Why Pisces Cheat: 7 Eye-Opening Reasons

The question might be more like, why don’t they? Okay, we’re being extreme.

But Pisces does have a secretive side that can emerge, potentially plunging them into the most sabotaging behaviors. There are some reasons why Pisces cheat.

(Pisces is a water sign. Learn more about Pisces traits.)

Unfaithful Pisces? Here are reasons why Pisces cheat

It’s the only way to end the relationship

In other words, they’re too much of a wuss to break up with you directly. So they do it in this sneaky, underhanded way—forcing you to break up with them instead.

They have absolutely no idea

Pisces is driven by intuition, and they get easily swept up in a fantasy. The allure of temptation makes them weak. Of course, the guilt might nearly kill them. But they’re used to guilt, so it unfortunately won’t be toxic enough to stop them.

They couldn’t say no

Listen, it was the guilt, okay? The guilt made them do it. Someone needed to be held. They were really upset about a recent breakup and cried hysterically, fell into Pisces’s arms, and then their pants just kind of melted off from there. Why can’t you understand that it wasn’t personal?

You’ve made everything a little too real

Now, it’s time for their emergency exit. Open the escape hatch. Deploy parachute. Out they go!

Their friends don’t like you

The unevolved Pisces lacks a strong sense of self, and they’re easily influenced. They look to others for guidance and to “give” them their opinion. Bummer for you if the Pisces posse doesn’t weigh in kindly on you. 

You’re too passive or gullible

Pisces needs a dominant, self-assured Alpha to set boundaries, deal with reality and keep them in line. They might defend you valiantly. But they’d rather do that for fun, not because you’re actually helpless. When they try to play you for a sucker, they need you to fight, resist, push back. If they can steamroll or fool you, their interest will drop. Oh, the head games!

It was never over between them

They left the door a tiny bit ajar with their ex. Just the tiniest little crack. A couple strong gusts of passion blew the door wide open, and Pisces right through.


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