Pisces Wedding Planner

A fairy-tale come true, you’ll live out a storybook dream on your big day. Here are the 5 essential components of the Pisces wedding planner.

A fairy tale wedding is every Pisces (not-so) secret fantasy, and you’ll relish the opportunity to bring every diamond-studded dream you’ve ever had to life.

The Pisces wedding setting

You may hold the ceremony in a grand cathedral, then move the reception to a castle or opulent ballroom. You love fine art, so a museum, art gallery or photo studio can be a great setting for less-frilly Fish. One Pisces we know got married at the National Museum of Dance. The galleries house costumes and artifacts, making it an adventure for guests to explore. You could also rent an old mansion or estate, where guests can wander from room to room to marvel at the gorgeous interiors.

You’re a water sign, so head to the shores for a beach or a yacht wedding. One Pisces got married on the Staten Island Ferry, reciting vows (written by friends!) as it passed the Statue of Liberty.

If you’re the creative, rule-bending type, let your imagination run free. Try a quirky place like a carnival or a state fairground for your reception. Go for a theme or costume party. Since you adore live music, book your favorite band for entertainment. Dancing is a must! You’re a spiritual sign who’s tuned into vibes, and you love deserted spaces. You could find a weathered pier or an old boardwalk for a slightly haunting, but still romantic, ceremonial site.

Pisces wedding wear

Which fantasy will you live out? If you’re the traditional type, opt for ball gown attire, tuxedos with tails, white gloves and top hats. You’ll be ready to hop into your horse-drawn chariot and ride off into the sunset for your happily ever after. If you’re wearing a gown, don’t hold back on those frills. Handmade lace, beading, tulle and ruffles—you can pull it off without looking like a cake. Shimmering fabric and glossy satin look great on you, as do artfully-placed crystals and sequins.

Avante-garde Pisces might skip the wedding gown in favor of a handmade or altered vintage dress. Tiny ateliers that house independent designers might also have the outfit of your dreams. Pisces is governed by Neptune, which is the planet of illusions; you look great in filmy layers that evoke your cosmic ruler’s misty, mystic atmosphere. You can even wear a velvet cape over a cropped satin jacket. Watch Old Hollywood classics for sartorial inspiration.

The Pisces wedding ring

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, said to have lived many lifetimes, so the older your ring design, the better. Go for detailed, antique and artful, Pisces—a vintage look with intricate facets. You may love a band in mixed metals, like white and yellow gold with a cushion-cut stone,which is cut as either a square or a rectangle with rounded corners and larger facets to increase brilliance. Reworking an actual antique is a great way to give a one-of-a-kind piece a modern update.

The Pisces wedding party

As a water sign, bring a little ocean-inspired dazzle to your wedding party. Sequins or beads can create the look of mermaid scales, and funky Gatsby-era gear can lend a fun, 1920s twist to your party. Dress your party in aquatic hues like sea green, light blue or lavender. Accent with strands of pearls or pearl buttons. You love collaboration, but remember to set your boundaries, too.

Pisces can be easily manipulated, so draw the line if a domineering member of the party gives you too much flak about the look you’ve chosen. You’re no stranger to the guilt trip yourself, so remember to communicate directly, and avoid being passive-aggressive. The last thing you want to do is alienate your nearest and dearest. Speak up!

Pisces wedding pro tip

Dial down any resentment. As the zodiac sign of sacrifice, you struggle to ask for help. But shouldering your wedding plans alone is too great a burden. By the same token, don’t let helpful people bully you! You may go along with your in-law’s idea for a ceremony even though you secretly hate it, then explode with resentment later on. As the wedding day approaches, you could also become bossy and tyrannical. Find the right people to support you so you can enjoy your special day feeling like a dolphin, not a shark.


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