Taurus Wedding Planner

Traditional Taurus won’t settle for anything less than a timeless affair. Here are the 5 essential components of the Taurus wedding planner.

A first-class event is a must for Taurus, a tasteful, style-conscious sign.

The Taurus wedding setting

You love all things classic, so draw inspiration from the Art Deco era or a sophisticated standby. A stately hotel, Ivy Leaguers’ club or an old mansion lends your wedding the aristocratic vibe you love. Or, get out of city limits and head into nature. A spring wedding offers the perfect temperature for you (you can’t stand being too hot), so why not get married near your birthday and when the wildflowers are in bloom? You’re an earth sign, so you might also try a pastoral setting like an 18th-century farmhouse, a bed-and-breakfast, or heck, why not make it a castle?

The more-shabby-than-chic touches should be left at the door, though. An elegant experience is essential, so pamper yourself and your guests in luxurious comfort (spa services, anyone?). Your sensual sign adores food and wine, so concentrate your budget on a first-class feast. You want to treat your guests to the best of everything: grass-fed meat, top-shelf bubbly, and of course, a gourmet dessert table. Keep the upscale epicurean vibes going: give away individual, gourmet chocolate toffees as favors.

Taurus wedding wear

Your sign rules the neck and shoulder area, so if you’re wearing a dress, choose a well-proportioned gown that flatters your sturdy upper body. A bateau neckline, even a halter, balances your proportions perfectly. If your inner princess is crying out for something frilly, save it for your skirt. Your lower body won’t compete with the dress like your torso does. A little lace detailing, or Victorian touches like beads and embroidery, look elegant on you. A strapless dress can work, but balance with an A-line or slightly fuller skirt, even a wide sash at the waist (try attaching it with a vintage-style brooch).

If you’re suiting up, think: bespoke and tailored. You’ll cut a chic figure in cream or gray, paired with a shirt in an unexpected (solid) hue, like salmon or lilac. Add glimmering cufflinks, a silk hanky (there will be tears to dab) and an elegant boutonniere. As with all you do, Taurus, keep things simple and stick to the tried and true. You dazzle in understated elegance, so accent your natural beauty with romantic classics.

The Taurus ring

You’re a traditionalist when it comes to jewelry, so go first-class. Practical though you may be, when it comes to your ring, you want something you can show off to your friends. Try an Asscher Cut diamond, which is very clear, step-cut, and old-fashioned. Adorn the gem with beautiful side stones—even sapphires. Taurus is the sign of status, and while you abhor flashiness, you’ll gladly don a sizeable rock for all to admire. You justify the indulgence by calling it a good investment. After all, you’ll wear it forever! You appreciate anything handcrafted that stands the test of time. An heirloom ring with art-deco style filigree, for example, could suit your taste as well.

The Taurus wedding party

This is a chance to flaunt your great taste, and with your keen eye for style, you’ll put together a memorable look for your wedding party. Classic movies can be a great inspiration. If you go that route, keep the dresses simple, neutral-toned and elegant and opt for tuxedos or custom suits. Hats, pocket watches, and other dapper touches could be fun, along with vintage-inspired gloves or Juliet caps. Aiming for something more artsy and rebellious? Tap into your gritty side and go totally rock-‘n-roll. Put your wedding party in leather corsets, cuffs, ties and cummerbunds. If you’re vegan, like many Taureans (you’re an earth sign), look into cruelty-free or natural fabrics for your special day.

Taurus wedding pro tip

Your artful eye will attend to every detail: napkin rings, flatware, stemware, place settings, as well as gifts for the guests. Trouble is, you can get so caught up in showing off the best of everything that you might forget to enjoy your own wedding. Stop trying to control the show and focus on the tenderness of the moment. Enlist a wedding planner or a helpful relative to project manage the day so you can be the guest of honor!

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