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March 2020 gemini overview

Climb that mountain, Gemini. The Sun is circulating through Pisces and your ambitious tenth house until March 19, setting your sights on an upward trajectory. Although your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde until March 9, there’s still plenty of terrain to cover! Don’t get discouraged by any setbacks or slowdowns, which may have started with Mercury’s reversal on February 16. Your big plans deserve some attention now!
As high as you’re reaching, you’ll also go deep. This month, an uber-rare quartet of planets—go-getter Mars, expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn AND depth-plumbing Pluto—will all be in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house. Under this merging-minded mashup, it could be a powerful moment for joint ventures or making a key relationship more permanent. While this cosmic combo could also spark jealousy and trust issues (especially when Mars and Pluto meet on March 23), it could also strengthen your bonds toward a more permanent status. 
An investment or shared financial endeavor could heat up, possibly moving at a faster pace than you’re comfortable with. For example, you might start to casually explore moving or buying a home only to walk into a space and realize, “OMG I must live here now!” When Mars teams up with adventurous and risk-loving Jupiter on March 20, impulse control could go out the window entirely.
Watch for power struggles and hidden information surfacing, especially if someone’s not being totally upfront with you. At the outspoken Mars-Jupiter meetup, things could get confrontational. Emotions will heat up quickly, and you’re likely to say things you could regret. People will get called out on their manipulative acts, so keep your nose clean, Gemini. Even if you’re tempted to cut corners, don’t do it. If you sense someone else being shady, be strategic before outing them. Consider how their actions could make you “guilt by association.” This month, the actions of the people closest to you will reflect on you, so surround yourself by a powerful and pristine posse. 
Take a break from world-domination efforts on March 9 and prioritize the personal. For starters, Mercury retrograde is ending, so you can celebrate your galactic guardian’s return to direct (forward) motion. Hallelujah! There’s also a full moon in Virgo and your domestic, heart-centered fourth house. It’s the ideal day to connect with your clan and dial up the self-care. If you’re considering a move or making a change to your living situation, your efforts will get extra lunar support. Need a mental health break? Get thee to the spa...or snuggled under the duvet to rest and rejuvenate. Your mother or a female relative could figure prominently into events now.
Lightness returns on March 19, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Aries and your social eleventh house. You can unchain yourself from your workstation and go circulate! Networking and collaboration heat up, especially at the March 24 Aries new moon. Let your vibrant Gemini personality shine, and you could attract some amazing kindred spirits who think as different as you do. Your circle always has room for newcomers, and this new moon may bring in a few squad members who could turn into cohorts in the coming six months. Who knows what you’ll dream up when you put your brilliant minds together?
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Speaking of dreams, yours could get some traction starting March 21, when the month’s headline cosmic news arrives. That day, structured Saturn makes its first foray into Aquarius and your ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and higher education, staying until July 1. Then, Saturn will back into Capricorn for five months before returning to Aquarius for an extended visit from December 17, 2020, until March 7, 2023. 
With the planet of discipline and duty in a fellow air sign—forming an easy trine to your Gemini Sun—this will be a MUCH easier path than the one you’ve been walking for the past few years. Since December 2017, Saturn has been in Capricorn and your intense eighth house, teaching you painful but powerful lessons about intimacy. With Saturn in your wealth sector, you could have made some large lump sums but also had to tighten your belt with investments, real estate and long-term financial planning. There could have been “feast-or-famine” moments or perhaps even a few eye-opening legal and contractual issues. 
A long-term relationship may have ended or, on the flip side, gotten much deeper. Saturn’s main thrust has been to teach you important lessons about boundaries and trust. If you weathered a betrayal, Saturn helped you pull yourself back up and learn from any missteps so you could get it right the next time. The motto of Saturn: Winners never quit, and quitters never win! In the game of love, success or any commitment, you’ve learned the truth of that cliche.
So having Saturn in your expansive ninth house could feel like a cakewalk by comparison, Gemini—and it’s about time! You WILL need to watch those candid remarks as they could land you in a bit of hot water. And there may be moments when you feel a bit self-doubt or your faith gets shaken. But aside from that, this Saturn cycle could mean that you travel or relocate for work, publish a book or find a way to get your main message out to the masses, far and wide!
Start taking calculated risks, especially near March 31, when Saturn teams up with courageous Mars here. This spring, fortune favors the bold...especially if they happen to be a Gemini!

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