Why Virgo Cheats: 4 Eye-Opening Reasons

Although Virgo is capable of great loyalty, their sign can also become CEO of Infidelity, Inc.

As with everything for Virgo, their motivation is usually control. Love and relationships make their restrained sign feel deeply out of order. They tend to overreact, desperately grasping at the first thing that restores their sense of command—be it a prestigious work assignment or a finely toned beach body. Here are some reasons Virgo cheats.

(Virgo is an earth sign. Learn about Virgo traits.)

Unfaithful Virgo? Here are reasons why Virgo cheats

They’re freaking out

No stranger to neurotic, compulsive behavior, Virgo may sense that they’re getting attached to you and flip out. Once their inner control freak takes the wheel, Virgo may cheat just to prove to themselves that they still have the upper hand. Especially if Virgo senses that they’re more into you than you are into them—watch out.

They need to be naughty

It’s true: Virgo can be as tightly wound as a slingshot. When this controlled, controlling sign veers too far into rigidity, it’s only natural that they’ll rebel. That’s when their shadow emerges, seeking some outrageous fetishes that would make a porn star blush. 

Your relationship is too domestic

You used to be playful, and now you’re practical. Help! You’ve turned into them! This Freaky Friday business can bring out Virgo’s sleazy side. They love if you make a good partner and parent, but you’d better not lose that sexy edge. Virgo would rather take over the cooking and cleaning (they’re probably better at them anyhow) than lose the vampy vibes they fell for in the first place.

You’re boring

Again, you’ve taken over their job (um, only kidding, Virgo!). Actually, Virgo is a mutable sign, which means they need variety and change on a regular basis. And they’ll bring it too! If they sense you’re stagnant or lacking experience, it’s a total turnoff. It may be a reason why Virgo cheats.



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