rare convergence. Warning: Competition and jealousy could also be off the charts. While it’s great to be strategic, you could get caught in a major power struggle, and Mercury retrograde’s wire-crossing won’t help matters. When in doubt, wait it out!
If you can stay calm and focused on priorities, the second half of the month could be incredibly galvanizing. Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn, meaning it’s in one of its favorite places. You can work through some deep emotional issues or score a major financial windfall. The eighth house rules large lump sums, wealth and shared ventures. Teaming up with the right power players could make you quite the money magnet! In fact, you could be downright obsessed with a goal, especially one that involves amassing cash or power. No shame in that game as long as you play fair, Gemini.
Ready to forge a dream team with your favorite creative genius? On February 21, Mars will move into a flowing trine with innovative Uranus, which is in Taurus and your twelfth house of imagination, healing and the subconscious. An idea that comes to you in a vision or dream might suddenly electrify you—don’t be surprised if you spring out of bed inspired to act on it.
But don’t feel like you have to go it alone. This Mars-Uranus moment could be a powerful time to let down your drawbridge and accept some help from a wise mentor or collaborator. It can be hard to let people see you in vulnerable moments, Gemini, but you can only get so far without a support squad. Allow yourself to receive the divine assistance that comes in, whether that’s a loan from a loved one or someone’s undivided attention where they listen to YOUR problems (instead of the other way around!).
On February 18, the Sun starts its monthly sojourn through Pisces, joining Mercury in your ambitious and career-focused tenth house. Now you’re really ready to move into mogul mode, retrograde or not. For best results, set up a streamlined set of goals you’d like to accomplish in the next four weeks. If you can, choose no more than three major items and give them your all. The February 23 Pisces new moon plants new seeds in your professional sector that will unfold in the coming six months. Where would you like to be by the fall? A leadership opportunity could open up, or you could reverse-engineer the path to a promotion. There will probably be a few slow intermediate steps before you reach that lofty spot, but as long as you’re following a clear trajectory, it will be worth the investment.
Don’t be shy about entertaining new offers near this date either. You could attract major buzz or serious kudos for one of your savvy moves. Be sure to leverage the accolades to build your credibility and let the world know you’re the real deal!

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