Why Leo Cheats: 5 Eye-Opening Reasons

Leos take great pride in their relationships, especially when they reflect positively on them.

They make tearful declarations of loyalty and tear down anyone who dares to be unfaithful to their friends. Then…their own animal nature gets the best of them.

Leos can be demanding partners with fragile egos. And when they’re feeling down on themselves, watch out. They’re entirely capable of jeopardizing a long-term relationship with infidelity.

If they do cheat, Leo is careless and usually gets caught. They might even leave their diary or other incriminating evidence lying around in plain view. Jerry Hall remembers Leo Mick Jagger leaving other people’s earrings and clothes in the bedroom from his flings (yes, he cheated on his wife in their bed!).

Is Leo trying to teach you a lesson? Either that or they’ve given in to their selfish side. Here’s why Leo might stray from the adjacent throne.

(Leo is a fire sign. Learn more about Leo traits.)

Unfaithful Leo? Here are reasons why Leo cheats

Ego recovery

They’re defeated, humiliated, crushed by life. Oh, the drama! When the Royal of the Jungle feels like the Court Jester, they’ll do anything—anything—to win back their crown. An affair can be the triage that stops their wounds.

They’re an attention whore

Leo needs your admiration, praise and focus like the rest of us need air. Red alert if they feel neglected. It may be a reason why Leo cheats––you’ve been away too long, or something else becomes your main concentration.

They usually fire a warning shot: making a fuss, teaching you a small lesson, acting out in a way that snaps your attention back. But if the Lion’s roars fall on deaf ears, well, perhaps another cat is listening. It’s a jungle out there. It could be a reason why Leo cheats.

You’re too icy

Leo needs affection, warmth and tenderness, all wrapped in an eye-popping package. If you’re too cold or reserved, they might look for heat somewhere else. They don’t mind if you’re bossy—in fact, they welcome it, as long as it’s delivered in a loving, nurturing tone instead of a way that makes them look like a chump.


Limits? What are those? Leo doesn’t know when to say “uncle.” They may toe the cheating line every now and then as a result. After carousing about town with friends, having one too many cocktails and a little too much fun, they get pumped full of bravado. Before you know it, they’re flirting shamelessly with the bartender, hoping to “close the tab” in a special way.

They’re hurt

They wore their heart on their sleeve and you took advantage of it. A passive-aggressive affair will put you in your place.


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