Aries Wedding Planner

Getting married means being the star, which is just how Aries likes it. Here are the 5 essential components of the Aries wedding planner.

Aries fearlessly make declarations of love, and your wedding may well reflect your larger-than life, bold-as-brass style of affection. We won’t be surprised if you were the one who popped the question!

The Aries wedding setting

You may never give up those childhood visions of fairytale weddings—just do a search on the famously extravagant nuptials of Celine Dion’s and Mariah Carey’s first weddings. Yes, they are both Rams.

However, some impulsive Aries may want to elope at a festival or remote island the moment they get engaged. With your idealistic convictions, you may eschew the whole traditional route and do something simple, intimate and meaningful. The point is, whether you fill a church like Celine or trade vows on a private beach, it’s got to be done your way!

Scout out an original location, like a theme park or an old firehouse. You can ride off with your beloved in a fire truck at the end! Freedom-loving Rams love to be thrilled, so how about a breathtaking view from a rooftop garden or an exotic cliff in Hawaii? Aries is a fire sign, so decorate with lots of candles and warm uplights for the glowing ambience you love.

Aries wedding wear

You’re a thoughtful sign, Aries, and you take your wedding seriously. You need to feel like this day is special and unlike any other. It’s your turn to wear a white dress or suit, and do all the things you dreamed about when you were a child. At the same time, you can’t stand blending into the crowd or being a follower. As one Aries put it, she was fulfilling a little girl’s fantasy (Aries is the eternal child) while making sure that she wouldn’t be ignored—which Aries hate!)

Fortunately, you love a challenge, so here’s your mission: source classic wedding garb that’s also original and unforgettable. The diva is in the details for you: a tutu-style skirt ala Aries Sarah Jessica Parker, an unusual frill at the top of your bodice, a vintage tuxedo with Elton John (also an Aries) ruffles peeking through, an asymmetrical cut, even a see-through back. You need something that says, “I may be following tradition today, but I’m still making the rules.” Don’t be afraid to try a trendy touch.

When it comes to your nuptials, you can be a traditionalist and a disruptor rolled into one, so let your style express it. If you do antique lace on top, for example, consider an artfully shredded hem or some other roughed-up touch to keep you from looking and feeling too sweet. Everyone knows you’re a powerhouse, Aries, so don’t be afraid to own it! Custom-made, even a costume party? Yes, please!

The Aries wedding ring

You’re not afraid of a little bling, Aries. A trendy, one-of- a-kind piece is right up your alley, so visit a custom jeweler who can fulfill your vision. You love a good story, so make your wedding jewels a conversation piece by inscribing a meaningful phrase or pattern on your band. Aries love red, so a pink diamond or ruby could also suit your taste.

As a fire sign, you look great in round diamonds that have lots of facets (just like you) with a halo setting, which features small diamonds and/or colored stones surrounding a larger center stone. Pair that with a double band and lots of pav—multiple small diamonds set close together in a surface and held in place by tiny prongs. Of course, you don’t take well to the idea of anyone owning you, so you may eschew the ring altogether and use the money you save to travel the world!

The Aries wedding party

You’re all about empowerment and solidarity, Aries, but let’s face it, you also need to be the center of attention. Under no circumstance can your wedding party upstage you. Keep their outfits simple and unadorned—or infuse your signature color, red, into the day with burgundy velvet or scarlet silk. Have your wedding party form an arch by holding up crimson parasols, flanking your procession up the aisle. Don’t forget the kids! You adore children (other people’s, anyway), so dress up a cherubic little ring bearer in angel wings.

Aries wedding pro tip

You’re ambitious enough to plan a royal wedding, but you’ll need help carrying it out. You’re great at delegating, but make sure your friends don’t feel you’ve dumped too much responsibility for your big day on their shoulders, or you could alienate them. Sure, they may show up for the party, while also complaining about your “demands” months down the road. Better to hire a professional wedding planner so you can enjoy yourself and keep the celebratory vibes on high—that’s the point of today, isn’t it?

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