Why Cancer Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Although a happy Cancer is a loyal family-loving mate, when in turmoil, their emotions can cloud their judgment.

If that means finding comfort in the arms of another lover, they may just go there. It takes a lot for them to cheat, but there are some probable causes.

(Cancer is a water sign. Learn more about Cancer traits.)

Unfaithful Cancer? Here are reasons why Cancer cheats

You hurt them

Have you wounded your Crab in their soft underbelly? Cut down their ego or brought them to their knees?

Never underestimate this sign’s retaliatory powers when they’re in pain. If they think you don’t care about their feelings, why should they care about yours? At least, that’s what they tell themselves as they’re massaging someone else’s shoulders while bitterly obsessing over you. It could be a reason why Cancer cheats.

You bored them

With Cancer, there’s a fine line between having too much edge and not enough. If you lack curiosity, they’re out of a job. After all, they need to dazzle you with their worldliness and finely-honed cultural IQ. Too much “hottie next door” will send them prowling down another block.

You punked them

Cancers guards reputation carefully. After all, it’s the shell they retreat into for protection. Did you make them look or feel like a fool? Did they catch you sneaking around or flirting with someone else? They might just give you a taste of your own medicine.

You took them for granted

Cancers need to feel appreciated for all the special care and sensitivity they give you. If you treat their nurturing like it’s no big deal, they’ll find some other soul to serve that pot of chicken soup. 


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