Why Aries Cheat: 5 Eye-Opening Reasons

When it comes to cheating, Aries have their own set of rules.

If they truly love you, it’s almost impossible for them to stray. They’re motivated by an honor code that’s all about loyalty, nobility and dignity…or whatever they talk about in those epic war movies.

But if every single fiber of their being doesn’t shout, “I found The One!” about you, they’ll always sleep with one eye open, scanning for their true love. And if they happen to spot them while you’re still together, so be it. They’re not cheating—they’re just leaving you for someone better.

Don’t you see the difference?

We don’t either. But it doesn’t matter, because they make the rules.

(Aries is a fire sign. Learn more about Aries traits.)

Unfaithful Aries? Here are reasons why Aries cheat


They’re hurt immeasurably and seeing red. Most people don’t understand how immediate pain is for Aries; they feel it in every part of their body. It just overtakes them, like any passionate emotion. They want you to hurt as badly as they do, to experience their agony so you’ll never dare to hurt them this way again. This might be a reason why Aries cheat.

You’re not their soulmate

Or they suspect you’re not, anyhow. Their intuition is usually right, though. Couldn’t they have told you sooner? 

You’ve eclipsed them and they feel invisible

Sure, they’re proud to be dating a superstar. In fact, nothing less would do. But if people start whispering, “What are they doing together?” the Aries ego may not be strong enough to take it. They may bolster themselves in the most cliché, knee-jerk way, by charming and seducing a sweet, worshipful young thing.

They’re still “experimenting” and not ready to settle down

Aries is a late bloomer in the monogamy game. Sometimes, they force themselves into a relationship when they know deep down that they haven’t sown their oats. If that’s the case, they might start having sexual adventures on the side.


When their hormones are rocking, don’t come a-knocking. This is particularly potent for Aries in their younger years. But their youth can stretch well into their 30s, 40s and beyond, and their curiosity never dies.

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