Aquarius Wedding Planner

Forget tradition. If Aquarius is getting married, you’re doing it your way. Here are the 5 essential components of the Aquarius wedding planner.

Ah, the party! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, and the highlight of your big day.

The Aquarius wedding setting

Aquarians are often uncomfortable with tons of sentiment and emotional outpourings, so chances are, you’ll be relieved to wrap up the ceremony and dive into the fun. A casual and informal reception is just your speed, and a unique location could make it a real blast. But don’t write off the traditions altogether! Sites like Offbeat Wed are filled with Aquarius-friendly ideas for customizing your special day to your eclectic tastes.

Try a modern art gallery, a loft space, even a planetarium or aquarium! An enclosed-glass atrium or an outdoor tent with hanging lanterns can give you the airy vibe you love. For summer weddings, print your programs on stylish fans that double as favors.

You’re the sign of the Water Bearer, so a pool party or beach wedding could be fun. Or, incorporate an aquatic feel into your decor. For example, you could set the table with rippled-glass chargers over a white table cloth. The reflecting light will cast a pattern that resembles the waves on an ocean floor. Decorate with vases, urns and vessels, even little fish bowls as centerpieces. Serve signature cocktails in bright, aquatic blue.

Aquarius wedding wear

Find the happy medium between tradition and the original. In dress form, this translates into a simple gown with creative, attention-grabbing details—or else a wild, experimental suit fashioned by an avant-garde designer. Don’t be afraid to be “out there.” If anyone can pull it off, you can!

As an air sign, work in floating layers and semi-sheer fabrics. Think: angels, butterflies and birds—anything with wings! A column dress, a slip gown or an empire waist with floaty, cascading layers look great on you. You could even do a one-shoulder toga style gown. Since the free-love 1960s were the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” you could go ultra-mod with a Twiggy-inspired minidress or a Beatles-inspired suit with paisley accents. Even if your dress isn’t short, your veil should be (if you wear one). Whatever you do, avoid “pouf” at all costs.

The Aquarius wedding ring

Aquarius is a future-focused sign, and you love something that’s original and modern. Since you tend to be sporty and active, you need a ring that can travel well, too! Too much bling is tasteless and over the top in your opinion. Go for something clean, pretty and simple like a minimal solitaire ring set in a simple metal band. Try a princess cut stone, which is square with lots of facets, modern and super-sparkly—giving you that unicorn touch you enjoy.

The Aquarius wedding party

Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and chances are, you have too many close pals to keep this manageable. You hate politics and drama, so you may end up skipping the whole wedding party ritual. Fortunately, you don’t mind breaking from convention. You could invent your own way of including your loved ones. Since they’ll probably be an eclectic mix from all walks of life, honor the diversity of your circle with an innovative ritual of your own. Use your vivid imagination. Keep a spirit of lightness and fun in their outfits. Choose something bespoke, even made by a costume designer or a crafty friend. Pick the beachy, fun colors your sign loves: aqua, salmon, lavender or pale lime green.

Aquarius wedding pro tip

Dial down the rebelling. Yes, it’s your wedding, but would it hurt to compromise a little? Your unconventional approach may leave traditional relatives cold—especially your parents. You don’t have to wear a veil or hire your mom’s favorite caterer if neither suits your taste. Just find ways to make your family feel included in the plans. Individuality is great, but don’t turn your special day into a revolution just to prove a point.


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