Why Capricorn Cheats: 5 Eye-Opening Reasons

Capricorn is a sign that values loyalty and honor, so it’s rare to find too many cheaters among this sign’s ranks.

Still, until this sign is ready to settle down—in other words, they’re well on their way to achieving the ambitious goals they’ve set for themselves—they will waver in their loyalty from time to time. In their minds, until they know where they’re going in life, they can’t possibly choose the right criteria for a suitable mate.

So, like a mountain goat tripping on the rocky trail, they may stumble. Here are some reasons why Capricorn cheats.

(Capricorn is an earth sign. Learn more about Capricorn traits.)

Unfaithful Capricorn? Here are reasons why Capricorn cheats

You play too many games

This sign can be infuriatingly unexpressive, so you’ll be tempted to test their love by pushing their buttons. Don’t flirt with their best friend to make them jealous. They like a little mystery, but if you mess with their heads, they’ll assume you’re not serious about the relationship—thus, why should they be?

A breakup is imminent…

So they figured they might as well get a head start on single life.

As the saying goes, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” Once they plan their exit, they have a knack for finding a quick rebound (they usually have an ex or two in the wings, standing by for a booty call).

They’re horny and you’re never around

Capricorn is a realist to a fault. Cheating can be a practical matter. Sex is a basic human need, like eating or going to the bathroom. You wouldn’t ask them to starve or hold it in, would you? If you’re off on a six-month global tour, they may snack while you’re away.


They know they’re not ready for something this serious, and they need a way out. Behold: a sexy young thing who they could never take seriously is totally flirting with them!

They never really ended it with their last partner (or three)

Maybe they’re still paying child support for the kid they helped raise or they still feel obligated to take care of their ex, two years after the divorce. Nostalgic Capricorn feels most comfortable living in the past. Their sign rules history, and if they have too much of it with somebody, beware.


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