Why Scorpio Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Flirty and sexy as this sign can be, Scorpio isn’t a big cheater. And if they are, they’re damn good at keeping it under wraps—or gaslighting you for a dizzyingly long spell.

Because of their overpowering sexual energy, you may wonder whether they’re hiding something from you, but don’t get too paranoid. As one Scorpio put it, “If I’ve gotten to the point of actually being in a relationship, that means I trust and respect the person enough not to do that.”

If they want to sleep around, they’ll set up an open relationship, or just avoid committing to you. In rare cases, though, they’ll live up to their lothario reputation. There are some reasons why Scorpio cheats.

(Scorpio is a water sign. Learn more about Scorpio traits.)

Unfaithful Scorpio? Here are reasons why Scorpio cheats

You’ve lost your edge

Have you become too conventional, stopped taking care of your body or dressing up? This highly visual sign needs a sophisticated soulmate with all the sexual trimmings. If you want to take the safe road to suburbia, try a Cancer or a Capricorn instead.

They think you cheated on them

Although they’ll usually just dump you cold, Scorpios also have a vengeful streak. If you hurt them deeply enough, they may fight fire with fire. And look out! Their return blows can sink to unimaginable lows. Wait, did they just propose to your best friend?

They meet their “soulmate”—and it isn’t you

Deep down, Scorpio will never rest until they’ve met their spiritual partner. Should this person come along when you’re, say, eight months pregnant with their child, c’est la vie. Although they may not sleep with this person until your official breakup, they might start an emotional relationship. And if they feel it’s “The One,” all the begging in the world won’t bring them back.

They want to experiment and you’re not into it

Reality is unavoidable: You’ve chosen to get into a relationship with the zodiac’s notorious sex god(dess). If you’re not prepared to traverse this landscape—or you bolt back to the stable while Scorpio is ready to gallop further into an open field, look out! There’s bound to be a sexy stallion who will go there, even if it’s only once. You didn’t expect your Scorpio to die not knowing how that feels, did you?


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