Virgo Wedding Planner

From the color scheme to the reception, you will plan a picture-perfect day. Here are the 5 essential components of the Virgo wedding planner.

With your classic tastes, you’ll want your wedding to be an elegant affair. But Virgo won’t skimp on the unique details.

The Virgo wedding setting

Seize any chance for some indoor-outdoor action—or at least a gorgeous view. If you’re doing a destination wedding, try a beach ceremony with the sand in your toes, or marry on a gorgeous Southwestern rock formation. A botanical garden, orchard or national park are all great spots for a wedding in the wild, too. If that’s too much for the neat-freak in you, create a wedding arch from greenery, and use potted annuals or flower boxes full of daisies as centerpieces. River rocks, wheatgrass, and other Zen touches can appeal to your spiritual side, and they also look sophisticated in a natural way. That said, you may want to add hot pinks, sunshine yellows and other dazzling pop colors! 

Virgos love music, and you’ll want to have a guiding hand in designing the playlist—you want everyone up and dancing! As the “helper sign,” your biggest concern will be making sure everyone feels like a guest of honor. Set up interactive stations, like a photo booth, face-painting tent, or chocolate fountain to keep restless relatives occupied. If possible, arrange your tables in a semi-circular configuration which creates a heartwarming community feeling. Your guests, after all, will be the most important and moving part of the day for you. Set up the microphone for toasting and acknowledgements at the “heart” of your reception space—or at the very least, make sure you have ample time to breeze from table to table, welcoming and thanking everyone. 

Many Virgos are foodies so the menu is crucial. As the zodiac’s health nut, create a delicious spread of fresh ingredients or farm-to-table fare. Appoint a great wedding planner, a wedding-day coordinator (a more budget-friendly option), or at least a devoted maid of honor to make sure you eat, mingle and stay on cue. You’ll be picky about details and costs, but know when to let go and just enjoy yourself, Virgo.

Virgo wedding wear

Virgo is an earth sign, and a simple ensemble brings out your natural glow. There’s no need to get too gaudy when the classics always look so right on you. Pure silk, especially if the texture is a little raw, looks amazing on Virgo. A touch of lace, ruffle or brocade goes far, so keep it minimal. That said, Virgos are all about the details and your signature look may veer towards the outrĂ©, like signmates Freddie Mercury and BĂ©yoncĂ©. Accessorize away, but steer clear of anything frumpy or so over the top that your look winds up competing with the wedding cake. The waist is the Virgo-ruled body area, so accent yours with a sash, belt or cummerbund in a neutral color, ruching, or clever details. A deep V-neck, even a kimono-style wrap, can all lead the eye to your waistline. 

Virgo, you can be a perfectionist, so make sure you shop early and leave plenty of time for tailoring. You’ll want your outfit to fit like a second skin, and might consider having yours custom made. Chances are, you’ll research options thoroughly, and make your choice based on well-considered data. Still, with your worrying streak, build in time for extra fretting, fittings and “buyer’s remorse.” If you want to depart from classic wedding whites, slip into taupe, ivory or any cream hue for a dress, suit or tux.

The Virgo wedding ring

Your practical nature draws you to simple, well designed jewelry. However, you want to have something to gush about when you look down at your finger. You’re the consummate researcher, so you’ll want to know all the details about your ring, along with the ethics behind its sourcing. Consider the Asscher-cut diamond, which is very clear, step-cut, and old-fashioned on a halo setting, which features small diamonds and/or colored stones surrounding a larger center stone, and a filigree— lacy, patterned detailing in the band that will keep you fascinated for years.

The Virgo wedding party

Receiving is the biggest challenge for a Virgo. As a result, you’ll drag your feet about arranging your wedding party, and may even skip this custom altogether. You’re the sign of the giver, but you’re deeply uncomfortable having others defer to you. It’s a control thing, and also your way of hiding how neurotic you can be. Relax, Virgo—your friends already know. Now, don’t deprive them of the opportunity to finally contribute to you!

Virgo wedding pro tip

You want everything just so, and that can spell “control freak.” Try not to control everything. Sure, you’ve got a vision—and you’re capable enough to carry it out alone. Let go of your perfectionism and empower a team of people to bring your plans to life. Take a little of your future father-in-law’s advice. Let your sister pick out the thank-you notes. You’re masterful at creating a plan, so make one. But rather than execute it yourself, delegate! You don’t have to lick every envelope. The bumps in the road will fade into fond memories one day anyhow.


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