Why Taurus Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Taurus is a loyal sign by nature. It takes a lot for them to cheat.

In general, they’ll give you a ton of warning signs before taking such drastic measures. They’re too practical to ruin their lives with the drama of a broken home or family, and they care too much about their reputation to mar it with a scandal.

Chances are, they’re hurting or lonely and you haven’t noticed. Affairs can be easily prevented with this sign, so tune in to your Taurus on a regular basis.

(Taurus is an earth sign. Learn about Taurus traits.)

Unfaithful Taurus? Here are reasons why Taurus cheats

They don’t feel important enough for you

Although they carry themselves with pride, even cockiness, Bulls have fragile egos. They need to feel special and admired by you. Are you criticizing them or cutting them down? Do you interrupt them when they’re sharing important news? Find a way to be wowed by them. Otherwise, they’ll look for new fans elsewhere. 

They feel neglected, lonely or forgotten

Taurus craves physical contact and affection. If your busy schedule has no room for them, a reason why Taurus cheats is that they may find comfort in another’s arms. Wanna keep your Bull in the pen? Don’t make them feel like they’re second place to anything.

Their lusty appetite got the best of them

Taurus rules the five senses, and occasionally, they get intoxicated by a heady hit of beauty. Only in rare cases do they act, and it’s usually due to immaturity or one of the two reasons above. Make sure they’ve sown their oats before you commit to them.

They decided you’re not “The One “and it’s over in their mind

Although they may not have communicated the breakup to you, if they’ve made up their mind, they consider themselves free to move on. Integrity is still important to them, so expect a “bullshit apology” text or call soon.

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