Why Sagittarius Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Now, we need to sit you down for an honest talk here. Sagittarius, though principled and morally righteous, has an appetite as wide as the sky.

This sign is symbolized by the Centaur—a mythical half human, half horse. In spite of their hardcore ethics, their animalistic bottom half can override their lofty, philosophical minds. As one Sagittarius puts it: “Why have a handful when you can have a land full?”

It’s never personal why Sagittarius cheats. And it’s rarely malicious. They follow their impulses until they are in over their heads.

If they’re caught cheating, they take a philosophical approach, which can be summed up by this great quote: It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Sagittarians could have that engraved on their tombstones. So, here are a few reasons your Archer might gallop off the straight and narrow path.

(Sagittarius is a fire sign. Learn more about Sagittarius traits.)

Unfaithful Sagittarius? Here are reasons why Sagittarius cheats

Opportunity knocked

Sagittarius hates to waste good fortune, especially when it falls right into their lap. And give them a lap dance. I mean c’mon, wouldn’t you?

They needed some variety

Sagittarius loves a challenge, and they hate stagnation. Even if they like what you’re serving, they might want filet mignon instead of top sirloin every now and then. If you’ve been having sex in the same location, position or routine—or you’ve fallen into some other rut—they may renew their zest with a feast in someone else’s camp.

They felt boxed in and needed some freedom

Sagittarius hates rules, and only follows the ones they make up themselves. Commitment goes against their animal nature, no matter how much they love you. Unless they have enough freedom in other parts of their life, they may give into their roaming instinct.

As one Sagittarius says, “When I’m comfortable in a relationship, I just need to know I can color a little outside the boundaries—that I have some breathing room.”

They’re over you

They’re done, finished, told you and you didn’t listen. Now, you’re just bringing them drama. If their direct dumping didn’t work, they’ll have to make it easier for you to catch them in the act of betrayal. Ouch.


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