Wedding Planning By Zodiac Sign

How you plan your wedding has a lot to do with your Sun sign. Your wedding planning by zodiac sign astrology guide.

What does your zodiac sign say about your wedding planning style?

Wedding planning by zodiac sign

Aries Wedding Planning

Aries fearlessly make declarations of love, and your wedding may well reflect your larger-than life, bold-as-brass style of affection. We won’t be surprised if you were the one who popped the question! You may never give up those childhood visions of fairytale weddings. However, some impulsive Aries may want to elope at a festival or remote island the moment they get engaged. With your idealistic convictions, you may eschew the whole traditional route and do something simple, intimate and meaningful. The point is, whether you fill a church or trade vows on a private beach, it’s got to be done your way!

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Taurus Wedding Planning

You love all things classic, so draw inspiration from the Art Deco era or a sophisticated standby. A stately hotel, Ivy Leaguers’ club or an old mansion lends your wedding the aristocratic vibe you love. Or, get out of city limits and head into nature. A spring wedding offers the perfect temperature for you (you can’t stand being too hot), so why not get married near your birthday and when the wildflowers are in bloom? You’re an earth sign, so you might also try a pastoral setting like an 18th-century farmhouse, a bed-and-breakfast, or heck, why not make it a castle?

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Gemini Wedding Planning

Originality and diversity are the keys to your special day, Gemini. As an air sign, you love to feel the wind on your face, so stage your wedding on a cliff or in front of dramatic windows. With your love of adventure, you could even skydive into your own reception! Geminis are huge musicheads, and you’ll want a hand in the playlist and DJ selection. Create a lively party atmosphere where everyone dances until dawn. You could jump into the pool in full regalia, getting the whole wild night started!

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Cancer Wedding Planning

Romance, nostalgia and tons of meaningful gestures are the hallmarks of a Cancer wedding. You’re a water sign, so consider a wedding on the beach, in a seaside town, or even on a yacht or a houseboat. Since Cancer rules home and family, your parents’ house, a nostalgic childhood vacation spot, or even an historic mansion stir up those homey, heart-warming vibes. Include favorite family members as much as possible. Keep your decor romantic and nostalgic, using framed family photos as table centerpieces. Or, place generations of family wedding photos on your escort card table.

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Leo Wedding Planning

This is no ordinary party, Leo. Leo is fire sign, so wherever possible, incorporate flames—a candle-lighting ceremony, sparklers in the cake, a wood-burning fireplace, votives on every table, even a fire-spinner to send you off after you’ve traded vows. No need to break the bank to pull off your big vision. With your creative, crafty nature, you’ll know just how to combine luxurious touches like rich velvet draping, fake fur, lanterns, and ornate candelabras from a prop rental company.

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Virgo Wedding Planning

With your classic tastes, you’ll want your wedding to be an elegant affair—but you won’t skimp on the unique details. Many Virgos are foodies so the menu is crucial. As the zodiac’s health nut, create a delicious spread of fresh ingredients or farm-to-table fare. Appoint a great wedding planner, a wedding-day coordinator (a more budget-friendly option), or at least a devoted maid of honor to make sure you eat, mingle and stay on cue. You’ll be picky about details and costs, but know when to let go and just enjoy yourself, Virgo.

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Libra Wedding Planning

Libra governs the zodiac’s seventh house of marriage, which means that you can’t help but be a bit of a hopeless romantic with that astrological fate! A conventional setting is fine for your reception, as long as it has style and can be transformed into a beautiful, elegant scene. Many Libras are artistic, so a gallery that you infuse with a few romantic touches could be the perfect hip, modern space. Honor your symbolic “scales” by balancing pared-down sleekness with ornamental flourishes. You could even set up your ceremony seating like a fashion show, and strut down a catwalk to join your betrothed.

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Scorpio Wedding Planning

Scorpio is a private, passionate and intimate sign. Even if you have 500 guests, find a way to make each of them feel like they’re part of a small, exclusive affair. With your natural attention to detail, you can get creative with fabric and textures to make your space smolder with intensity. As a water sign, you’ll also love a destination wedding in a far-flung enclave, where you marry barefoot on the beach at sunset. Just don’t let your competitive side rob your wedding of creativity. The day is about expressing your unique personality, not following a set of rules.

Sagittarius Wedding Planning

You’re the wild child of the zodiac and hard to pin down, so when—or if—you actually get married, you’ll do it in a non-traditional way. You could shock people by suddenly exchanging thrill-seeking for domesticity. But as people’s heads reel, you’ll charge into this latest adventure with the same devil-may-care attitude you apply to everything else. True to your spirited nature, you care more about the party than the ceremony. You have no patience to put together an elaborate wedding, but you love any reason to celebrate the spirit of amour.

Capricorn Wedding Planning

Capricorn weddings can either go earthy or aristocratic. If you’re more the rugged type, then plan a no-frills outdoor ceremony where the beauty lies in its simplicity. Rent a rustic ski lodge or small beach resort and wed against a gorgeous natural backdrop of wildflowers or ocean. Make it a weeklong family reunion and put your guests up in beautiful cabins (with a few classy amenities, of course).

If you’re the traditional breed of Capricorn, hold your ceremony at your childhood temple or church. Then, serve a formal, plated dinner at a country club, an old estate or a grand Art Deco hotel. Caution: Capricorns get hung up on rules and what’s “appropriate,” and that can zap the fun out of the planning process.

Aquarius Wedding

Ah, the party! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, and the highlight of your big day. Aquarians are often uncomfortable with tons of sentiment and emotional outpourings, so chances are, you’ll be relieved to wrap up the ceremony and dive into the fun. A casual and informal reception is just your speed, and a unique location could make it a real blast. You’re the sign of the Water Bearer, so a pool party or beach wedding could be fun. Or, incorporate an aquatic feel into your decor. Whatever you do, dial down the rebelling!

Pisces Wedding Planning

A fairy tale wedding is every Pisces (not-so) secret fantasy, and you’ll relish the opportunity to bring every diamond-studded dream you’ve ever had to life. You’re a water sign, so head to the shores for a beach or a yacht wedding. If you’re the creative, rule-bending type, let your imagination run free. Try a quirky place like a carnival or a state fairground for your reception. Go for a theme or costume party. Since you adore live music, book your favorite band for entertainment. Dancing is a must!

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