Sagittarius Wedding Planner

A cookie-cutter trip down the aisle will never do it for you. Here are the 5 essential components of the Sagittarius wedding planner.

Sagittarius is the wild child of the zodiac and hard to pin down, so when—or if—you actually get married, you’ll do it in a non-traditional way. You could shock people by suddenly exchanging thrill-seeking for domesticity. But as people’s heads reel, you’ll charge into this latest adventure with the same devil-may-care attitude you apply to everything else.

The Sagittarius wedding setting

True to your spirited nature, you care more about the party than the ceremony. You have no patience to put together an elaborate wedding, but you love any reason to celebrate the spirit of amour. 

Find a fun, indoor–outdoor setting where you can let your hair down and enjoy some fresh air. Some Archers might even marry at a festival or in a gorgeous garden. Since you don’t like sitting through long events, a swift and intimate ceremony would work best. With your fierce independence, you certainly won’t cater to tradition or to your parents’ insistence on following a script. Think: distinct. Make it a fun, low-key affair where everyone celebrates. Sagittarians dream big, but taking your vision to the finish line can be a challenge. With your appetite for life, you tend to bite off more than you can chew. If possible, hire a planner or an event designer to turn your grand vision into reality.

Sagittarius wedding wear

Sagittarius is a natural, no-fuss sign, so anything too frou-frou or gaudy makes you gag. There won’t be any 10-foot trains dragging down the aisle with you. Just make sure you don’t go TOO casual when selecting your garb. It’s your special day, after all, and in spite of your down-to-earth values, you’ll regret getting married in anything off-the-rack or unspectacular.

Button into a suit with unique detailing, even in an offbeat color like lavender! Skip anything mass-manufactured and lacking character—the very antithesis of your personality. Instead, consider having your dress or suit custom made by a local designer or atelier. You could even wear vintage. Shop the higher-end consignment stores for a stunning piece from another decade. Admit it: you enjoy flashing some skin too. A strapless gown or one with a shorter hemline may work, provided it is more tasteful than bawdy.

Since you’re the zodiac’s traveler, borrow some touches from around the world. Who knows? You might walk down the aisle dressed in a stunning piece that’s been shipped in from another continent.

The Sagittarius wedding ring

You don’t walk the beaten path, Sag, so why not choose a ring that reflects your original spirit? You can go for a funky vintage treasure, but caution: if the ring is too heavy, you’ll quickly stop wearing it. You tend to be active and a little bit klutzy, so choose a band that’s comfortable and easy to wear. Try a bezel- or half-bezel set ring, where the stone is deeply secured. If there’s a great story behind it, the raconteur in you will love wearing a conversation piece. Take your time to source the just-right selection—whether you have an indie jeweler upcycle a vintage treasure or dig for the gemstone yourself.

The Sagittarius wedding party

If you actually have a traditional wedding, your best friends should wear simple, casual gear. Years ago, Sagittarius Britney Spears dressed her bridesmaids in Juicy Couture sweatsuits, so like her, you could skip the hoopla and just have fun with it. You take most traditions only half-seriously, anyway. Better yet, let everyone pick their own outfits within a particular color range. Or delegate styling duties to a fashionable friend, like a Libra or a Cancer. As long as everyone is comfortable enough to dance at the reception!

Sagittarius wedding pro tip

Dial down the indecisiveness. Commitment freaks you out, so you may say “yes!” then change your mind—or the wedding date—a million times. You could drive a wedding planner crazy, so the best remedy is to have cool-headed people run the show while you panic alone. Let them execute your plans and try not to ruthlessly control everything out of fear, or you’ll alienate those trying to help you pull off your big day.

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