Why Aquarius Cheats: 5 Eye-Opening Reasons

Because they know so many people and are naturally flirty, Aquarius is often branded a cheater—even when they’re not one.

The prankster in them may delight in keeping people guessing. They love to mess with small-minded types who don’t grasp that people who are attracted to each other can actually just be friends.

Although Aquarius may remain immature longer than most signs, they tend to be a hardcore bachelor(ette) or a serial monogamist.

And since they live by their own rules, they’d rather establish an open relationship than sleep around behind someone’s back. That said, there are some reasons that they might cheat.

(Aquarius is an air sign. Learn more about Aquarius traits.)

Unfaithful Aquarius? Here are reasons why Aquarius cheats

They couldn’t resist having the experience

Somehow, they felt that they would miss out on a life-altering, mind-expanding moment by not doing it. Aquarius is eternally curious, and “It was too good an opportunity to pass up,” explains one Aquarian of why they cheated.

Angry revenge

Aquarius is hypersensitive to being done wrong and treated unfairly, and may resort to “eye for an eye” revenge tactics. Cue Aquarius Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” music video. They’re far too proud to be played and will go to extremes, even cruel ones, to have the last laugh.

You’re not really friends

They may selectively forget the Golden Rule with some people, but when it comes to friends, Aquarius rarely breaks the honor code. If friendship isn’t the foundation of your relationship, they may not value you enough to spare your feelings. Indeed you may catch them “doing unto others”—in a scandalous way, that is.

Or, you’re not really more than friends

Because they value the unique bonding and connection of friendship, Aquarius may fool themselves into thinking that’s all they need from a partner. That is, until they stir up some sizzling mind-body-soul chemistry with that hottie in their Sci-Fi reading group or in the box seat next to them at a basketball game. Oops.

They want an open relationship or…

…other sexual adventures, and you don’t. It may be a reason why Aquarius cheats.

Not every Aquarius is into kink, but this experimental sign may be curious about going places that frighten you. Best to find out early how wide their sexual proclivities span.

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