Gemini Wedding Planner

From the color scheme to the song list, you’ll oversee every detail. Here are the 5 essential components of the Gemini wedding planner.

Originality and diversity are the keys to your special day, Gemini.

The Gemini wedding setting

To satisfy your need for extremes, think in contrasts, like an indoor/outdoor wedding or a ceremony with two locations. Find a caterer that specializes in “dinner by the bite,” where your guests feast on portion-sized tastes of fun dishes. Aim for an eclectic color scheme, like a chocolate brown aisle runner with sky blue or hot pink variegated stripes. Bright, patterned tablecloths and chair covers can carry the color scheme onward.

As an air sign, you love to feel the wind on your face, so stage your wedding on a cliff or in front of dramatic windows. With your love of adventure, you could even skydive into your own reception! Geminis are huge musicheads, and you’ll want a hand in the playlist and DJ selection. Create a lively party atmosphere where everyone dances until dawn. You could jump into the pool in full regalia, getting the whole wild night started! If you have a crafty side like most Geminis, you could give away handmade favors or send everyone your wedding playlist. You’re often a wordsmith, so pick up a pen and write your own vows. They’re sure to be memorable! Later, have them beautifully framed for display at home.

Gemini wedding wear

While you can incorporate some traditional elements, you need to stand out when you’re strutting down the aisle. Your fashion-forward sign may have been pinning wedding regalia before you even met your boo! Skip the traditional shops and scout out an indie designer. Or take an off-the-shelf gown or suit to a small atelier to be customized for your special day.

Gemini rules the arms, torso and waist. Choose garb that flatters these areas. If you’re wearing a gown, go strapless, or try on a spaghetti-strap style with a jeweled sash at the waist. You may be the rare soul who can wear the drop-waisted “mermaid” style dress, or even a funky, artsy skirt (an asymmetrical or shredded hem, for instance) paired with a simple bodice. Avoid boxy shifts and overly structured styles, and go for soft and fitted.

Striking a balance between structured and flowy is key. A vintage tuxedo— or an ironic zoot suit—can make Gemini a memorable spouse! A splash of color goes far, so don’t feel trapped in “wedding white”—let yourself dip into the rainbow for a look you truly love.

The Gemini wedding ring

Gemini rules the hands, so your ring should be a great fit, since it’s sure to be noticed. As the sign of duality, try a double ring, or a tension-set ring with a funky, modern metal band that’s also curvy and organic. The tension setting makes the diamond look like it’s floating magically. Choose a princess-cut stone, which is square, ultra-sparkly, and has lots of facets—just like you.

The Gemini wedding party

Festive Geminis put the “party” in wedding party. Pack a limo (or double-decker bus!) with your loudest friends and hit the drive-through window en route to the chapel. As for your wedding, there will be nothing stiff and formal in your selection. You might even put your wedding party in costume! You’re not big on having them look like clones (even if you are the sign of the Twins).

To mix it up but keep some coordination, let everyone choose from a range of tops, bottoms and boutonnieres that you’ve pre-selected. Don’t shy away from patterns, which will create a photo-worthy contrast against the backdrop of your wedding whites.

Gemini wedding pro tip

Dial it down. You may be a little too casual or wild with your wedding—enough to create friction with the in-laws. A freewheeling lack of planning—or too-eccentric theme—could lead to real panic. For example, you could invite too many people but forget to check in with the caterer until three days before the ceremony. You get frazzled by too many details, and while you’re ambitious enough to take them on, you’ll need help planning this event.


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