Capricorn Wedding Planner

For Capricorn, less is more. Elegance and beauty is found in simplicity. Here are the 5 essential components of the Capricorn wedding planner.

The Capricorn wedding setting

Capricorn weddings can either go earthy or aristocratic. If you’re more the rugged type of Goat, then plan a no-frills outdoor ceremony where the beauty lies in its simplicity. Rent a rustic ski lodge or small beach resort and wed against a gorgeous natural backdrop of wildflowers or ocean. Make it a weeklong family reunion and put your guests up in beautiful cabins (with a few classy amenities, of course). 

If you’re the traditional breed of Capricorn, hold your ceremony at your childhood temple or church. Then, serve a formal, plated dinner at a country club, an old estate or a grand Art Deco hotel. Use your initials or a motif as a monogram, and carry the theme throughout your reception. Your sign rules history, so you could get married at a national monument, or a deeply meaningful place from your past. Alternatively, you could try a sleek, modern boutique hotel designed by a renowned architect—as long as it displays your taste and sophistication.

Caution: Capricorns get hung up on rules and what’s “appropriate,” and that can zap the fun out of the planning process.

Capricorn wedding wear

Earth sign Capricorns look great in natural basics with a touch of old-Hollywood glamor. For you, less is more. Since you appreciate things that have been finely aged, try an “antique white” like ivory or oyster. You’re also the sign that rules structure, so you may wear a wedding suit or a gown with formal touches, like a row of buttons, a vestlike bodice; even a collar.

Capricorns look great in a custom-tailored suit altered to your exact proportions. Since you can be reserved, a little bling can steer you mercifully out of “basic” territory. A well-placed gemstone or crystal looks great on your gown—in moderation, of course. Add a boutonniere made from seasonal flowers and plants, or a formal pocket square in a unique color.

Your sign always loves a naughty little secret. Even if you look proper on the outside, slip into sexy underwear, a lacy garter, or other surprises for your beloved’s eyes only.

The Capricorn wedding ring

As a traditional sign, you look great in a classic wedding ring. Time-tested treasures are your enduring sign’s jam, so try on heirloom or estate jewelry, even a family ring. Or, take inspiration from antiques. You like your sparkly status symbols, but you’re also an “old money” sign that needs to show restraint. Consider an Asscher-cut diamond, which is very clear, step-cut, and old-fashioned or a simple round stone that’s curvy and feminine. Or a diamond solitaire (in other words, a single stone) in either a four-prong or a Tiffany style six-prong setting.

The Capricorn wedding party

You’re a loyal sign, and you cherish the bonds that have lasted over time. Even if you’ve formed closer friendships in recent years, you love the notion of honoring your past, especially at your ceremony. Only your oldest, truest friends and family should stand in your wedding party. Keep their outfits clean-cut, classic, even a little preppy. If possible, weave in a detail with meaning—a symbol from your shared history or backgrounds. If you grew up in a seaside town, give everyone a shell necklace, for example. With your love of tradition, you could also honor a family legacy. For instance, make headbands or bow ties from kente cloth or a family tartan.

Capricorn wedding pro tip

Dial down trying to impress everyone. Capricorns are perfectionists forever chasing goals, but there’s a time to relax and live in the moment. Don’t turn your wedding into an overambitious project; for example, buying a too-small dress that you’re forced to diet into. If you let family and friends’ opinions rule, you’ll forget that your wedding day is a unique expression of the love you created with your partner.


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